Disney Hong Kong–Winter Wonderland

November 20, 2009 in Hong Kong

Omg i’m having so much fun with the girls!!!

The weather is so nice! A bit on the cold side. They say this is like one of the coldest winter in HK. but i’m not complaining. I will reserve my complaints for Hokkaido.

Ok managed to painstakingly upload some of the pix, but no photoshop here. I feel very tortured. T_T

Tea time with everyone and the Disney HK team. Sneak peek of Xiaxue’s hair bow she looks totally fab!


Because of these things:

IMG_5532 by you.
Aud and i

We were given some paper goggle thing that makes everything sparkly in <3 shapes and snowflake shapes SO PRETTY!

So a normal tree with normal illumination through the goggle thing will look like this:

IMG_5698 by you.

(Taken with my camera lens through the goggle too)


Everyone was like awwwing and wahhhing in awe.

And we used that to watch the fireworks. It’s like snowflakes and hearts flying all across the sky!

Ok my roomie Redmummy wanna sleep ok ok i zzzz too BYE! Update tomorrow!

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  1. OMC. I want e goggle! bring it home for me as a souvenir.. 😀

  2. woah, awesome goggle! free one ah? so pretty. 😉

  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    cheeserland bringing us to HK disneyland!!!
    happy happy happy!!! woohoo!!!
    everything is soooo pretty!!!
    and you look gorgeous as alwayssssss!!!!!!!
    say hi to mickey and minnie!!!

  4. WHY SO SYOK ONE! why dint you pack me in your luggage bag 🙁

  5. Cool goggle! Can’t wait till you come back and update everything about HK!

  6. Ehh! I have that snowflakes goggle too!!!Got it last year~~ Miss there a lot!

  7. 😯 omfg xiaxue’s eyelashes look damn long int he first pic. and her bow so naish weh!

    the goggle the goggle!!! the tea time table the tea time table looks just like Mad Hatter’s table T___T i want alice in wonderland 3d la woi. my johnny-sama!!! T__T

    more pics cheesie more pics!!

    (this comment is written under influence. pls ignore if u find repetitive words annoying T__T)

  8. didn’t know that HK people could be so creative too.. i thought that the only time we wear this kinda weird glasses thingy would be watching 3D movies in the cineplex or something, god, i’m so ulu.

    and your tea break snacks looks super high class and delicate, next time must try!!!

  9. looks sooooo fun 😀 that goggle thing is so cool!!given in disneyland eh?nice 😉

  10. Wow, I didn’t know such goggles existed! But hey, those aren’t where your eyes are… 😛

  11. wow~nice trip! 😈 I also wish to go hk disneyland~

  12. you look 😈 in the picture; (:
    & as for the fireworks, look like some decoration on some tree; hah;

  13. so nice!!! I’m going to disneyland too in 8 days!! well, disneyworld to be exact! Have fun Cheesie!

  14. aww….wahh….. the awwing and wahhing continue here 😀 😀 …

  15. i think they have that goggle thingy every winter. i went there three (or issit two? cant rmb) years back, they also have it. but instead of snowflakes, mine is snowman. so every light that i see through the google is in the form of snowman. haha. must bring it back and show everyone, then all your friends go “ooohh” and ” ahhhh” alot! =)

  16. xiaxue’s hair color is getting lighter and lighter, when is she going to turn them transparent i wonder 😯

  17. I want to go to Disneyland….

  18. few years back I went during christmas they also gave the paper goggle thing. so I went to GRAB at least 5 on the table when nobody was looking and give friends as souvenier. ^^ no money to buy stuff in HK disneyland ma. 😛

  19. That sounds like a good idea (/takes note) LOL!

    I also want to go Disneyland :s

  20. haha, why bossstewie is like so serious with his handphone?

  21. Oh I am so jealous! Days of hanging out with friends, eating and playing with toys! We have to make a holiday for all of you to come and play with me here. 🙂

  22. SO MUCH FUN!!! why am i not there!

  23. ooh! super cool goggles! i’m gonna grab my pair of goggles when I’m there.. so pretty! 🙂

  24. You don’t need photoshop. Already beautiful 😉

  25. hor hor…you bluff 1..no update!! no more mr.porky for you!! ok lah…i get for you if you get me one of those paper goggle things!! fair deal? ok done! 👿
    no tower of terrrrror? maybe we should submit your assignment to them as suggestion!! 😀

  26. Does this mean I need to take thicker jacket to HK next month?

  27. That lens is damn nifty. T_T

    It’s like rose tinted glasses, how magical if everyone see through that everyday (but then it’ll be routine and not special anymore)

  28. So nice babe!! Having so much fun. More pix! 🙂

  29. so fast u blog! im commenting while you guys are out shopping now wuwuw T_T

  30. You travel here and there sooo nice! 😯
    can you tell me how u afford to travel? >__<

  31. those goggles make a big difference. looks very cool!

  32. waiting for update cheesie =p

    saw yr pics in nuffnang fb! motto motto!!

  33. wish u’ll meet some handsome hongkong artist. hehheh. omg i wan to go hk. T.T 😥

  34. i want some HK wantan pls tarpao thanks! 😈

  35. sometimes no photoshop really torturing but you look fab as well 😉

  36. You look pretty even w/o photoshop. Don’t worry.

    The last time I went I missed out the fireworks >.< can't wait for more pictures from you! 😈

  37. newbie here.. loving your blog more and more!
    keep up the good work babe!

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