(Written in Malaysia)

Shopped so much lately!!!

Share some with you all!


My first prized purchase is this friggin bird cage!

From TANGS. I think is RM79


It’s my hair band hanger hehehe


Feather headbands. All from Beautiful Disaster.


Earrings and hair clips from BACI. By the way it is on SALE nao!!! πŸ˜€


And my Popteen Sister January 2010 issue so omfg happy! Thou i really hate that Kumiko is on the cover AGAIN.


Oh and that pair of super gorgeous bootie from Yunique Paradise.


It’s so damn high almost impossible to walk but too gorgeous to give up!!! T___T


Discovered this princess shop near my place that sell SUPER CHEAP pink stuff made me go omf crazy.

Pink Snowgirl. Blackbunny is my camera pouch. Pink hair bands, pink fluffy stuff everything all!!!


Got these at The Curve,

The juicy pouch is supposed to be for camera but FML too small can only fit my BB. And i bought a new collar for Koyuki and tons of charms!

And guess what i did with the collar!


Save me so much time blinging it lolol. But i may still want to do a bling collar for her. With the Coach charms. SO CUTE.


Koyuki’s new collar.



Teaching her how to do SIT-STAY.



All taken with my awesome CreamCake cam.

But i just discovered the reason of the muffled voice whenever i take a video. It is because. i. blinged. over. the. microphone.


Lotsa lesson to learn. To avoid Bliging tragedy. I hope you have learnt it from cheeserland.com.