Pink Hotel

September 5, 2009 in Cebu

Fairy and i just came back from the beach, she has got a nice tan and i had a crab cut. (I don’t need a tan anymore because it’s in my name already.)

(Ya i know. But i miss being lame. Too much serious posts lately.)

Courtesy of MAS we are sent to Cebu to have a holiday! Keju was supposed to join but he was too busy chasing chicks. He’s going to regret it.

We’re damn lucky to have Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa to sponsor our stay for two days. And it’s a damn awesome resort! Much to our my shocking surprise (and Fairy’s dismay), the hotel is pink.

I don’t mean pink like, “oh look they painted it pink”.

I mean like, everything.

For example, paint (of course).

The welcom drink! 😀

hiltoncebu8 by you.

Shuttle Buses. It says “The Pink Icon”.

The Packaging. The hotel’s room card.

There’s also a restaurant called the Pink Lobby Lounge. And in Hilton’s menu they have their signature Pink Cocktails like Pink Gin, Pink Bay Breeze and Pink Passion.

Apparently Hilton Cebu’s owner is a man called Manny O and he’s a huge fan of pink 😀

Fairy said maybe the reason why they sponsored us because they read my blog and it is pink all over. Next time whoever ask me why i decide to have sickening pink skin for my blog i’ll answer well, that’s because i hoped to get sponsored by Hilton Cebu one day!

Anyway, view from our hotel room!

And this is what we wrote for Keju, who’d rather chase chicks than to come holiday with us.

joyce12 by you.

😀 (stole from (and we twitpic’d this photo to him)

hiltoncebu6 by you.

This is our hotel room. Fairy decorated it with her scarves. It looks so holiday mood!!

Her studying the colorful Hilton map.

It is damn nice just to stay in the room and laze around!


Coming back tomorrow already!


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68 responses to “Pink Hotel”

  1. chriso says:

    wahrao. talk about a place made just for you. all they needed was a cheese to complate your very own cheeserland 😈

  2. wen pink says:

    ZOMFG AWESOME!!! SO PINKISH!! Would love to visit that place one day!

  3. shin says:

    hehe your t shirt matches the mask 😛

  4. zachary says:

    would it be too gay for guys 2 stay at that hotel?

  5. jk says:

    Wah! syok lah u!

    Hope u have a great pink holiday! 😀

  6. xueni says:

    that eye mask thingy; isit from Art Box? hah;

  7. dreamydolls says:

    wow.. i’m so gonna go CEBU already.. the beach is superb…

  8. funkyfairy says:

    love love love that everything is pink! but strangely its not that perfect? haha

    Oh my!!! coming back tom? isn’t that too soon? haha

    nice top for d last pic too! its a happy top!!! haha

  9. me says:

    ‘pink icon’ reminds me of our ‘pink lady’…the once-upon-a-time mini buses in KL…
    there was this malay friend of mine who always felt uneasy getting on a pink bus…

    ‘segan lah’ …that’s what she said.

  10. shasha says:

    i love (WANT) the eye mask!

  11. JD says:

    Wow, the sea shore looks good…take more pictures yah?

  12. axiao says:

    yea…phil mangoes ichiban!!!

    used to ask my colleagues to get it (the dried mango 7D) from phil until it was available in local hypermarket

  13. Charlene says:

    Nice top, where did you get it? 😀

  14. vvens says:

    enjoy!! 🙂 hehehe. and oh! i have the exact sleeping eye mask too. 😛

  15. Janice says:

    omg! so cute your eye mask!!! where did you get it? i want i want!

  16. everything is so colorful!!!!!!!the place,the scenary and you people heeh 😈

  17. cathj says:

    Owww wowwww….. love it!!!! ^_^

  18. dylan says:

    aww man! i’d do anything for a holiday like that!

  19. celina says:

    hehe.. i agree the cebu mangoes are good. i had my colleague buy the dried mangoes previously.. ur post makes me drool already =p

  20. Huai Bin says:

    I thought you were kidding. A pink Hilton. Who would have thought. Looks a bit garish, but the view is awesome! Have fun in Cebu!

  21. Huai Bin says:

    BTW you’re gonna give someone a heart attack with that eyemask. It looks like your eyes are still wide open. ❗

  22. Horlic says:

    haha, like that also let you found your favorite color, pinky pinky hotel. 😯 Just hard to imagine how could a man being so crazy for color like pink?

    Awesome view!

  23. dylan says:

    the welcome drink looks like air bandung to me.. haha! is it air bandung?

  24. jme says:

    pink hotel! i wantt
    omg that’s a beautiful view :’)

  25. cindy khor says:

    oooo, that’s certainly my world. wait, i hope that the bathroom is in pink, and the service people wears pink, and the…. is pink too (sorry can’t think of others). the view is spectacular, makes me wanna dive into sea right away

  26. D says:

    waiting for keju to replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 👿

  27. hitomi says:

    nice leh!! i also wanna turn pinkish can LOL

  28. Tian Chad says:

    Cheesie mean Keju Sia not going ha?
    They have a really nice nature view >.<

  29. Cheong Hao says:

    Woh, the whole place is so pink. My sister would freak out if she sees that. I wonder how did they manage to make all of the things with the same color.

    The view from the hotel frm high up is so breathtaking. Extremely beautiful. I like the design and the looks at the room. Very colorful and bright. I was thinking that they would make the room to all pink at some point.

  30. miracleangel says:

    O.M.G! Pink hotel! Cheesie, if you’re going there again, please remember to pack me into your bag too! haha The view from the hotel is superb!!!!

  31. Oh my gosh, maybe the owner was actually Paris Hilton in a cleverly crafted disguise! 😯

  32. KY says:

    I had to use a mirror to read that picture cos u used a mirror, heh

  33. rach says:

    Question here :

    How much it going to cost for the whole trip,( including flight ticket and on n on ) becoz is F-8 nice. 😈 😈 😈

  34. ShaolinTiger says:

    Mango in Philippines is ridiculously good, that’s why all the good dried mango is from over there!

  35. The Hilton hotel so Paris Hilton…

  36. ahlost says:

    going to google where is Cebu after this comment 😆

  37. jolene says:

    it must have been a great holiday.. the more i read the more i want to know… i think i’ll google about cebu later

  38. David says:


    Looks like you were treated very well! The hotel looks great, the water looks wonderful, and of course you look best of all.

    Now tell us of your adventures on Cebu!


  39. Jayce says:

    The pink hotel is really cute le. 😉

  40. Jan says:

    that shirt and eye mask thing are so badass when combined.

  41. Eileen says:

    glad that you find the hotel awesome. i was in this project as a designer when they built this hotel by tribeca asia group.

  42. Vanilla says:

    I’m so happy that you went to visit Philippines…:)

  43. yay! just a 30 minutes ride from my home.. Im from cebu! really nice blog! 🙂

  44. Yaptus says:

    Ahhhh my country!! SO happy you enjoy your stay!!! Ive been a lil kid when I went there ~ OMG !!

  45. noclegi zakopane…

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  46. Flug says:


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