Summer London

November 10, 2009 in UK

Moldy and expired pix.


Stayed near Liverpool St. Every night walk back from tube sure kena stalked or harassed damn scary wtf.


Gorgeous leggings! Then the smelly Nike had to go and spoil the whole pic.

But then the shoes i wore turned out to be really atrocious with the outfit but bo bian because no luggage space for anymore shoes. Plus also running out of £.


Lost in London.

Then i grabbed the nearest friendly-looking lady and asked her how to go to XXX (i forgot where we wanted to go. prolly London Eye or something.)

Then she went “oh i have no idea! I’m from America!”

Happens to us EVERY TIME. Too many tourists in London.  Not only that, we also always kena asked direction. I look like i stay there meh? Maybe everybody was so tanned that i was the whitest person in the entire London fml.


Ok it’s last summer ok i totally forgot what is what where is where. Excuse me.


We just know how to take pic with every building just in case it turns out to be quite famous.


Super sunny day with such a fake sky. I didn’t do Photoshop one.


New way of camwhoring. I dunno why but it’s kind of addictive.


So we did it again.

And it’s that kind of picture that you rotate and rotate and rotate and rotate again dunno which side to land one.


And again.

Wtf fat thigh. maybe 2B Alternative saw this and decided to get me to write their slimming advert fml.



The sky is still so fake lo.


Some fake grass chair. Cheat One™




umm. -_-


Erm. Fountain again.


Nearly got run over by Big Bus for taking this pic. If i had my BB then, i think i oredi diededed many times.


Took like 929137 shots to get this angle, and it still looks retarded.


He not a bit too heavy for the horsie?


Ah Ben.


Ok i’m losing patience for caption.


Lunch in the park, like damn romantic liddat.


But we were so damn kiam max (not to mention pokai max) so we could only afford bloody cous cous from Tesco. FOL.


Grumpy comedian.



Some street artist with no head.


Like, quite amazing!!!


Like the whole body can move can! Adjusts his tie, crosses his leg. He could even see us! If you don’t drop the penny he will give you the lecture finger one.

But where turf is his head???

We kinda sorta not really inspected the box he sat on, it didn’t look like there’s any place for him to hide! My best guess is that his head was on his chest. But the length doesn’t quite measure up also. Arrrrrgh IM SO CURIOUS I WANNA KNOW!

Feel like going and undress him and peek inside his… ok nvm.


Took this pic to prove that he is really hollow lol.






“Don’t Potong Yet!!” Update:

streamyx by you.

This is the Streamyx record recently, rather satisfactory! 80-90kbps!

Been downloading some Linux Iso files (iosdunno what turf are those) for a friend who has apparent, POTONGed and now regret like hell. Asked me to download files for him cuz his connection too shitty lol.

So i guess really think twice before you pick up the scissors hehe.

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59 responses to “Summer London”

  1. AngelKein says:

    Fooyohh. You go London pay yourself?

  2. Lisa Cheah says:

    I agree, I hate London.
    Way too many tourist! Had to duck for pictures every 100m! Then at one point I felt like I was in India….

    And and, all the attractions are so pricey! I think it costs us about 200 pounds as we did the whole “Lets do all the attractions in London!” The Wax Museum, the Dungeon, the Eye, The Aquarium+. etc etc and then we bought all the Fast Tracks since all the lines seem endless…

    Sigh* I hate London. 😛

    • cheesie says:

      lol the first time i went to London i was like OMFG LONDON <3 <3 <3 <3 ROMANTIC WTF!

      Then the 2nd time novelty just wore off and it felt so rojak and i met so many bloody rude bus drivers wanna kick them in their balls.

    • cheesie says:

      oh god. Yea i paid for the big bus tour thing the first time cost me 60 quid or soemthing so heartache wanted to cry ok but like, it’s okay, it’s London hunnay. FML.

      the 2nd time we refused to go to ANY PLACE that requires an entrance fee. we just go like, do we have to pay to get in? and they were like, yea pls proceed to the ticket counter, and we went KTHXBAI.


      no wonder everyone hates chinese ppl there.

