Another Cheat One™ Tutorial.

Dolly Wink by Masuwaka Tsubasa (top Popteen model) is a new series of falsies that i have wanted VERY, VERY much!

Popteen Feb 2010 featuring Tsubasa Dolly Wink and How To.

Top Lashes

Dolly Sweet and Sweet Girly.

Natural Girly and Feminine Style. (Seriously, they need a better English copy writer. What turf the names are so repetitive it’s confusing)

Bottom lashes

Real Nude and Baby Cute.

Vivid Pop and Pure Little (What turf is pure little?!?)

I saw this everywhere in major drugstores and make up stores in Japan and i was omfg happy when i found them!


Excluding tax! In total it would cost like RM50 for a two-pair set fml.

I refrained myself from buying in Hokkaido. Then when i went to Tokyo’s Don Quixote (discount store) i thought i could buy it cheaper but no. Same price. I tahaned until the last day i shopped in Shibuya and i saw it again, i stood in front of the rack and hesitated for 10 whole minutes before i walked away.


It was so expensive and almost not worth it T_T.

Ok, definitely NOT worth it. Because they prolly spent 70% on the packaging and paying for Masawaka Tsubasa’s plastic surgery T_T.


I can always do a Tsubasa Dolly Wink Cheat One™.

Modelled after Ranzuki Feb 2010’s Aya Suzuki.

So! Those of you who want to save $, this tutorial attempts to mimic a No.7 Vivid Pop Bottom lash Cheat One™. Also i found new techniques to further emphasize on the Miliyah Puppy Eyes. Pay attention!


Start with nude face + color contacts.

Curl your fringe with a velcro curler.


My lenses are Anime lens from Vivi fashion. Please don’t ask anymore.

(I dunno why after coming back from Japan my skin actually miraculously became a lot better (touch wood long long wtf) and saves me so much time on PS!!!)


After foundation everything all, use a dark shade of brown to shade the side of your nose.


It is okay if it looks really dark, just blend it with your finger or brush (i prefer using finger) and highlight the bridge with a bright shade of eyeshadow. I’m sure you all know la!


I’m using earthy colors for my eyes. And since i have bangs, i can be lazy on my brows. Yea, Cheat One™.


Next is drawing eyeliner.

For top eyeline, extend it slightly downwards at the end to create the puppy eye effect. And then, using sharp kohl pencil, join the point where the top line ends and spread along the bottom line until the middle. It is okay to have a lot of space in between and don’t freak out if you look scary nao.

This is to create super huge eyes + puppy eye effect X2!


Apply mascara where the bottom liner ends, all the way to the inner corner of your eye (leave the lashes at the outer corner clean).

And then the Cheat One™ Magic starts!


Take out one piece of false lashes (it could be one of those you have recycled many times and too worn to use but too heartache to throw away).

And then use a small pair of scissors and cut them into small little parts. You need about 6 of it for both your eyes, and i reckon one piece of lashes is just nice.


Use a tweezer, clip the pointy part and dab the top part slightly with eyelash glue, then stick it onto your bottom eyeline.

(Important: stick it just on where you draw your eyeliner and NOT the actual lash line.)


Repeat 5 more times, stick about 3 at each side.

And TADAA you have a Cheat One™ no.7 Vivid Pop by Dolly Wink!!!

That one piece of lash is prolly gonna cost you what, RM2? Instead of RM50 for the Real One™ Dolly Wink. Ish.


To complete the Ranzuki look, use a honey orange blusher.


And then for that Gyaru look, use a small amount of concealer on your lips.


Then apply nude lip color!


Dab some gloss and FINISH!



It is not my best tutorial because it’s a bit messy 🙁  And too lazy to PS it nice. Hope to get it done perfectly with practice next time!!

Hope you feel cheated! ^^