I did one on Cheddie, so it’s only fair i do one on Koyuki too!


So, one day, as usual, window shopping in SS2. And then i saw this fella. The end.



A lot of people asked me how to choose a dog to buy.

The thing is, you don’t. As cheesie as it sounds, but true: the dog chooses you.

I have been looking for a second dog for more than a year? We went back to the same pet shop over and over and over again kao kao zhan mou bong chan until the shopkeepers also sien to see us (“confirm come play with dog then never buy anything. Bak zhong one, pui!”).

But then on this particular night, when i saw Haku Koyuki, i knew that i must have her.

I know that it is horrible to keep a husky in an apartment, but i must have her.

And i paid deposit on the spot because I KNEW THAT IF I DON’T SHE WILL BE GONE THE NEXT DAY.

It happened to me a few times already. T_T


So, Koyuki is mine.

(Shopkeeper must be relieved thinking wa this fellar kao kao zhan 3 years oredi finally bought a product from me FML)


At night, i was incredibly horrified by my impulsive purchase, i had a panic attack. i thought i have just made the most horrible mistake ever.

How turf am i supposed to keep a dog in my 800sqft apartment fml?

My aircon bill is gonna explode and i will be bankrupt fml?

Huskies shed like nobody’s business fml!

WTF do i need so many dogs for? Dogs are not handbags!!!

I was so worried and nervous i couldn’t sleep. I then BBMed friend for help. She is canine-crazy too and unlike my other lousy friends like KY, she won’t ridicule my ridiculous purchase with some FML sarcasm.

But she was shocked nontheless.

“How the hell did you end up buying a husky!!!”

“I dunno. The fucker got blue eyes. T__T”


The staff let me play with her and she was terrified of visitors. She kept creeping under the shelf until i had to pull her out.

i visited her again the next day, and she recognized me.

She seemed happy that i came back for her (she was very very nonchalant and cool and moody when i first saw her) and she wanted me to play with her!


Unfortunately i was going outstation and after that Singapore, so i couldn’t bring her back just yet. I had to ask the pet shop to keep her for another week and it was the worst waiting ever.

Every other day i would  go to SS2 just to see her, and hopefully let her out and play with her a bit. (F the shopkeeper’s L)


See how she clings so tightly to me?

I have never kept a large breed puppy before, and Koyuki seems to behave very very differently from Cheddie. Almost completely different.


She likes the bone!


I haven’t decided what to call her back then.


There was this other little toy poodle in the shop. Belongs to a little girl.




Our dogs.


And that’s it. Played with her for maybe half an hour, then had to go back liao T___T


And my clothes always end up like some winter fur collection fml.

AND THEN ON 12th Dec 2009!


I brought Koyuki home.


She’s still very small so she sleeps in the toilet.

As far as i know, she doesn’t like the carpet, and she will sleep next to the toilet bowl because… uhm i guess that’s the coldest place she could find FHL.


Her water bottle.

I can’t give her a bowl because she likes to dip her paws inside the water -_-. I think it’s a husky thing. T_T


Things to prepare.

It’s so nice to have friends who keep pets! You get all sort of tips from them! Bought baby wipes so i could clean her.


Omg then Wendy told me the best secret that she used on Pumpkin.

Pee pad.

Why didn’t i know anything about pee pad before!!!!


Ok it is super expensive but it’s an investment so worth it it practically like, saved my life.

I got Koyuki (almost) house trained in one day using pee pad. As long as the tray is in sight she won’t pee/poo anywhere else.

Good girl!

Share with me if you have any tips on keeping a husky. Don’t lecture me on the apartment thing. I’ve heard enough already thanks.