After having something as nasty and evil as Bean Boozled, i will definitely need some tongue action.



I mean, i will most definitely desperately crave for something refreshing and pleasant on my tastebuds.

That is when you need…

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Extra Professional Mint.

It is available in two flavours – Peppermint and Forest Berries.

I really love Forest Berries because i love anything fruity and sour! And it is sugar free too!

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These new mints  comes in a unique shape with a ridged surface on one side with special formula with dissolving microgranules to reduce germs. Yous see that? Looks like mini tongues themselves!

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And you can play their online Tongue Action game!

extra-mints-11-contest by you.

Wrigley Extra Tongue Skater

ScreenShot011 by you.

(Omg they look yummy. There’s donuts! Pizza! Popcorn! Cheeseburger!)

Just drag the Extra Professional Mints around the tongue to extinguish the food stuff. Although they look yummy, but you would like to have clean and fresh feeling in your mouth after eating those food!

Also, win a Sony VAIO pocket style PC by just playing the game! There are weekly prizes too!

extra-mints-13-contest-prizes by you.

Go to to play now! ^^

If i’m going to play Bean Boozled game again, i most definitely need to have a mini tin Extra Professional Mint in handy!