Bringing Koyuki Home

December 26, 2009 in Cheddie&Pets

I did one on Cheddie, so it’s only fair i do one on Koyuki too!


So, one day, as usual, window shopping in SS2. And then i saw this fella. The end.



A lot of people asked me how to choose a dog to buy.

The thing is, you don’t. As cheesie as it sounds, but true: the dog chooses you.

I have been looking for a second dog for more than a year? We went back to the same pet shop over and over and over again kao kao zhan mou bong chan until the shopkeepers also sien to see us (“confirm come play with dog then never buy anything. Bak zhong one, pui!”).

But then on this particular night, when i saw Haku Koyuki, i knew that i must have her.

I know that it is horrible to keep a husky in an apartment, but i must have her.

And i paid deposit on the spot because I KNEW THAT IF I DON’T SHE WILL BE GONE THE NEXT DAY.

It happened to me a few times already. T_T


So, Koyuki is mine.

(Shopkeeper must be relieved thinking wa this fellar kao kao zhan 3 years oredi finally bought a product from me FML)


At night, i was incredibly horrified by my impulsive purchase, i had a panic attack. i thought i have just made the most horrible mistake ever.

How turf am i supposed to keep a dog in my 800sqft apartment fml?

My aircon bill is gonna explode and i will be bankrupt fml?

Huskies shed like nobody’s business fml!

WTF do i need so many dogs for? Dogs are not handbags!!!

I was so worried and nervous i couldn’t sleep. I then BBMed friend for help. She is canine-crazy too and unlike my other lousy friends like KY, she won’t ridicule my ridiculous purchase with some FML sarcasm.

But she was shocked nontheless.

“How the hell did you end up buying a husky!!!”

“I dunno. The fucker got blue eyes. T__T”


The staff let me play with her and she was terrified of visitors. She kept creeping under the shelf until i had to pull her out.

i visited her again the next day, and she recognized me.

She seemed happy that i came back for her (she was very very nonchalant and cool and moody when i first saw her) and she wanted me to play with her!


Unfortunately i was going outstation and after that Singapore, so i couldn’t bring her back just yet. I had to ask the pet shop to keep her for another week and it was the worst waiting ever.

Every other day i would  go to SS2 just to see her, and hopefully let her out and play with her a bit. (F the shopkeeper’s L)


See how she clings so tightly to me?

I have never kept a large breed puppy before, and Koyuki seems to behave very very differently from Cheddie. Almost completely different.


She likes the bone!


I haven’t decided what to call her back then.


There was this other little toy poodle in the shop. Belongs to a little girl.




Our dogs.


And that’s it. Played with her for maybe half an hour, then had to go back liao T___T


And my clothes always end up like some winter fur collection fml.

AND THEN ON 12th Dec 2009!


I brought Koyuki home.


She’s still very small so she sleeps in the toilet.

As far as i know, she doesn’t like the carpet, and she will sleep next to the toilet bowl because… uhm i guess that’s the coldest place she could find FHL.


Her water bottle.

I can’t give her a bowl because she likes to dip her paws inside the water -_-. I think it’s a husky thing. T_T


Things to prepare.

It’s so nice to have friends who keep pets! You get all sort of tips from them! Bought baby wipes so i could clean her.


Omg then Wendy told me the best secret that she used on Pumpkin.

Pee pad.

Why didn’t i know anything about pee pad before!!!!


Ok it is super expensive but it’s an investment so worth it it practically like, saved my life.

I got Koyuki (almost) house trained in one day using pee pad. As long as the tray is in sight she won’t pee/poo anywhere else.

Good girl!

Share with me if you have any tips on keeping a husky. Don’t lecture me on the apartment thing. I’ve heard enough already thanks.

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  1. Mellissa says:

    I kept my dog in an apartment in Melbourne also – but mine was a Maltese like Cheddie lah, IDK how a husky would be in an apartment except you’d need to walk it a lot, my little Maltese in my big 3BR apartment also she gets damn restless, very poor thing!

