Was at Lost World of Tambun last weekened for Project Alpha Season 2 with 3 other featured bloggers Shaolin Tiger, KYmean and KimberlyCun.

We had so much fun with the animals and the Project Alpha crew! Also a lot of animal tragedies happened, luckily no animal was harmed, except humans. For example, my BlackBerry was nommed by a bloody monkey and now the top cover is spoilt damn ANGRY. He went like >:E on my BB wtf. He also attacked other people damn ganas. Then KY was like sayanging a sugar glider and the next thing he knew it peed on his hand HAHAHAHAH. Then my tights were nommed by a goat. THEN MY LOUSY FRIENDS SCARED ME WITH AN ALBINO PYTHON FML).

Anyway i’m finally back and i have so many things to do! So just a quick update ok here’s a video of a goat nomming my (already) shredded tights what turf (it thought that my tights were his turf HAHAHA ok i shall refrain from making lame puns nao).

I want some mutton.

Here’s another video of a tiger roaring inside a cage, up close. We were so lucky to get a backstage pass to see their treatment rooms and sleeping place. And This tiger suddenly fat din (goes crazy) DAMN SCARY.

But the shoot was so so fun!!! Will update more on Lost World of Tambun 😀




Twitter SMS

I was so afraid that my BB is gonna be spoilt by the bloody monkey.

The fler just snatched my BB, put into his mouth and all i could hear was KRAK KRAK KRAK and i was like NO FMLLLL. That bugger teeth damn sharp.

Instead of rescuing me, KYmean went and took out his BB and started tweeting. Nao i know what kind of friend he is FHL!

One of Jojo’s readers saw this pic and said “That moneky must be an iPhone supporter.” WTF. T_T

Look what it did to my BB fml.


Luckily that even if it spoilt i could still tweet using Twitter SMS! It allows you to send tweets and follow people even if you don’t have a BB or an iPhone to download a twitter application. Everything is done using SMS, super simple. And you don’t even need to have a twitter account if you just wanna follow people you like.

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