      • Porkie says:

        noooo..who says everyone hates chinese in uk? ok mebe mainlanders cuz a lot seem to have a lack of manners etc but other than them chinese are quite liked. more so than the other ethnics anyway 🙂

        • Kimberly says:

          No la, londoners dont really hate chinese. They always say “Nee Haoooo” to us. So hard to understand what they meant until they kept repeating many times like “Neee Haooo” then I say “Pardon me”. “Neeee hao!” then I say “Sorry, I don’t understand your language’ until he got frustrated and say that he was trying to say how are you in chinese. wtf.

  3. choco says:


  4. He looks like the guy from…wait…what’s the movie called again? Was it hollow man?? Did you find out where’s his head???

  5. yumii says:

    the new way of camwhoring damn susah lah if got double/triple chins!!!!! not to mention if got big boobs , they will be hanging like dat… T_T

    only you and vene can do it nicely!

  6. Sarah says:

    The man’s sunglasses is actually stuck onto the whiteboard behind him and so is his hat. You were right with his head being on the chest. If you look closely the clothes at the underside of his arms (armpit) is kinda loose and baggy. That where his hands are at. And the shoulder is made higher to give the illusion that he has a hollow head! I think

  7. David says:


    Great photo set! The new shooting angle makes the two of you look even hotter!

    You both have great legs and the leggings showed off the gorgeous legs to the max!

    Enjoy the remainder of your holiyear!


    • cheesie says:

      Haha no thats helluva unflattering angle!!! damn fat

      • David says:


        Unflattering angle???

        I looked again, (surprise…), and still must disagree.

        The angle might not be used by a pro photographer, but you managed to get the angle just right.

        Both of you have great legs, are very slender and appealing in front of the camera.

        I just cannot find any of the shots unflattering.


  8. melody says:

    london here we come!!!!! happy happy its up up up!!!!
    ya i was wondering ehhh how r u gonna remember all d oh so famous buildings aft soo long!!
    like d way u n ur fren took pics .. where u dunno which is d right side!!! kakaka

  9. Pixeldoll says:

    You’re right his head is @ his chest area. Look how loose his sleeves r @ the armpit area to make room for the position of his real shoulders! 😛

  10. hitomi says:

    the last part is the most intriguing part!! is He real??

  11. Porkie says:

    finally weiiii!! but where is that porkie fella? 😛

  12. Kimberly says:

    That invisible man is quite famous in London – always around the street near London eye and Convent garden. He was very short, his head is actually at his “fake chest”. I observed it many times, and finally found two holes near his clothing, which were for his eyes. LOL!

  13. Jem says:

    EH OMG, where did you get your shoes? it’s so cute!

  14. aud says:

    so means invisible man is very short isit? great means i got an alternative career!

  15. KY says:

    his head’s in his chest! cheat one!

  16. Intan says: i think this picture made it obvious that the head is at the fake chest.. and those are fake shoulders.

  17. Jen Xi says:

    Did you try touch his hat or shades? Are they stuck to the backdrop?

  18. I don’t usually swear, but those pics are turfing good! 👿

  19. ShaolinTiger says:

    There’s no English people in London, it sucks lolpls.

  20. WP says:

    Ha you should have photoshopped that smelly Nike ma.

    I didn’t see the Hollow man when I was in London… 🙁 But maybe it was because it was winter.

  21. ciki says:

    aiiyoh so slim lah.. u cld never look fat. excellent angles and leggings! i like!

    oh yar, i forgot, pls cld u kindly update our link to (ignore if you already have) Thx so much:)

  22. chriso says:

    wa i wanna do the same thing here in m’sia!

  23. Merrinette says:

    o.o cool photos, taken from below XD like em much
    dear, bring me along next time when u go travel ~ T__T

  24. wen pink says:

    heyo i am in london now and i saw the same street artist in covent garden! apparently he changed location.. and also changed his shirts.. okay la.. or maybe it’s a different person from the same clan.. but yea, the head is actually just below the collar.. i saw the collar + shoulder moving when i saw him that day.. maybe tat’s a new artist so he cant really coordinate tat well yet.. and i suspect he is actually smaller sized in person so he made himself taller n bigger to camouflage.. hmmm

  25. Faye says:

    hey was wondering where did you get your purpley top? Its shoo nicee : )

  26. Aidan says:

    you know what i think the answer is? It’s a midget inside! Har.. you guys forgot about the trolls!! it’s the Midget clan!! yarrrzz!

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