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November 18, 2009 in UK

Last post on UK. Finally done with it! Goodbye summer!

Borough market.





Ok i forgot what meat it is. Like ostrich or something.


Me and Carolyn. This is when i met her for the first time and now we’re such good friends! <3


Wa so many types of shroooooom!


Stichetton cheese! Supposed to be stinky i think!


Grill cheese nom nom nom.


>_< more cheese


Met Laura. Posted this pic just to make someone jeles muahahaha.


I think this place is Little Venice i didn’t know this place existed even Laura’s lousy brother didn’t know it existed what turf. I actually think it is one of the most beautiful places in London!

They have a lot of boat houses!

The people literally LIVE in the house, like, got kitchen and bedroom and whatnot. You can peek in the window and see one old man reading newspaper what turf!!!

It’s so incredible! Don’t they get riversick?


Laura shooing the dooks.


Boat cafe.






Chilling in the park with Vene after shopping.

Bloody hell i don’t even remember what park is what oredi.



Kebab is my mostest favoritest food in UK! Because Vene and i are the most kiam people we have ever known (we blame it on the year we were born in. I have people commenting that people born in year 84 are the kiamest people ever), we love it!

Like for 4 pound or something we can has yummy meaty dinner! We were actually so kiam we didn’t order any drinks. And the restaurant staff saw us so kesian gave us free coke what turf.

So for everyone who asked, this is how i survived in London lo.


Real human inside!


Ok this one is Cheat One™.


Ok i feel tulan just by looking at this picture alone.

Vene and i were like, fungry one day and we were desperately looking for a place for lunch (sick of Tesco couscous). So we walked and walked finally we saw this restaurant called Spaghetti House. It’s a chain restaurant and it’s everywhere!

And their set lunch was like, ok-ish cheap like 8 pound for a pasta and drink. And we thought if they could afford to open one outlet in almost every street in London it should be quite good la right.

So we went in.

Turned out it was the most HORRIBLE PASTA I HAVE EVER HAD.

Don’t let the picture fool you. i think Cheddie can cook better and my wall paper prolly tastes better than this. Paid 8pound for this crap i may as well eat Tesco couscous FML.

Dont. Ever. Go to Spaghetti House!!!

Having said that!!!!


Bad luck always is followed by a better luck and to make up for our atrocious pasta experience, we had the BEST PASTA EVER the next day!!!

At this little unassuming cafe (looks just like any other London deli) near Selfridges (i forgot where, sorry) and it is called Caffe Concerto.

And the above was Rocket Seafood Risotto. And the best risotto i’ve tried.


Chicken Penne


And like some chick chop + pasta thing.

And it was damn reasonable like also 8 pound or something for the same price as the crap pasta we ate but SO MUCH YUMMIER and in such HUGE portion!


So so happy!


Nah let you see clearer again the restaurant’s name. Go find yourself.

Ok that’s all. Gotta pack for Disneyland Hong Kong OMG so happy! I heard it’s really cold omg what should i pack? And i wanna eat their Disney churro stick damn yummy <3!

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85 responses to “London too”

  1. KY says:

    I oso wanna go to LONDON all!!!!

  2. CindyC says:

    yala me too!!!
    eh they sell food in selfridge? or selfridge is a place name?

  3. pinky says:

    you make me wanna go UK! hahahaha so nice lo they give you coke.. not water

  4. Tey Cindy says:

    Wahlau the #2 looks like Cheat One!!

  5. Chien Teng says:

    Damn love Disneyland churros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

  6. ::Nicole:: says:

    i agree that Spaghetti House serves lousy pasta.. we went to the one at covent garden and i ordered the aglio olio vongole and it was so bland :@

  7. yumii says:

    i rike the park u and vene chill at!! so greeeen!!! the kebab and those food frmo caffe concerto looks damn yummyyy!!! T__T wonder when only i can go england. have an aunty thr but not really close to her… piff

  8. melody says:

    love love love your holiday posts!!!
    hope we’ve hk!!
    can’t wait!!

