October 14, 2009 in Cheese-offs

Ok. I want to talk about popular bitches today. You all like gossips right?

if there’s any bitch who is more popular than me on this blog, it is Cheddie.

And the reason why i’m bringing this up is because…

I will have to bribe you again.


i have ads lined up as far as the 22nd. And there are already people, (or a person pretending to be people, can’t be bothered to find out) scolding me for writing too many adverts.

He/she/shim it says that i do not know what is moderation. And that reading my blog is like reading a commercial billboard. I do feel a bit bad when i see things like that. I just want to say, it is not fair to judge me like that.

I don’t really want to say like, you know, this is my blog fuck off if you don’t like etc etc, because it sounds so boring and cliched and unintelligent. But i say it is not fair, because advertising has a season. To be honest i still have 4 ads in my draft waiting for approval and some of which i have written months ago.

You see, none come no come, one come all come. When i’m on an advert flood they scold me Cheat One (don’t even give me the ) la, money making bitch la whatever. But when i am on an advert drought  and eating  grass outside my balcony but still dragging my dried ass to blog, nobody say WA Cheesie is smart/beautiful/brilliant because she has got no ads on blog!

Of course, there’s always the option of rejecting an ad. But there’re only two reasons why i would want to do that. One being when i really don’t feel comfortable writing about the product. Second is when i think i will die of lethargy/ad poison/god’s condemnation/my own conscience if i write just one more ad.

But I am not dying. It’s like, if you are not sick or dying or have an accident and lose a leg and two kidneys or whatever you can simply just not go to work and not get screwed by your boss anot? Cannot ma. Why would i want to reject a job if i think i can handle it?

I dowan to argue la. I can walk straight stand straight and say that i’m fairly hardworking when it comes to my profession (if i might call it one). Of course i can be some lazy ass blogger, go and rip some funny videos off youtube, post it on my blog multiple times a day and say Look i’ve got interesting content! and then call it a day.

But that’s not what i like to do.

Anyway. If i really lose readership or whatever because i am a giant commercial billboard like they say, that’s really because i don’t have the ability to keep my readers coming back, and if that happens, and i have to return to my balcony and eat grass, it’s really my own fault and i have no one to blame but that’s not your concern or is it?

So, to whoever say whatever, i heed your advice, and i will try to not let that happen, so long and thank you very much (for all the fish. Wtf Couldn’t help pulling a H2G2), and that’s all i want to say.

Now it’s bribe time.

I even go so far as to create another game:





Yawn because look too long at giant commercial billboard



Omg i love this pic so much i think i wanna make  it to the header. Blushberry! Help!

As if that’s not enough kopi-O money, i have other three (3, tiga, san) more cups for you.


Jojo’s pugs!!!

They are soooo super cute ok. I used to dislike pugs but Jojo’s pugs are sooooo adorable! Like she says, they are three warm water bottles that snooze constantly on your lap.


Wtf see i very sincere in bribing one ok.

That’s all. Come back for your commercial billboard tomorrow. Kthxbai.

131 responses to “Bitch”

  1. tzia says:

    i totally get what you mean, i have such “human” spamming those in my blog too.
    but hmm, even your advert is interesting. no complains.

  2. dy says:

    eeee… Jojo’s pugs are SHOOOO KIUT!!!! *cubit*

  3. z says:

    i’ll stick around and support, any update beats no update, be it adv or not 🙂

  4. Jas says:

    Teehee.. someone at a vet once told me he calls pugs ‘Question mark dogs’ Cos the look on their faces always look like they have a question for you. ^_^

  5. meili says:

    aiyah…dun bother bout wat others say bout u..everyone also got different opinion n it’s super hard to please the world wan..blogger also human.blogger also need to earn blogger do adv is very normal opinion lar..i kena bribed ad!wakakakakakak!hmmm…i think i very easy to dirasuah wan..cheddie’s eyes also enuff liao… =)

  6. JD says:

    I say don’t bother much with these people who commented lar..they can choose not to read also right?

  7. xueni says:

    adverts or no adverts;
    i think, everyone has a love&hate relationship with it luh;

    like, with adverts, we get to read from you more;
    (ur views, photos, etc.)
    but with adverts, we actually read less about your personal/daily life, etc.

    & for you; adverts gets you money;
    but get away your time, & private time to write whatever you like to have on your blog. *stress on the word ‘your’ blog.

    it’s your blog after all.
    you dont really have to please everyone; (:

    cheer up Cheesie! (:

    • cheesie says:

      its very true la. sometimes it’s hard to find a balance though, advertising is so unpredictable and most of the time have to do what we are told just liek any other job in the world. but thank you! u dunno how nice it is to see your name here on my comment box everyday!!!


