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December 24, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan


This is me. And Penny from Taiwan who speaks perfect Japanese. (They hosted her 3 years ago and she came by for dinner). My Okaasan, and my Otousan.

This picture was taken two hours ago.


This is me and my computer. I normally do my work in my room.



My Okaasan and Otousan are hardcore pasokon users also.

So i moved my laptop out and 3 of us will play with our own pasokon silently with the cat getting ignored dunno what to do what turf.

So fun ^^


Mom made us nabemono for dinner!

Tomato base seafood nabe! (no im not cursing).


When we finished the nabe, she poured cold rice inside the pot *gasps*


Add some mozzarella, AND MADE TOMATO RISOTTO what turf my host mom is such a cheesnius!!! I must try this when i get back to Malaysia!

It’s ze noms!!!


Also ate Xmas cake in a Santa cup i ♥ Japanese bakery shops. T_T

Ok very sleepy i’m gonna zzzz at 11PM on Xmas eve what turf.


Woohooo white xmas for me nananananana *gloats

54 responses to “i ♥ my kazoku”

  1. Reiko says:

    Oh Gosh~ The Christmas Cake so cute with the Santa cup!!! <3

    Your title remind me of a Japanese R&B band: Homemade Kazoku. Haha!

    Meri Kurisumasu Rin-chan!!!
    Zutto shiawase naru ne!!! ^^

  2. Momo says:

    cheesie….. get the recipe please T_T i osowan to taste the curry rice that… i think its curry

  3. kei says:

    omg so jealous of you! i want a white christmas also! T_T haha and is the cake in the cup strawberry shortcakeee?

  4. jolene says:

    merry christmas… enjoy yourself..

  5. fiionx says:

    wooo. 😀
    happy christmas !
    btw ! the cat is cute LoL. can take a bigger pic of her ? LOL

  6. fiionx says:

    -.-.. my flag always shows me im in Aussie= .=.

  7. en says:

    i think i should start to save some money and join you guys next year! it’s so niceeeee!!! i would love to visit japan again!!! japanese hosts are just very nice >_< i miss my host families too!

  8. Carol says:

    I love Christmas cakess in Japan… they’re so beautiful !!
    I’ll be leaving tokyo on 26th dec ! 🙁
    I love everything Japan! Wish I can stay here for 3 months and buy all the cute stuff pink stuff everything until I bankrupt!
    btw, merry christmas!

  9. A says:

    Hey cheesie! I’ll be going for a shopping trip to KL on the 27th. Do you have some shopping malls in mind to intro? Thanks a lot!

    Btw, i’m super jealous of you to be in Japan during Christmas. White christmas what turf. 🙁 I’ve been dying to go to Japan but the things there are rlly ex! Plus i heard that if you’re going to Japan, it is best to know japanese which i don’t. Anyway, MERRY XMAS and continue blogging ‘cuz i love all your posts! 🙂


  10. melody says:

    Sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  11. melody says:

    I love my flag from bb!!!! Haha
    Merry Christmas once again! Over here its a few min aft 12 haha

  12. JD says:

    Merry Christmas, and of course more post of Hokkaido!

  13. amelia says:

    Christmas must be sooo friggin’ awesome for you!!!! Anyway, Merry christmas!! Think you’re pretty brave to go for a homestay alone (I presume). Just wna say that your blog is suppppeerrr entertaining and you’re vv chio! hahaha. 😀

  14. merry xmas!! I wanna go to Japan too.. 😆
    You have a wonderful kozaku! You are very lucky.. 🙂 and that santa cup is so cuteee.. I have to find something like that! lol..

  15. Ivy says:

    nabe…y so sedap 1 all ur food! the cake!! btw when i saw pic #4, for a while i thought that was tomyam. :dunno:

  16. Kraeha says:

    So wait… are you Japanese or Malaysian? o.O

  17. swee says:

    jealous jealous i oso wan go japan!! !tomato risotto clever! If u come across Hidemi Sugino’s patisserie, please try. I heard it’s like realllllly good..

  18. Ben McC says:

    Looks like a great time! I love Japan during this time of year. Enjoy Oshogatsu.

  19. candlelyn says:

    chessie,merry christmas! 😉

  20. asada says:

    i want the cat~~!!!! miow~ 👿

  21. Merry Christmas Ringo! Hope you have an awesome White Christmas!

  22. raiz says:

    Merry christmas!! 🙂

  23. neo says:

    Merry Christmas to Cheeser..

  24. yubarimelon says:

    i love the cat!!! pose more with it!

  25. Lovethyou. says:

    Merry Christmas sweet! 😀

  26. yumii says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS wtf wtf so late. gonna end ady!! T__T wasn’t around with the internet last night. hope u wont mind! 😀 Merry xmasss!! White xmasss!!

  27. David says:

    Merry Christmas Ringo!


  28. Irene says:

    X’mas in Japan. Is it fun? I heard they only extract the fun part. I’ll be in Tokyo early January too. Must be freezing there!

  29. Aww…the Xmas cake in the cup is just so sweet and cute! =)

  30. glo-w says:

    lols…las time i went to japan i stayed with host parents as well. bought perencah tom yam n cooked for them ;p cheatone i noe ;p
    nxt time u going let me knoe…will try 2 save n get leave.
    p/s: can bring hubbie? lols…we wanna go 4 d sea food…

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