I have really forgotten about it, until i was making an online back-up of all my photos on Flickr.

Summore i have plenty of unblogged Bali pictures. But since the whole world has just come back from Bali, i think i can forget about it la. All the same stuff anyway!


Vene and i reached Liverpool from Edinburgh. It was suddenly so warm to the point we could almost call it “hot” we wanted to cry. After spending so much on thick material in Edin now we have to change to summer clothes again wtf.

liverpool-(8) by you.


Went sightseeing in Liverpool.

I dunno if i have blogged about this before–can’t be bothered to check—anyway, i love Liverpool! That time everyone was like wtf you go Liverpool for what it’s dead boring (and they are prolly Man U’s fan, anyway) but i’m quite glad i went!

Because it has one of the most interesting mix of people and i could not understand whatever bark they were saying. Their accent barking obscure.

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Plus!!! Liverpool has Ringo!!

I mean, it prolly isn’t as relevant now, to me, but i dunno. Maybe i will decide to lengthen my name again, in the future *shrugs*.


But we skipped everything that needed admission fee because we were just… let’s just say, well, traveling to a European country is not, to put it this way… ok bark it.

Because we were just kiam. Period.


So we just like, sat outside, snap some pictures and called it a day. Yeap. Like WOOHOO i have been to the Beatle’s Museum woot!



Eat Subbie too because we were kiam.


China town no need money one. Good.


This is the… ok i forgot. Whatever building la. You get it.


This is the white house in Liverpool. Supposedly got some tragic story or whatever, but i forgot too.

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Liverpool on a Sunday is just scary! DEAD!

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Fake statue.


I think this is taken at Albert’s Dock.


This is called a Duckmarine! Damn cute one. It’s amphibious! You see got 4 wheels right!  And then it can go in to the water one!

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look look look! *excited* *sua ku*


Maybe we were lucky or what la. But we met many interesting people.


Either the people in Liverpool like to get married, or it was a super mega ultra auspicious day. Because when we strolled down the streets, every single pub is having a (or more) hen night.



A lot of neon pink! Wa, very headache ah!


I dunno!!! There was a specific theme to each party. And there are so many of them! Imagine if you just attend one every month, then you ma have to spend a lot on costumes? How does that work? Does the bride pay for it?


Must cocks be present at each hen party? Come to think of it it makes a lot of sense, but then on second thought it doesn’t make sense also. I’m a bit confused. I think it doesn’t make any sense to try to make a sense out of it.

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Hens and cock.


Oh, this is not at hen party. Just some random kids on the street.


At GBK i OMFG MISS GBK!!!! I dun like olive but somehow this one tasted omfg good!!!




You guys good la in UK can get to eat *jeles* *sour face*

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Next travel post: London.