2009 is coming to an end and let me recap my Holiyear™ so far(and gloat a bit):

Jan: Japan
Feb: Shanghai
Mar: Taipei
Apr: Perth, Makassar
May: Bali
June: United Kingdom
July: Japan
Aug: Holibreak™
Sep: Cebu
Oct: Singapore
Nov: Hong Kong
Dec: Japan

As i’m now planning my Holiyear™ 2010, i’m glad to find out that MAS has finally introduced its MH mobile: flymas.mobi that makes flying a whole lot easier.

As long as you have an web-enabled mobile phone, you now can book your flights, check your itinerary, trace your baggage etc etc all on your mobile phone!

When i was in SG Wendy and i were talking about how we wish we could travel again with the whole HK Disney gang and i went all excited and used her blingbling BB to check flights!


The reason why i used her phone is because her phone is so mad chio (XX talk) you can post a million pix of it and not get bored.

Because i’m gonna show you exactly a million pix of how convenient and easy flymas.mobi is.


First of all log on to flymas.mobi. (You can spy what Xiaxue normally browse on her BB. Hmm let’s see… Newton Food Center… Harry Potter’s birthday??? HAHA)


Instantly it brings you to this page. It has 8 major functions and the interface is super simple and easy to navigate.


Of course i wanna know what sweet deal MAS is having right now so i go to Deals and Offers. No more staying home late in front of your computer clicking frantically to grab the promo flights. You can browse the promo anywhere! In a shopping mall, at mamak stalls, or in your bed.


If you see anything you like, you can buy your ticket right this moment! I’m flying to Osaka this 18th and let’s see.


And you get an instant result based on lowest fare. 😀

If you book your ticket, a ‘Share Your Itinerary’ menu will be shown at the bottom of your booking details. On that page, you can choose Facebook, Dopplr or Tripit to share your booking details.

On Facebook, a status/post update will highlight your booking brief such as Destination and Date. On Dopplr and Tripit – there will be even more details. That means you can let all your friends know your next travel destination and get them to join you!


You can check your flight details too! Or stalk someone if you have their booking reference.  😛 I’m stalking TK and see when he’s going back to Japan.


HA! Got it. 😀

The cooler thing is that you can actually check in with your phone, and boarding pass will be sent to your phone via SMS! So no more rushing and and panting and hauling your luggage running all the way to the check in counter. Also because it is paperless, we kill less trees. 😀

You can view more details about it here.

Go play with it now on your mobile and after you find out how easy and convenient it is, you can write your own blog entry and stance a chance to win TWO return flights to Sydney/Melbourne!

2nd prize is 2x return tickets to ANY destination in ASEAN and 3rd prize is 2x return tickets to any destination in Malaysia. ^^

More details HERE.

Remember to use the tagline “flymas.mobi – as easy as 1,2,3!” for your blog post!