    Pee pads are damn good, but remember to always change cause if it’s too full they don’t like. Don’t let them pee anywhere else because then they’d keep going there and forget the pee pads.

    Make sure you have a place to lock her up in when you’re out if not she will attack your shoes (!!!!) or whatever that’s within biting distance! Also make sure you let her be independent and learn to be alone at home if not you’re gonna have neighbours complaining and you will be married to your dog which is NOT FUN — everywhere go must take :S Very hard in an apartment because of the noise but MUST MUST MUST while she’s young if not VERY difficult man.

  2. Chien Teng says:

    I have huskies too so hmm.. urm, they don’t shed as often as you think they do. After each shower, blowdrying them helps (especially if you comb through the fur with a brush) because it prevents them from shedding as much as they normally do.

    Also, my dogs run around under the friggin Malaysian sun. They don’t need aircond, seriously. If they’re born in Malaysia, they will adapt. If Koyuki isn’t born in Malaysia then I don’t know 🙁 They also destroyed my entire garden because they thought the mud was snow, fml. So.. uh, I doubt your apartment has mud but either way don’t let them near carpets, their fur will stick to it & you’ll have a hard time cleaning up later on.

    I think you already know this but don’t overfeed her & always take her out for walks. Huskies need the most exercise ever, if not they’ll turn super unhealthy & have heart problems. If they need a cold place, I guess the toilet bowl was Koyuki’s best choice. But for my dogs, they lie down on the kind of tiles that cools down super fast so test your apartment a bit & find the coolest flooring to place Koyuki on.

    Urm, that’s it 😀 I hope it helped 😀

  3. yumii says:

    ahhh #1 and #17 is soo soo sooooo cute!! I think Koyuki will do just fine in your house bah. =D Never had a doggie before, so no tips! v.v haha..

  4. Jwxwei says:

    “I can’t give her a bowl because she likes to dip her paws inside the water -_-.”

    my cat does the same when she drinks water and warm milk. but after awhile she drinks normally

  5. melody says:

    oh my!!! koyuki is super duper cute!!!!!!!!!
    happy happy happy she chose you!!!!!
    sooo avatar!!!!

  6. choco says:

    Poodle looks more like a ShihPoo! Got the face and ears of a Shih Tzu, typical red colour of a poodle! so cute.

    Pee pads are like super expensive lo T__T but very good to eliminate smell also. Luckily mine was easy to train without any of those housebreaking shit. Super useless wan.

    You may also find a lint roller handy with her shedding. And you probably already know this but if you should get a harness (wrap around the legs and chest area) instead of a normal leash so if she pulls on it, she won’t choke. You also have better control of her. Her ears are sticky uppy so cleaning should be easy. Can use alcohol swaps to clean her ear also. Cleans better and numbs it if you plan to extract the hair from her ears. 😀

    AND if you want to keep her paws pink! Must must must apply some kind of moisturiser onto it wan! I use tea tree oil for my tzu. 😀 Can delay the onset of black spots on her pink paws! Pink paws are cuter and nails also easier to clip cause can see where the nail meets the flesh! 😀 😀 😀

  7. eiko-chan says:

    I don’t have a dog, but i really like dogs (especially big dogs), so got research a bit… what i know about them is since Koyuki is one, and some more a working dog, she needs to get sufficient exercise everyday to tire her out otherwise she will go crazy and destroys things. They need to get rid of the excess energy or something?

    I got this from some show in Animal Planet. There’s this family who lives in a small townhouse with a Border Collie, and the dog is hyper active, and keeps destroying the house, the sofa etc so they called the animal psychologist(?). Apparently, because the dog is locked inside the house the whole day, and has not been getting enough exercise, it makes him crazy.
    So they gave the dog to another family living on a farm with a huge yard to run around, and the dog has not cause any problems since then, even from the first day.

