Ever since he started Level Up, Keju’s time for me and friends is level down down down down down ๐Ÿ™

So when he finally flew to KL last week after like dunno how many months, i brought him to have a nice dinner in Souled Out, Sri Hartamas, because they started this Guinness Xmas food promo, and we know Keju <3 Guinness!!


They have Xmas deco already!

I love this place cuz they always make an effort to make it look very festive, the service is great and it has some of the most sunshiney and smiley staff i’ve ever met in a restaurant. Makes you feel happy too. ^^


Tried their new Guinness menu set!

I like it that they always have this Guinness infused dish menu in various restaurants with different dishes every year end and it’s always super worth it!


Grilled Lamb Rack with Guinness Onion Relish.

Lately i have a thing for lamb i dunno why! To my surprise the onion relish was really sweet and flavorful cuz i thought Guinness is gonna make it bitter. But then i think the sauce blends really well with the juicy meat!

It’s RM35 ย PLUS a complimentary pint (13oz) of Guinness Draught. It’s such a good bargain!


Camcam with food.


Chicken yakitori with Guinness infused sauce. I really love this!! The chicken is quite fatty and grilled to a satisfying crisp! The sauce isย  rich and pleasantly sweet! (again, there’s a hint of Guinness but without the bitterness!)

And ONLY RM15 WITH a pint of Guinness too. Ridiculous or what!!! Normally one pint already costs more than that!


Cheesie and Guinness.


Keju and Cheesie and Guinness.


Look at the omfg amount of scallops! but i still prefer the meat that day, maybe i was in a predatory mood. Seafood didn’t just quite tickle my palette.

After food, ย i want to camcam and i wanted one of those waitstaff’s Xmas hat.

So keju helped us ask for one, and the manager gave this really hesitant look, staring at us nonplussed. Just when i was about to get irritated (why hat also dowan to lend us so mean!!), the manager said,

“It is definitely not a problem, but you know, the guys have been running up and down and they might just be a little…. sweaty.”



And i wore it anyway. FML.

See i sacrifice my nice-smelly hair for your viewing pleasure!




But wait, why is Keju looking so glum. It is not the hat. It is something else.

You know why???


Because his Guinness glass is empty liao!!!

And how to make a Keju happy???

This is what the seng mok Ericyong77 did.


Just look at their expression.


One happy Keju.

Not only that, we also gave him a surprise Cheat Oneโ„ข birthday celebration that day (Cheat Oneโ„ข because his bday was like, 89237 centuries ago).


They bought the cakes from BSC Gormet, it’s omfg nomnomnom!!


Aww these people in Souled Out damn efficient, <3 them!!

Now we have a really happy Keju!

If you like Guinness, faster go to Soul’ed out to sample their super worth nomming Xmas menu before it is over!