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December 2, 2009 in Photoshop Tutorial Cheat One™


Updated Wardrobe with some new mag scans!!



So i was really inspired to do a Katou Miliyah makeover but half way during the tutorial i got sidetracked!

I thought i should share this first because it’s fun and easy! I’m going to teach you how to Vivi-fy your own photo!

This is Katou Miliyah in January 2010’s  S Cawaii (just realized it’s not Vivi, btu whatever, cuz if i write How to S cwaii-fy Your Pic it sounds draggy! Plus Vivi is the best mag!!!)

So we don’t even aim to go on the cover, because it’s so obviously Cheat One™. We will cheat subtly this time. We appear on the beauty editorial page. More feasible yes? 😀




This is how it is done!!

And obviously after max photoshopping. I was supposed to look like Katou but i end up looking a bit like Elli Rose -_-



Anyway! The good/bad news is!!

In fact, i’m not going to teach you, i’m going to spoonfeed you.

Click on this image for full size.

This is a template i did. Just save the file, drag to your photoshop, go to IMAGE then change the MODE to RGB. Then drag your camwhore pic underneath this template, and you can has Vivi!



Next up i will post a Cheat One™ make up tutorial to look almost, but not exactly unlike Katou Miliyah. Stay cheesed!!!

PS: Drop me a comment link if you really so eat-full-nothing-to-do go and Vivi-fy your picture cuz i wanna see!! 😀

91 responses to “Vivi-fy Cheat One™”

  1. Eve says:

    the eye photoshop abit too 😯 😯

  2. yumii says:

    haha, ur cheek and eyes resembled miliyah, but lips not lo. wehh, cannot tahan!! why her hair so PURRfect oneeee!! yours too! 😈
    wah!! u waiiitt!! i go home man man photoshop my stupid face!!! 😉

  3. HeyEstelle says:

    No PS. Even if I do I dont know how to PS. Looks like I’ve gotta live with my gory pics for alot longer than I want to.

  4. KY says:

    do one for me ok, hahahahah

  5. alena says:

    cheesie’s eye super cuter den katou one! 😈

  6. Kenny says:

    Wow. Look so heavy. I prefer natural look.

  7. JunJun-Riko says:

    photoshop until don even look like u edi.. o.O

    the original u much nicer… :mrgreen:

  8. JD says:

    Can it also make me look like Katoh Milliyah? 😆

  9. onefourever says:

    i like your tutorial for PS as well!! 😈

  10. tzia says:

    your eye look so puffy now. i like!
    stole the template! my phone need some cawaii wallpaper now!
    perhaps, i shall just steal your photo. 😛

  11. Jess says:

    i want more ps tutorial !! Haha nice pic … !! I also want to be cover girl loh. cheat 1

  12. isabellmiao says:

    the lens you had on.. you photoshopped it right?
    not really contact lens hor? SO SHINY!!!

  13. Pomme-Pomme says:

    ♥ ♥ the puppy eyes and the lens! ^_^

  14. Jan says:

    wah..u photoshop kau kau ah..
    i was lik,huh?tis gal is her meh?
    very nice tho..
    look very korean..

  15. Beverly says:

    thought you’re the girl from the first pic. you’re so pretty! 😉

  16. yvo says:

    teach us the cheat! teach us teach us! 😯

  17. aretha says:

    hahah cheesie this is really helpful! =D thanks alot!

  18. David says:


    The Photoshop wizard! WOW you are super talented with PS!!

    “Katoh Milliyah”, first your enhanced photo does look amazingly like her!

    Me thinks you are prettier.

    Have a great day!

    BTW, when are posting the raising of your Christmas tree? ? ?


  19. vivian says:

    cute wor…. wat lens are u wearing??? 😈

  20. KT says:

    look abit like want to cry leh

  21. David says:


    I never heard of Katoh Milliyah until you mentioned her. BTW the cover of her newest album, Ring, (she must like you to name the album after you…!), looks even more like you!!

    Ring” is now Miliyah Kato’s best selling album!


  22. Joey says:

    😉 you love ViVi hehe

    heard of Maikawa Aiku? from cancam

  23. hitomi says:

    cant wait for the next tutorial….Downloaded ^^

  24. vvens says:

    i like!!! but you dont look like you. let me try to do this also! hahahhaa

  25. Siew Wei says:

    Hey 😉 Can I ask you something ? How did you adhere the nuffnang html codes between your post ? 😀 I’m facing some problems with that.

  26. rachel says:

    Nice! Btw which photo shop you use? 🙄

  27. Anna says:

    gomen ne, cheesie your pic look super kowaii actually. the eyes especially. i think the puppy-eye effect is too extreme, now looks like the eye is sagging 😯 the nose also photoshop abit too long… doesnt suit cheesie no kaori. as for the lips, as a little too puffy too wei. the hair looks similar though… sorry to disappoint you! my gf, who is japanese say u dont look japanese at all in the picture.. if that is the look u were trying to go for. if not, niamind! u look more urself when u are dressed in ur usual lala clothes/makeup. suits you!! haha. ganbatte kudasai

    • cheesie says:

      i can differentiate a genuine comment and a sugar-coated insult, okay?

    • cheesie says:

      by the way kaori is scent. face is called kao.

    • yumii says:

      Hello transsexual. the point of the whole post is to PS oneself to look like Katou Miliyah. Btw, drowning japanese in english not not CUTE at all, FYI. I bet you don’t even understand what your gf says all the time, except Yamette kudasai.

      I bet your gf has slit eyes that can’t even fit in a contact lens unless she cuts her own eyeballs out, put the contact lens in then only pop back the eyeballs back in the socket. The nose must be as big as Jackie Chan’s nose and not to mention horrendous yaeba (teeth all stuck out) can totally swallowed her lips. so sad indeed.

      Hey, lets be fair. You insult my fav blogger, i insult your so-called japanese gf. An eye for an eye. Just that your gf has to pay two eyeballs back because she actually likes someone who would flame someone else out of jealousy.

      Omae wa honto ni aho desu yo.

  28. j says:

    Wtf Anna (up above) you say cheesie pic is very cute then later you go and criticize her. wtf lor. so gives a shit about your girlfriend being japanese. you yourself also not japanese, so dont comment with your stupid ganbattee kudasai fuck crap.

    thanks for the template cheesie.=]

  29. JayPee says:

    eyes too 😯 already la. looks so freaky 😛

    haha. I think the original you looks better 😉

  30. Jaclyn says:

    ms rose punya face got more meat than yours hahahahaha

  31. L says:

    damn nice! 😈

  32. Porkie says:

    looks like i missed all the fun..anyways, seems like miliyah is quite the influence on you these days. even in her latest mv..its like..heh..cheesie can wear lidat oredi 🙂

  33. huizhen says:

    i dunno how to do it leh..
    mine is photoshop element 7..i noe nuts abt photoshop at all..
    drag den stuck..haha..

  34. raiz says:

    nice nice nice..faster post up Cheat One™ tutorial 😆

  35. cat says:

    i downloaded the mags but i cant read it! ): care to teach?

  36. Caren says:

    Name her Hayley !!!

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