    Hope it helps! (^^ )

  8. shasha says:

    heyy, i have a toypoodle too! and i gotta share this bit of info with u before you go broke buying pet pads. you can buy pads at a medical supplies store, its used for medical procedures, although thinner it works exactly the same. and the best part is, it costs less than 50 cents per piece. compared to like omg rm3 per pc at petstores. feel free to mail me if you need more info 🙂

  9. Sylvia says:

    My friend who keeps a husky told me that her trainers says, when u attempt to snatch a toy or something from big dogs, u must ensure u win the snatch. If u think u can’t, then don’t try at all. Otherwise the dog will think he’s stronger then u which makes him the leader.

  10. sweesan says:

    i read that husky sheds badly 2x a year… erm well on the bright side, u have christmas twice a year!! 😛

  11. derrin says:

    omfg koyuki is sooooo beautiful!!! i wished i had a husky but i know it’ll be really hard to take care coz my mom doesn’t allow dogs in the house!

    i have a Min Pin now but she’s a real terror and kepohchi to be exact! but we love her all the same (free entertainment mah). And well she pees and poos on our garden so there she’s trained haha!

    would love to see koyuki in the fur someday!

  12. Mia says:

    Huskies need LOTS of exercise so make sure you go for LOOOONG walks with her at least 2 or 3 times a day, jog with her, throw her tennis balls & etc…anything to make her move! Wait for her to grow up a bit though because these larger dogs’ bones can be damaged if they move too much during their most rapid growth.
    And btw…this is so horrible to sell puppies & kittens in PET SHOPS…I can’t take it! @_# Here in Europe we buy pets from reputable breeders, there’s basically no other option (except of puppy mills which is the biggest fuck ever) and that’s how it should be.

  13. Yern says:

    I have a toy poodle too! 😀 It’d be so cool if i bumped into you in a pet shop and took a picture with you. *sigh*

  14. Magdalene says:

    The shop looks like Summer Pet! hahaha

  15. ShaolinTiger says:

    I told you all on MSN ady but you never mention me in your post, tulan!

  16. Quan says:

    omfg, koyuki is so cute n beautiful. her blue eyes! woot.

  17. Janice says:

    this is the first time i leave msg here..
    just want to tell u that u can get cheaper pee pad at jusco..
    brand: top valu
    normally they will put in the same rack with japanese stuff but not the pet stuff..

  18. Pid says:

    I’ve a pure white australian-born husky, and I live in a penthouse apartment, with no aircon most of the time. Huskies can be suited to an apartment life, as long as they get sufficient exercise. Mine gets to walk 3 times a day, and that’s usually when she does her business. Since it gets really hot in the day, Her walks are scheduled for 6am, 6pm and 10pm. We have a small garden which she uses in case of emergencies, but her daily walks seem to suffice. Since she’s in the apartment most of the time, I try to make it up to her with a 5km run once a week, and bring her to the beach whenever it’s cloudy (she LOVES the sea). She gets a thorough brush every morning, and bathes every 2 weeks, or after the beach. When I first brought her home she too didn’t know what to make of water in a dish. She’s since learnt to drink from a dish but still enjoys playing submarine. I remember reading somewhere that bottles discourage them from drinking more water, which is essential in this weather.
    By the way, try keeping her away from small animals as huskies are known to enjoy playing with them. Mine makes it a point to chase down every bird in sight, even if a peacock was bigger than her (as a puppy). She gets into a trance everytime we pass by an aviary.
    Koyuki is gorgeous, and pic#1 is major loves.

  19. Alpha Ace says:

    😛 sounds like Avatar ya~ you choose it but also it would chooses you to be its owner ya ~ kakaka~

  20. angel says:

    hi, I have a german shepherd, he is 4 months but grown very big now, he loves to play with water, he splash his bowl of water all over. german shepherd dip paws in their drinking bowl, his mum behave the same way. he prefer to sleep on cold tiles floor(kitchen+toilet).

    now my dad let him swim in a discarded water tank, LOL.