  9. ShaolinTiger says:

    It’s not a boathouse it’s a barge/narrowboat haha very common actually, a lot of people rent them to take holidays. And it’s not a river so it doesn’t really move, it’s a canal.

  10. lisa717 says:

    arlo cheesie!!! dunno is it appropriate to call u like tat..mayb i shud call u ringo~ it’s my 1st time leaving u msg here~~

    your london’s trip pics are awesome!!! i wish i could travel to there in the future too~~

    anyway, wish ya stay chill n god bless all the time!!! hope ya will peep at my blog too^^

  11. Lisa Cheah says:

    Noooo, i love your London posts! Haaha 🙂

  12. Porkie says:

    So bad..never mention who take you go eat Caffe Concerto n Selfridges Salt Beef 😥
    Btw, Selfridges is department store not mall!! wahaha…faster come back n we go again 😛

    • cheesie says:

      london a bit sien. i wanna go other places

      • Porkie says:

        i know u find it sien d but i oredi said if u lemme noe far enough in advance for me to bok holiday..we’ll go travelling mah! whether in the uk or out of it! bestie n gf oredi said visit them in bristol/swindon n we can go wales from there. even can go ireland if u want!

  13. candlelyn says:

    wow~food~cheese~greenish grass~London~i like this post!

  14. elainecool says:

    😈 oo~ it’s awesome…!!! make me feel wanna go London too.. TT

    p/s: wat brand camera u using yea?

  15. misao says:

    Didn’t anyone else think that #16… looks like something other than food? :dunno: 😆

  16. gel says:

    Hmm I’m also going to HK Disneyland… but really during Christmas! Post lots of photos k!! I’ve been to quite a couple of Disneylands.. but this is my first time going during Christmas! Cannot wait! And I’m sure it won’t be as freezing cold like in Paris taking the roller coasters in January! lol

  17. Jo says:

    First time commenting.
    Hi cheesie,
    Im studying in London, just wondering, where is the boat house place? i would like to visit sometime.
    Btw, the park is Hyde Park (i think). And selfridges is just a department store, not a shopping mall. U should have been to Westfields. Did u go?

  18. cheesial says:

    Hiii aunty cheesie! how come you look so crumpled and old in all your pictures? then there are a few shots you look like a retard suffering from ADD. Oh I forgot where you came from. A cave! Hohohoho. No wonder you sound like a sakai who’s neva been to overseas before damn! LOL in cantonese they say “mai gin guo dai se ngo si” (never seen a big snake poop before) Wah Wooo Wee Wah!! Macam sakai living up the tree…Hohoohohoho! Cheers!~ 😛

    • yumii says:

      It’s as though this fella never knew such thing as comment box exist and it is now abusing it!!! Oh well, it could have come out from a cave too.

      and what the heck! IT EVEN SAW A BIG SNAKE POOP BEFORE!! THAT totally PROVES that it came out from a cave/jungle/swamp!!! Oh my, it must be the first time it ever comes out to see the light.

      Sumore can do ”Wah Wooo Wee Wah” sounds!! THAT totally proves that this person is NOT a person BUT a MUTATED Monkey!!!!

      OMG what a discovery!!! 😆 It could be a retarded monkey too!!! Totally can be a great attraction in the zoo!!

  19. cindy khor says:

    why isn’t the array of fresh veg and fruits in northern ireland as many as those london?? i guess the crops in ni totally die before they are able make their way into tesco :dunno:

    and everytime i tour london, i always go to their chinese restaurant and never once step into their pasta house or chop house or something similar. guess i must have been missing chinese food too much :cheh:

    • cheesie says:

      lolol i tot ireland is more green and fresh and whatever!!! 😐

      ya when i went to London everyone brought me to eat Malaysian food WHAT TURF!

      • cindy khor says:

        i’ve got a question, did you download all those japanese magazines in cuz i tried to download but they need something call like “gold money” in order to start downloading but i’ve totally no idea where to get them..

