Rimmel 2009

November 23, 2009 in Commercial Break / Make up Cheat One™

After a year, Rimmel roadshow is back again!


This time the backdrop is a union jack made of bling blings!!! So glam! ^^


And to show my support, i purposely bought this bling bling hair bow to match the whole theme!!! Super <3!!



Wa freaky. It looks like Kate Moss is spying on me.


Rimmel’s make up artist said she’s giving me a Barbie look.


All done!

Then proceed to do a photoshoot.


I got the bag to match my bag and background omg damn happy!!! You guys who didn’t go, regret anot!!!


Haha damn showing it off kao kao.


Then edit your picture leng leng (although i was VERY tempted to do the PS myself because i know better how much liquify i need etc.-_-).


Then print out leng leng.




Just like last year, i super <3 to cam with the Rimmel mirror.


Also don’t forget to check out the My Rimmel My Day in Sevendays competition i mentioned earlier ok. 🙂


Product review


I actually don’t have to do this (it’s a lot of hardwork taking pix & editing etc!), but since you girls love make-up tips and i am awesome like always, i’m gonna share some. ^^

Rimmel’s new range is quite glam, shimmery and generally darker, so i’m going to do a luxury autumn look.


1. Base using Rimmel’s mousse foundation
2. Bold Behavior Palette
3. Use the beige shade as base
4. Apply green over the front-half of your lid
5. Apply grey at the bottom half
6. Spread lux purple in the middle


Blusher is winter glow, comes in 3 shades. Lip gloss is Vinyl Gloss in dark red.


Then apply my absolute <3 <3 <3 Shock Gloss.


Nail make-over. Glittery purple + gold bling blings.


All done.


Hope you liked it!


59 responses to “Rimmel 2009”

  1. Apple says:

    Oh wow..very beautiful 😈

  2. I saw you that day at the Rimmel roadshow but you were too busy so you tak nampak me haha! I like your hair accessories!

  3. yumii says:

    i love love love the shock gloss tooo!!! i bought 208 Amp’ed~ at first tempted to buy vinyl gloss coz it’s so damn freaking cheap!! b-b-but i don’t like the glitter overdose in it lo. so i stick to shock gloss and you know what? best buy of the year!!

    😈 😈 😈 not only that it plumped up the lips (total 3D illusion, no botox needed!) it also stays on for a very very long time (never really counted the hours la, so free meh)!! it’s totally worth it!!! 😀 thank you cheesie the rin for recommending it!!! =D

  4. I LOVE it!! 😈
    Okay, admittedly, abit regret…should be at the roadshow that time. =(

  5. Jester says:

    Wah like super star lah 😈

  6. Audrey says:

    wonderful blog. it’s pink! (:
    you’re so awesome for sharing all these make-up tips. 😆

  7. Jiayi says:

    I love your hair bow! 🙂 Like your red shoe too, may I know where you bought from?

  8. melody says:

    heart heart everything!!!!
    u r super gorgeous!
    thanks for the tipssssss
    i’m lovin’ it!

  9. zen says:

    😈 Hot sexy lips!

  10. ena says:

    OH WOW!! you’re so pretty!!! 🙂

  11. Xiaopei says:

    I wish I know how to put on make up LOL

  12. tzia says:

    i saw you there! ^^
    & you look great in rep lips, i never look good in it. 🙁

  13. Stephoney says:

    leng leng! <3

  14. KY says:

    i wanna have london look! :X

  15. DSvT says:

    Just notice that I had been longtime never drop by…
    How are you?

    Look at the post, you’re doing great~

  16. Adrina says:

    OMG, gorgeous colors!! I’m tempted to go buy now and try it on myself! ;p How much is the Bold Behavior Palette?

  17. ahlost says:

    Hou leng wor.. 🙂

  18. stupidgirl says:

    wah cheesie ur legs so slim!!!!

  19. Sher says:

    I’ve yet to try Rimmel but from the looks of your pics, maybe I should!!

  20. David says:


    A fantastic makeover! You look so adorably huggalbe!

    As always a sight to make men melt for you and make certian ladies fear you walking into the same room!

    Beautiful is not adequate to describe your look!


  21. Misa says:

    thank you very much for make up tips ^_^

    how is the foundation? like does it feel heavy on the skin?

  22. hazel says:

    i really love your hair!!! 🙂

  23. Sweet says:

    Cool! I am so happy I found your blog 🙂

  24. hk says:

    hi ringo! I’m gg to hk in 2 weeks time. can u kindly tell me where did u girls shop at ? thanks!

  25. JD says:

    This is the roadshow in MV right? Was there a couple of times…but cannot do any makeover lar.

  26. felicia zoe says:

    I like ur bag n hairclip !!! I tried before rimmels’ eyeliner pencil and it sux.. so didnt hav good impression on that product anymore but when i see ur make up its so nice !! Hmm i shall reconsider that product again~ Nice make up !!

  27. ABCDE says:

    Hi where did you get the white top from?

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