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September 18, 2009 in Cebu

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The second morning, we checked out and gonna move to our pink hotel!

Hungersss and we just decided to walk in a little restaurant at the roadside.

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Very home feel! Only Joyce is able to capture such artsy picture!

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Food (from left): Something in between fried fish and salted fish. Some pork and veggie soup. Some mung bean stew. Stir fried bitter gourd.

I guess you can use the word “fresh from the sea” to describe the taste of everything. Not because they were such yummy seafood or whatever, but they tasted like sea water.

But apart from the salt overdose, the taste was really good! We both loved the bittergourd the most!

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Haha bet Joyce didn’t even know i took this picture.

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These colorful vehicles are called Jeepney. The Cebu version of a bus.

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Just like Bangkok, they sell puppies at roadside also. And so not well maintained 🙁

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Passed by a really unique looking church on the way to our pink hotel.

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In the hotel cab. Hilton Cebu is so awesome they sent a car to pick us up!

And some scenery from the car. Traffic in Cebu is mad! Jam from morning till evening. Jammer than Bangkok Jam what turf.

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Kids in the car next to us. Just took out our camera and they started posing! Damn cute!

After we checked in to Hilton, which is about 45 minutes (including traffic) away from the city and go all omfgexcited about it, we were stuck with nothing to do.

The weather was gloomy and we couldn’t go to the beach. So we were only left with one choice–go back to the city and do some sight seeing!

Cebu is the place for culture! All we cared about is a nice tan (Joyce) and gorgeous hotel (me)! What about monuments!! Churches!!


So we took a 45 minutes cab back to the city -_-. And the cabbie was really mean. He insisted 600 peso for 3 destinations. And we discovered two of the destinations are just next to each other. Bloody hiao. Cheat One™.

So if you go the Cebu, make sure you only go for the metered ones.

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First destination was Fort San Pedro.

Eh very similar to the Penang one leh.

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We couldn’t stay long because the cabbie said if we take more than 15 minutes there will be an additional charge what turf.

Second stop, which is also the last stop (really sly lo the cabbie!) was Magellan’s Cross.

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The dome is so beautiful!

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Couldn’t resist it hehehe.

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Then walk across to our third destination, Basilica of Santo Nino.

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There was a mass going on.

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I thought only in Buddhist temple got red red candle one.

Anyway, i’m gonna end this post yummy!

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If you ever go to Philippines, cannot miss Lechon—famous roast pork!

cebu34 by you.

It’s omfg yummy!

Got beach post! Stay cheesed!

Or you can go to MAS and book a flight there right now. ^^

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  1. Ringo,

    Great photos.

    Lechon! ! ! ! ! Awesome meal. Yummmmmmmmmmmmy!
    We do not have Lechon here often, very expensive, and then you have the entire pig!

    Pics 17 & 18 are great. You just so pretty!

    Your eyes are so simply done and so applealing!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Cebu version of bus is so cute.. Haha.. I like picture #9 anyway ^^

  3. nice wedges! (:

    & is that a skirt that you are wearing?
    look mad short; :X

  4. look e tee shirt, where you got it from?

  5. sorry, love e tee shirt…haha

  6. Hey I super love your straw bag! Have been hunting ever since I went to JApan n saw so many jap girls carrying them! regretted I didn’t buy it in Japan but it was pretty expensive if I remembered correctly!

    Where did you get yours from? JApan?
    Let me know. Thanks!

  7. Oh gosh, I want roast pork too!

  8. cebu is very colourful le with all da buses mingling on da road 😀

  9. The famous roast pork is almost too cute to eat! I love the snout!

    BTW, we eat pig’s head in Sibu, it’s chopped finely and cooked kung pow style. Awesome stuff! 😈

  10. i like pic #6 so colourful

  11. hey!!! this post is the best bravoooo!!! i really envy you its been 1 year plus i didn’t go back home & i miss all the food there specially Lechon my favorite…its the best …..btw the resto at the roadside is cool …miss all that..anyway keep it up you look good as well.Taxi in any country if they know you are foreigner they usually charge high & cheat tourist …even there i always get cheated they won’t use the meter they will simply charge.TC 😉

  12. i see ur fake dimplessss 😀

  13. I want porkkk!

    15 mins for a destination, memang cheat one™!

  14. Hellooooo from HK =D! I want to see flag!

  15. ooOOoo puppehs! *huggles*

    and oOOoo got more links at the bottom of the page. 😛

  16. are u using a G10!!??
    good or not..? coz i am considering to get it now..
    how how?

  17. wat cam u use?? all d pixs r so beautiful!!!

  18. hi there!
    when are you planning to go back in the Philippines?
    i love your photos here @ Cebu, i wanna visit it 🙂
    *well, i should go explore my own country, eh?

    thanks for visiting, btw!

  19. 😈 I am from Cebu… love this post!

  20. if you go back to the philippines…try boracay,baclayon cebu is also nice,and yeah palawan! 🙂

  21. 😛 cheesie!!! glad you visited the Philippines! 🙂 if you’re gonna visit again, i can help tour you around manila 🙂

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