  8. aud says:

    there’s a reason why advertisers want your blog after all so don’t care. if you stop writing we all die wtf

  9. PUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cuter than Cheddie.

    *runs away before kena whack*

    (Cheddie is also cute, just that the Pugs are cuter. Who won’t fall for their popout buggy eyes? <3<3<3)

    Btw, I rather read your ads than have nothing to read at all.

  10. sim says:


    shud scold that human “kau kau” la because he/she/it doesnt understand the change of medium for advertising

  11. messi says:

    nice layout Ring!

    can my pink converted to this color? LOL 😀

  12. messi says:

    btw, how many times you shower ur dog? Looks so super white. I wonder why!

  13. cathj says:

    OMG!!! That bribes look so adorable….. Belongs to JOJO??? so cuteeeeeeeeee…..

  14. Patrick says:

    I didn’t even realize you were on their payrolls… just thought you were very materialistic! lol. Anyway, what ever you got to do to keep the travel posts posted, got my support C:

  15. asstha says:

    babe remember.. at d end of the day, if putting up ads puts food on d table… clothes on ur back and a roof over ur head den screw wat the critics says. there’s only so much thing a person can blog about their life til they run out of ideas (like me for example).

    so there will always be haters but so as long as u’re honest about ur opinion on the product and don’t sugar coat jz to make it look appealing to us reader then ad away… actually half of d time i hv no idea wat is or isn’t an ad over here… (call me stupid :dunno: ) but mostly i find out abt a lot of stuff/events/kewl items reading ur ad entries. so ad away hun… as long as ur conscience is clear, ur devoted readers will stick by u tru thick n thin 😉

  16. Sarah says:

    Hi Cheesie!:)

    Haven’t stopped by to leave a tag or comment for some time…crazy school work…but still staying tune! just lagged…haha..:P i just recently caught your new layout…yea~ pink still suits your blog best…;) but that picture of you is the kind of makeup so ‘gao gao’ until grandma cannot recognise type…lol…i had to look awhile before recognising….though it would be stupid to not recognise you cause its your blog after all! hahaha….but still i think its awesomely done….=) just the too gao gao make up….=p i like you in natural look not so gao makeup….haha…but still like both are great~:)

    gosh. i have not tagged in such a long time and thus i’m like writing 2 weeks+ worth of tag at once…lol…love the new layout! 😈 your still my beloved awesome blogger to read, adverts or not. 😛 more of your daily life is awesome..but we know you eat food not grass so income is vital… 💡 heh.

    Just do your thing, we’ll always stick around to support cheeserland! 😉
    *phew! that was long* 😀

  17. zachary says:

    whatever ur post is, i’m alwayz supportive~

  18. felicia~ says:

    I love your adverts and the creativity you put in… Besides, you have been consistent in updating your blogs and keeping us entertained as well as inspired in terms of thinking out of the box.. So I say keep up the good work 😉

  19. maRCus says:

    who let the dogs out..?!! wooff!! XDD

  20. Porkie says:

    You see your highness, you will always have you supportive readers, so no need to worry about your readership. This sort of cowardly act by someone(s) just stems from jealousy or whatever. Seeing as they can’t even show their name or anything means they are scared of being revealed as to who they are (like usual) and they are certainly no true reader of yours. I actually would have told the person to fuck off but settled for a more constructive comment that time, although I already saw someone did say STFU & GTFO lol.

  21. sherlyn says:

    Be yourself n write for yourself….cz no matter wat u do…voices will still be up there…jz do watever u think its good for yourself n your reader as doesnt really bad sometimes….cz we will get some knowledge from them rite? gampateh kudasai!~ jia you jia you!

  22. sherlyn says:

    ohya~ i m not Australian leh~ I’m Malaysian~ wakaka :dunno: :dunno:

  23. chriso says:

    hmm why nobody haven’t noticed that when inserting the e-mail there’s this doggy covering it partially? or is it just me?

    anyway, u got advert or no advert also i still belanja la no difference to me 🙄

  24. KY says:

    you CHEAT ONE ™ cos your balcony has no grass also!

  25. me says:

    wa, cheddie yawned so wide until that hidden black spot on her tongue also showing liao…

  26. Reiko says:

    LOL~ Kena bribed. 😆

    Anyway, ads or no ads is really not the problem for your true readers!
    We just love to see you update about anything! 😉

  27. eehui says:

    yr commercials are entertaining. got commercial is much better than no updates when i log into cheeserland every day after work. yr post cheer me up after a tiring day @ work no matter what u write, seriously. so cheese up the good work <3

  28. eiko-chan says:

    Eh, good bribe, please bribe us more often, hehehe 😛 !