  21. Tey Cindy says:

    woi i NEVER see Cheddie’s pic as a pup JESUS C! Y so cute one?! Really~ I hv no comments on Huskies, but but… i want the baby Cheddie!!!

  22. momo says:

    Where is Cheddie??? 😯

  23. M says:

    I also made a sudden decision to buy a dog few months back when I entered a pet shop. Saw super cute poodle, held it and thought OMGMUSTBUY if not let others take away! Fast fast pay deposit. Bdw what are the baby wipes for?

  24. JD says:

    I have to agree, we don’t choose the dog but it’s the other way round. Same like my JoeJoe haha, although he’s quite old (like a year old) when I got him.

  25. Annie says:

    Arghhhh…… Husky….. so jealous.

  26. Reiko says:

    Taking care of puppy is just like taking care of own children…. San fu but worthy~ Seeing them running here and there happily… really makes your day.

    Do give her LOTS of love ya~ And don’t forgot your another child Cheddie too! ^^

  27. kawaiirubie says:

    awwww omg that lil poodle is soooooooooo effing cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually squealed… lol

  28. A says:

    I am glad you are a dog lover, just like me! You can buy those washable pee pads.

  29. Gin says:

    eh i used to buy the pee pads from low yat forums. a lot cheaper. some guy sells it in bulks but i dont rem where atm. HAHAH..

  30. maybe you can substitute the animal pee pad with the human one? it’s not that expensive, bout 20sen a sheet in the end i think. and you can buy in bulk hurhurhur.. any pharmacy shoulkd have it. the one in SS2 does (the row behind ktz)

  31. genie says:

    hi there, i have a 2 yr old red husky, sharing with you my 2 cents.

    having a dog is a great responsibility. it will not survive on your love and kisses alone. a husky need a lot of exercise, have you thought about how you are going to do that? they need to run in the park, an apartment won’t do.

    and whoever says those who are born in malaysian weather don’t need air con, please don’t listen to her. they NEED to be cool if not all the time, then at least most of the time. their fur is very thick, and if they develop heat rashes you might never find out. i leave the air con on the whole day, don’t have to be 16 C, just 22-24 C will do, as long as it’s cool.

    pls take good care of your husky. i hope it will not end up like the countless cases of owners who turn it in to spca when the good times have run out.

    and trust me, all those owners once LOVED their dogs so much. but then reality hits them.

    good luck.

  32. cheesie says:

    Thanks everyone!!!!! <3

  33. Time, L. says:

    Koyuki is so cute, those cute paws. ^^
    May i know where to get the tray? i mean the tray to put the pee pad one.
    Thanks. ^^

  34. Time, L. says:

    And just some comment, i think you can try to put the new comments on top & the old ones below. 🙂

  35. ijmn says:

    I want you to take this with a pinch of salt but I once heard (in passing mention) that vets feel that generally huskies tend to develop dementia when they are old. Ie they might attack their owners cos they dont recognise them anymore. In cases such as that they have to be put to sleep. I suggest, if you could, talk to a good vet about what sort of common health ailments that plague the husky breeed.

  36. pip says:

    btw, i’ve 2 malts and half a sheltie… thank God malts don’t shed, but the sheltie… one fantastic product you should get is the Furminator. try looking out for it at your local pet store – it was about SGD40+, and it works by getting out the inner coat which sheds like mad. whenever the sheltie seems to start shedding, it’s time to Furminate. i can comb out about a bag of fur, and it keeps the coat tidy too!

  37. Lin-lynn says:

    Ooh, the tray is interesting the one you put the pee pad in. Where’d you get it?