  20. vonblue says:

    hv fun in HK!!!i think its below + – 10degrees there, wear 5 layers!:p

  21. the Borough Market looks so nice!! I think if I go to London someday, I might have to live on Tesco food as well. Eekz!

  22. WP says:

    Aw…I wanted to go to Little Venice, but didn’t go in the end… I can’t quite remember why…because it got dark, I think.

    The park looks nice…they actually put out those lazy chairs for people to sit in?

    Hehe, kebab is the cheapest food in France as well… (well, except for sandwiches that are all bread and 1% meat or cheese 😛 ) but they will give us plain water for free, so we never order drinks!

    And that chicken chop pasta is really big! I didn’t think the plate was so big until the second photo.

  23. Grace says:

    Little Venice so nais.

  24. Hahaha you put ‘meat’ and ‘kebab’ in the same sentence. Silly foreigner.

  25. sweesan says:

    Kebabs in Aus are nice too!! 😈 1 kebab can eat 2 meals, save money.. but kebabs here are not too great boo . love the open markets overseas too reminds me of sydney …

  26. Hazel says:

    Last I visited HK Disneyland… no such thing as churros 🙁
    Actually, nothing nice to eat in there to me. Except the expensive buns next to the ‘learn how to draw studio’ draw a Mickey, bring it back and show us how well you did!! 🙂
    After your Disney pictures in Japan, I think the one in HK is -_-

    • cheesie says:

      u must go and try the churros damn 7 nice one!!!!!! i can never find it in malaysia1!! even got also not nice one. cheat one.

      • Hazel says:

        I think I make good edible ones 😉
        Was in charge of churros section during one of my final year culinary examination long time back. Wait I cari recipe for you.

        I must say…you have good taste in food when you talk risotto. Its the best thing la…not many ppl know how to appreciate. Not all Italian restaurants have them somemore. Stress.

  27. abby says:

    I think your pictures are really pretty! The colors are all so striking 🙂 and London looks wonderful! I am so jealous :@

  28. blooming kyoto says:

    It is Green Park!!!! Awww… you make me wanna go back there!!!

  29. Chau says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled onto your blog while browsing the web yesterday. xD

    I’m currently studying in Scotland and was planning to visit London in a couple weeks. Thanks to you, now I know of decent places to eat there. Keke. 😉

    I wish I had more money for shopping though. Any good stores to hit up while I’m there?

  30. XM says:

    Whoa! I didn’t know the year 1984 is the culprit. My sister is like the mostest kiamsiapest person ever and she is at the same age like you! Now I know why. Lolz…

    London…. Wanna go, wanna go… but damn expensive, no? Can shop there?

  31. Jaclyn says:

    Hi there! Hope to see you in HK… I will be leaving on Saturday

  32. Sheryl0202 says:

    Its Hyde Park I think!

    Have fun in HK I will be going there next month too! Let me know if you have any nice restaurant/ shopping place to recommend to me k? 🙂

  33. missironic says:

    The more I see Vene, the more she looks like someone i noe in college. But i cant remember her name being just Vene. If i not mistaken the gal’s name is Ivene or Irene (something like that). So, just to double check.. was Vene a student of LimKokWing? Hehehe…

  34. Alpha Ace says:

    waH~ si beh shiok leh~~ ^_^”
    from UK to HK … did u just finished visit Hokkaido? I had missed out that part … (shy shy)

    guess I need to ditch my job and start doing some business selling Dumpling in order to make that kind of money to travel kakaka… probably needs a profit of RM500 a day to do that and might have to save it for 4 months so I may have at least RM20k for holiday disposal.

    oK lah … am so proud of you to have this kind of fun traveling all year round like Nicole did. I will take you ladies as my good example and will execute my humble business ya~

    Hope i can make some money like those Kwei Teow uncle did kakakaa~

  35. mopiko21 says:

    pretty pictures! can i know what camera are u using? thx!

  36. Cheesierou says:


    Caption that I had in mind for picture number 6 :

    SHH!! The smurfs are in there! XD 😈

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