    To be fair, some of your adverts are interesting to read, because you add your own personal touch to it. I really like some of em!! And i know people who are influence by your adverts to buy the products (me too~)! As long as you don’t lose “yourself” writing it what’s wrong with adverts? Funny lor some of ’em!

    ps: Never see “those people” go and scold telco companies also. Their advertising worst, want to avoid also cannot. Hehe =P!

  29. somberainbow says:

    hey cheesie, i really like your header pic on the top right. very pretty (:

    if you’re ok with it, why don’t you create an entry on how to take kawaii (jap-like) pics?
    i wish to know how you go about doing your hair, makeup, poses and etc!
    will be v interesting, i guess. just a suggestion (:

  30. peks says:

    We just have to get use to the fact that not all people agree with what we are doing, is like there are no 2 same thumbprint in this world!
    Most importantly, just be who you are. As long as you are happy, who the hell cares what other people thinks. 🙂
    Keep it up! 😉

  31. David says:


    Cheddie can be what ever she wants!

    Very cute boots you wear for the dog photos.
    All the dogs are adorable!

    If anyone following your blog do not like that ads, all they have to do is not to visit your site.

    This is one way you earn an income. Seriously, commericals during TV programs are more irritating.

    Charge ahead Ringo!

    There are more of for you than will ever be against you!


  32. kimi_ says:

    Dont give up…of course we cant satisfy all people all the time…

    Just continue doing what you think of…This blog is OMFG good actually….

  33. vonblue says:

    i adore ur blog and will keep coming back 🙂 some of the ads are pretty interesting to read!

  34. Reika says:

    i can understand why some readers get tired of reading blog posts that are ads, but they should actually realize that blog-advertising is not as intrusive as existing ads~

    i mean, we are bombarded with 100++ advertisements a day against our will anyway, so why should a blog post make a difference?

    in theory, it’s also the same with print (e.g newspaper) advertisement. i don’t see anyone getting annoyed when he/she flips a page and sees a full-page ad. and i certainly don’t hear anyone saying he/she will stop buying newspapers because of the ads 😳

    just like blog-advertising, the reader can just choose to flip the page or navigate elsewhere.

    anyways, i absolutely love your new blog layout. two thumbs up! 😈 😈

  35. WP says:

    I don’t like pugs…still prefer Cheddie 😀

    By the way, I think that most of your ads are really creative, so I don’t mind! And if people don’t like the ads they can just choose to not read them ma. Right? 😉

  36. hitomi says:

    Ooo, pugs pugs….I dun really like Pugs juga

  37. jk says:

    Photo # 4 VELY NICE!!! 😈 😈 😈

    p/s some people jeles wan….so dun bother with them lar! 😉

  38. yumii says:

    bribe again accepted!!! 💡 anyways, i realised this la, when you write something like this post hor (like last time when ‘humans’ attack your purple orchid layout, then you wrote something liddis), those ‘humans’ won’t comment/attack/talkcrap here one. Seriously damn cowardly loh.

    @cannot stand (coz you’re lame), ehh come say something here la. i want see how creative you are with your insults! oh i forgot, you cannot stand, means you cannot walk. you have to crawl from the last post to this. it will take some time for sure. 😆

  39. bear says:

    hey..sorry cant make it to hokkaido with you this year
    eh this is malaysia bribe works almost everytime.
    n yalo..ur balcony mana gt grass =A=.
    (bt u knw wat, m actuali interested to see u eat xmas tree..dead sumore)

  40. funkyfairy says:

    love love love ur blog okkkkk!!!! love d way u write! u’re brilliant at it!!! love everything abt ur blog!! its never boring!!!!!!! can’t wait for all d holipostssss n everything tat’s lined up!!!!!
    it doesn’t matter whether its an advert or not!!! coz i tend to worry where u gonna get money to survive hehe love all d pics tooooooo!!! they’re all very beautiful!!!!

  41. lih wern says:

    I’ll love your blog no matter what 😉 cheesie, you rock 🙂

  42. Ting says:

    Aiya! This “PEOPLE” sek bao tai tak han jor (cantonese). Since they don’t like it, they should stop reading it. It’s your blog anyway. <3

    Love your new header, you look damn Japanese-like. 😀

  43. Polka says:

    support u~~ got update beats no update!! i tune in everyday cuz i know u update nearly everyday, even if is ad, is interesting n informative 2! i used to do that with, but now i only read kennysia like only twice a week cuz he seldom update already… so you see…

    • cheesie says:

      thank you! i’m glad i did this post because now only i know so many people prefer frequent updates. cuz sometimes i would feel lazy to catch up with blogs that have too much going on. 🙂

  44. s.s says:

    Yah.. don’t bother with those people.. In fact, sometimes I find your Ads really useful.. I remembered once, you posted an Ad on lip ice.. and right after, I was so tempted and ended up buying 4 to 5 sticks online.. LOL..