    With the long walks, yunno what helps? Huskies do need a lot of exercise, but a good tip is that you can get “doggy backpacks” which can hold bottles of water. Basically, to shorten the length of the walk needed to tire the dog out, load it up (depending on size, she probably won’t need the backpack now, but later on when she grows large), with the water bottle weights. You can halve the length of the walk / run needed. Great time saver. My dog trainer is a hero.

  38. Myrtlevenz says:

    Hie there, i have a 6 month old dachshund n i get his weewee pads from Jusco. comes to about rm1 per pad. cheaper than those u find in pet shops. u should take care of Koyuki’s diet from young. get her to eat only holistic dog food. i feed mine products from Naturapet, which consist of products like Natural Balance, Innova EVO and Innova. u can get them from Ipets @ Aman Suria or SS2 Seapark Pet Supplies or Petmores 1u.

    also, u can go to to check out which brands of dog food are best for your dog.

    have fun with Koyuki!

  39. Sue Lin says:

    I love Koyuki !

    Its not a husky thing to dip paws into bowl, my terrier did it when she was a puppy, really cute but now that she’s a dog she’s afraid of water and doesnt do it anymore

  40. Ben McC says:

    I hope you enjoy your new dog. He seems like a good companion for you.

  41. glo-w says:

    I just got a husky too^^ he’s 4 months old adi.
    every morning n night after eating i play fetch with him n make him run. after dat he’ll b quiet adi^^ if not he’ll go crazy *_@
    they pee everytime after eating, playing n jus wake up from sleep (jus lik baby^^)
    My husky, name’s Sky^^ is teething so he bites a lot of stuff, still teaching him certain things kenot bite so we bought many chewies for him. bones n hides are good but monitor ya. they mite bite a big chunk n choke.
    do be careful ya, huskies are known to b very intelligent and strong so they’re sometimes called the great escapist…i’m still reading n learning bout training huskies where ever i can find the info^^ we share share kays?

  42. moomoo says:

    how much did you bought koyuki for ? 😀

  43. tgt says:

    deposit hw much ? 😯

  44. Miss V says:

    Instead of using just a peepad, you should think about getting a peetray!

    You put the peepad under/inside the peetray so that when your puppy pees, she wouldn’t get her paws wet/stinky with the pee since the pee goes through the holes and lands on the peepad.

    I got my puppy two months ago (Toy Poodle) and the peetray is a really good investment. She poops on top of it, too.

    I’ve got this one: (Not advertising for them, lol. )

    I don’t know if there are any Daiso branches in Malaysia, but you can buy the peepads in packets of sixes here for two bucks each. ;D

  45. Simon Seow says:

    Wonder where she’ll sleep once she grows up.

  46. Yvonne says:

    Hey Cheesie. u can get the pee pads from human pharmacy around KL. Its called “underpads”.

    i manage to contact the supplier of these pads and ordered more than i could use in 3 years.. so mail me if u wanna share with me! hehe.. Its only about 50 cents per piece.

    have fun!

  47. KY says:

    your other friend KY is just a bit more pragmatic and trying to save you from regrets ok :X

  48. Demon says:

    hey cheesie, sorry to trouble you but can i know where’s the pet shop you went? I wana buy a husky too T__T

  49. Cherry says:

    hii..l have 2 huskies too, both 10 years old already…but yeah they do stress alot especially when they are somewhere they dont know. Plus they hate hot weather, so try to keep them in a cool place. My dogs live outside the garden but they have a it was ok for me but they do dig alot of holes around the area. Give them pig ears…they love to chew it.

    anyway l feed them alot of dry food, sometimes meat but one thing l realise is, never feed them rice..cos its bad for their health. ok..Enjoy ur puppy~~~

  50. Mellissa says:

    Oh also my friend who’s Dad brought back two Husky puppies from a breeder in Ipoh says the breeder says to feed them top grade dog food – none of that Friskies nonsense because it can lead to a lot of kidney problems, especially for Huskies who’s diet essentially should be raw meat anyway. Once a week have to feed t-bone steak also for protein, but I’m not too sure about this lah, he says this is what the breeder told him but might wanna Google it first lol

  51. Ryan says:

    Hi, I’ll offer my advice as I’m a dog owner myself and an avid dog lover. On top of that I volunteer at the local shelter.

