I think everytime i do a UFP™ (Useless Fashion Post) i will have to rely on Capsule. Crazeee Skyhopper is one of their songs. I wonder how long do i have before i run out of songs titles. Or clothes.

Busy!! Going to SG tomorrow haven’t packed anything!

Short post ok!


Left:  White top & Belt from BACI. Pants from Katharine Hamnett. Shoes from Japan dunno where. Super love it and damn cheap. Like 1,000 yen (RM38).

Right: Halter top from Urban&Co. I think it is not even mine. Got it from a friend like, 6 years ago. Does Urban&Co still exist? I used to super love their dresses cuz damn slutty lolol.


I swear hair bun is like the best thing in the world. Life savior. If i’m stranded on i island i’d choose bobby pins over compass. I dunno how to use a compass anyway.

Works when your hair looks like shit. Works when your hair is half-arse wet and you can’t be bothered/don’t have time to blow dry the ends. So why not hide them.

Feather headband from Beautiful Disaster. They have like a billion colorful feather headbands for you to choose from. It’s as though you have just entered a bird park infested with winged animals from all across the galaxy. Choose until you blind.


Little Bear earring from BACI.


Studdy starry earrings from BACI too.

Ok end.




Twitter SMS

Here’s super good news for people who don’t own a BB/refuse to buy a BB, and yet addicted to twitting.

Do you know that you can just use your phone (any phone at all! As long as it allows you to use sms) to post tweets, and follow your friends or favorite celebs (if you really can’t stand not knowing what they do right this moment and you don’t have the internet)?

You can follow anyone even when you’re NOT a Twitter registered user. ANYONE can be a follower! HA!! Now no more excuse not to follow me.

The details are HERE.

And btw, just in case you are a Twitter noob, you can follow me at www.twitter.com/cheesie