    • cheesie says:

      wtf wtf. why din u go to store and buy lol so much cheaper.

      but oh god, that was one my my earliest ads!!!!

      • s.s says:

        haha.. that’s because they don’t sell it in Canada and the Chinese malls that carry this line jack up the price by 20%.. =)

        p.s. This shows how influential your Ads are! So don’t bother with those negative comments.. 😈

  45. ksh says:

    haha seriously you are my favourite blogger 😈

  46. Lynette says:

    Hey Cheesie, dont let these idiots affect you. They’re just jealous you can earn good money from blogging. *rolls eyes* Hate these kind of people.

    This is your blog what, theres nothing wrong with you posting adverts on it. Then why dont they go complain to TV stations how come got so many advertisements, or complain to magazines why so many ads? Besides, sometimes ads done nicely, can be very informative. Without adverts, we wouldnt know what products are out there, right?

    Where got people got $$$ dont want to earn one? Siao! If I could earn $ from my blog, I would too.

    The more popular you are, the more haters and trolls you will get. Just ignore! 😆

    I love your blog! <3 😉

  47. cannot stand says:

    hi cheesie,

    i think this post is meant for me since i commented about your previous 2 ads. Hence, i’ll put my reply here.

    First and foremost, if you were referring to me about the scolding part, i wasn’t actually scolding you. being a long time closet fan of your blog, I was just giving an opinion that i was seeing more ads than actual personal blog posts. I apologize for being too forthcoming as I’m an American and in our culture, we tend to be outspoken when we feel like voicing something out.

    Anyway, the point i was trying to make is that, while there is nothing wrong with doing ad posts, the way that you do it really does feel like.. ads. If you look at kennysia’s (i’m a long time closet fan of him too) blog, he actually does ads pretty frequently but he does it in a way that it feels like reading a personal blog post rather than a post just for the sake of plugging in an advertisement.

    Again, this is my personal opinion and as this comment thread shows, i am probably in the minority. Funnily, in America, the minority are always the loudest. 🙂 So yea, I apologise again for being too forthcoming and at the same time, i want to laud you on your honesty with this post.

    I’ll now refrain myself from making any future supercilious comments.

    • cheesie says:

      hello cannot stand, really glad that you reply here i have been waiting for it.

      normally lousy commenter don’t do that so i must give it to you. I really appreciate you being a supporter in the past, and i guess if there’s somethign we learn from this, it is that people often jump to conclusion, i for one do that pretty often.

      i thought you are some cowards who is using a random IP but looks like you do stay in US so i guess that’s my part being judgmental. On the other hand i felt that i was being judged unfairly so i just felt a need to voice it out.

      As for personalizing ads, everybody has a different approach of handling ads. I for one would liek to make it as clear as possible that it is an ad, hence teh category Commercial Break. I could very well hide it under my personal post and i dare say most of the time nobody would even realize.

      So yea, if you read a magazine and you see ads, you know they are ads. Whereas when they do things like, beauty award and editorial and whatnot, you start wondering if they are bribed to do that. So whatever under commercial break, i am getting remuneration in kinds or otherwise and is a fact i am not hiding.

      Well, everything is good. I’m glad i did this post too because at least i got a better view of what people like and dislike.

  48. Anna says:

    hello cheesie,
    i was browsing thru your previous years entry, dont mind giving some tips on slimming?

  49. Anna says:

    im not fat though. just that, i’ve got a chubby face. how can i get rid of it? hmmm :blush:

  50. jin says:

    well i’ve been a huge fan of ur blog.
    tho i nvr leave a comment b4.

    i just love the way u blog ;))

    no matter what it is,
    things will get clearer in da future eventually.

    just do ur part!

    go cheeeeeeeeeeese!!! 😈

  51. Del says:

    I’d only been following your blog since last year and since then I could say that I never miss a day checking out your blog. Only your blog could do that man. Why making a fuss for posting adverts? We love them can. I LOVE YOUR BLOG 😉

  52. I like to read your blog lah!
    haha, but seriously, your ads are fun to read wert!
    (: (:
    did i just saw slimming post? I WANNA SEEE D:

  53. Pingping says:

    My best friend used to tell me one thing, take in the good things and remember them, throw away the bad things and never think about it again!

    Some bloggers, when doing advertorials, are really blatant about it and have a ‘let’s-get-it-over-and-done-with’ attitude, you are completely unlike them, that’s why I like reading your blog! I for one don’t really mind the adverts and all, as long as you update often 😛

    Don’t worry too much! (hug)

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