    Keeping a big dog in an apartment is of course, not ideal, but it is not impossible. In general cases, the size of the dog should not be a big problem. Just make sure she gets her regular walks, and more importantly, keep her mentally stimulated by training sessions or toys like kongs. A physically and mentally stimulated dog is much less prone to be destructive and contented to just laze around during his free time.

    In regards to toilet training, I don’t have anything against pee pads and it’s work fine for a lot of people I know. Just an idea, but you might be interested in trying laying some fake grass with holes on top of some cat substrate in a container. It’s less costly in the long term and I find it better as well. This is because some dogs do develop a preference for the surface they pee on. Fake grass do give a similar feeling to real grass. This might help if 1 day you move to a house with a garden etc.

    In regards to keeping a large breed, make sure it is not overly exercised as it might develop joint problems. Depending on his age, keep his walks around 30 minutes until he turns 1. 5 minutes x her age(in months) as a good indication of how long you should exercise it.

    If there’s anything you’re interested in finding out, email me and I could show you some good articles to read. I deal regularly with breeders, trainers as well.

    All the best with your new pup! 🙂

  52. Tine says:

    Hi Cheesie. First of all congrates on your new husky. Secondly, your husky reminds me of my husky. She’s being DOGNAPPED recently. And I misses her a lot. You can see her pictures in my blog.

    Well, it’s not as hard as people say to take care of a husky. Husky shed twice a year. Female husky, their first shed will be right after their first period. So, be prepare that the furs will be flying all over you, your clothes, your bed, on your food, every corner of the apartment. Need to comb them at least twice a day. Huskies still has the wolf instinct, never ever leave any other pet with a husky alone. They will reaped off any movable animals that is smaller then them, so never leave Cheddie alone with a husky. My husky, she almost managed to reaped off a bird, a flying bird. And yea, they lurves playing with water.

    By the way, may I know which pet shop in SS2 you got Koyuki from and how much?

    Anyway, Koyuki is a beauty.

  53. Tine says:

    Oh…….and here’s a website for Husky Lover’s. You can get more info about husky from here.

    And I posted my lost pet at here.

    Please help me to post the link around. Hoping that I could bring her back home one day. Thanks.

  54. WinnieKepala says:

    OMG, your dog is so super cute!!!

    I have dogs all my life when I lived with my parents. I’ve always been a dog person. I have a mini schnauzer in my apartment for 5 years now. It was my first time caring for a dog all by myself (without my parents la) and I had to learn alot of things from scratch, reading off forums, asking friends, etc. I used the baby wipes, water bottle nozzle (this is more hygienic as well than open water bowls), pee pads, pee tray. Mini Schnauzers needs to be groomed periodically as well, since they look handsomest in the Schnauzer cut.

    Meaning I have spent a fortune on my baby. But it’s all worth it. I love my Oscar to bits and if I get to turn back time, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The training is a bit tough (I did the obedience classes, etc) but it’s all a part of the learning process, for him and me.

    It takes awhile but once you understand your doggy’s personality, it gets much easier with training, house-breaking, tricks, etc.

    Where’s your pet shop in SS2? I might want a new dog as well. 😛

  55. raiz says:

    I saw blinded momochan… 😛

  56. Wilh says:

    Hey Cheesie.

