My hair is fab.

But don’t you get bored of the same hair style after awhile? Even if you do a fab hair bun, it’s just empty without any hair accessories.


So what if.

I give you two green ties.


And what magic can you do with two shoe-lace like strings?


Just experimenting.


Or something really, i dunno. Crazy. I didn’t even have anything in my mind. I just… play with them.


I don’t even know what it is called. Drawstring hair bun or something.

And i’d like to try something crazier.


This is called the Rapunzel Cheat One™



Inspired yet?

It’s called the Generasi Hebat Green Tie. Express yourself with it, wear it as an accessory, a fashion statement, whatever!

Be creative, and you could win yourself a trip with the Generasi Hebat stars to Hong Kong Disneyland plus exclusive Generasi Hebat collectibles.

More info on Generasi Hebat’s site.