    I bought a Beagle not too long ago, and my God it’s a nightmare!
    I leave her in the toilet, and she poops and pees wherever she pleases. And, the worst thing is, sometimes she plays with her poop. O_+
    I don’t watch her because she’s at home alone most of the day, and when I get back, the damage is done. =/
    The pad thing works for me sometimes, but she likes to bite, so the chances are that she’ll bite the pad and pee elsewhere instead. But here’s a tip: Put tabasco/vingear on the things you don’t want her to bite. The smell repels them. Works for my beagle. =D
    How I get my beagle to exercise is, I bought a toy (teddy bear on a stick) and tempt her to chase it. So it runs around the hallway back and forth lah. =D (I THINK this exercise should suffice for mine at the moment since she is about 3 mths old. Not too sure about Husky though. =D)
    And what else, oh, it’s important to make sure you’re the boss the first few months Koyuki enters your home. Coz now my beagle steps over my head, howls at ungodly hours, poops and pees in the living room and bites stuff! (Coz I lazy to tabasco liao. Heh.)

    Hope this helps, and please provide me with extra tips! Thank you! =D

    • Miss V says:

      If your Beagle is only about 3 months old, I think you should be watching her constantly and shorten the period of times that she is left alone at home. If your puppy is destructive and whines/barks constantly at “ungodly hours” when left alone, she may be suffering from separation anxiety which is pretty common among puppies who have just been brought home.

      Some puppies do take a longer time than others to be pee-tray-trained or paper-trained, but fret not. With patience and a lot of TLC, I’m sure you’ll be able to train her well and enjoy puppyhood!

    • Tanya says:

      wow. why are you even a dog owner. you admit you leave your beagle at home alone for most of the day. you admit she steps all over you (poor training, and you give someone else advice?), you admit she howls (probably because you lock her up in the toilet, great), she poops and pees all over the place (the only reason she’s playing with it is because she has nothing else to do), and bites stuff (tabasco is only a temporary solution, you can’t be putting chilli sauce on everything).

      please invest some time in your dog. sign up for puppy obedience school (beneficial for both of you), get yourself some books about caring for dogs and rotate her toys when you’re not around. can’t imagine only having a teddy bear on a stick day after day after day after day is very exciting.

  57. jyedesu says:

    koyuki is so cute!! especially her eyes.. kinda matches ur lens.. =p
    i’m a four-legged furries freak as well.. i have 2dogs at home (planning to get more).. if u ned any advices or contacts feel free to let me noe for i kinda work for a pet mag.. can gif u the contacts n advices u need.. =)

  58. belle says:

    id never been here for so long but ever since u wrote koyuki of yours, im went obsessed!!
    i drop by so frequent to see if theres new pics of koyuki. clearly im a sucker for blue eyes. i totally understand the feeling.

    i must say..shes cute enough to cream me (any many others)

  59. Tanya says:

    About that water bowl problem, you can get specially shaped water bowls for dogs that they can’t make too much of a mess of. Imagine a car tyre (smaller, of course) on its side, and the bottom is not open anymore, but now decrease the opening in the middle. So this allows the dog to put his mouth in and drink, but even if he tips it on its side, the thick reverse lip won’t allow the water to spill. Comes apart so you can still clean it.

    The shedding? Get yourself a “furminator”! It’s the best thing ever! Just google some images, you’ll see what I mean. Your husky will still be fluffy, this only strips the loose undercoat fur (the stuff that ends up on your clothes). I’ll admit they aren’t cheap, compared to other brushes, but after the first time you use it you’ll totally think it’s worth it.

  60. frogricia says:

    OMG !!! Koyuki is so so so so so CUTE ! love her blue eyes !! Totally melt my <3

    I think i in love with koyuki . 😀

    As far as i know once they grow up…they r kinda huge . I saw once in ss2… this owner drove a van bringin her 4 husky for grooming . really huge but they look really gorgeous , nice eyes nice fur makes you wanna go hug them.

    Anyway Good luck in keeping koyuki !!~

  61. marine says:

    don’t say like that lah…we are very pro to serve customer one…. hi hii
    i just knew you are blogging ur husky. and she is sick…. 😥
    how was she ? coming back home ?

  62. jeffers pet supply…

    […] » Blog Archive » Bringing Koyuki Home[…]…

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