Pink leopard print nails

January 23, 2010 in Commercial Break / Nail Cheat One™

My new nails are to match my previous Hair Bun video! I’m crazy pink raperrrt preen.


Result is liddis.

It is actually very very super simple to do! I was inspired to get mine done after watching Violet Le Beaux’s nail tutorial!

Except that i did it in pink.


Clean buffed nails, and my ga-chang lol.


Paint a layer of base coat to protect your nails blah blah. Normally i don’t really care, but since i have it then i use lo.


Paint your fav shade of baby pink, then use a darker pink and paint random dots on your nails.


Like polka except that it doesn’t have to be very round and symmetrical. Cheat One Polka.


After that, use a dark brown/black paint brush and draw thin lines over the dots. I prefer thin strokes instead of blotches of ink to mimic that furry effect.

Doesn’t matter if it is messy, because based on my experience, no matter how lousy a nail painter you are, from far it will look good anyhow!


Add some crystals if you like. I am using the CreamCakeCam left over blings.





By the way,

Congratulations to Ichigo!

She’s my longest friend and she got the name Ichigo because we were learning  fruit’s names in Japanese when we were 16 or something wtf.

Anyway i was her captain jimui today and i damn fail max ok. Cuz i was too kind hearted the most cruel thing i made the hengdai do was to drink Ribena+Milo fml. I mean, unFTL. T______T

Haha so yesterday i was helping her with all the wedding preparation, and i helped her write this:

Prenup for the groom HAHAHAH


OMFG damn 7 long never write mandarin i am so damn amazed at myself, haven’t all thrown back to Cikgu yet!!!

Ok i better pan leng leng nao bai.

PS: I’m waiting for wedding dinner nao too free that’s why i blog. Faster say i good.

PS2: Ichigo said got yu chee (shark fin) to eat later yay HAHA dunno why i find it quite funny. We always call her Yu Chee Gou (Shark Fin cake wtf).




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You know what makes me happier?

Weekend with free BB access! Since i subscribe to Xpax BB plan every single day, i noticed that in Saturday, i didn’t receive any notification that RM2.50 is deducted from my credit for BB plan auto-renewal. That means it actually works!!!

I’m actually saving money without realizing it! If you are an Xpax BB user too, be reminded that in this coming two months, you will be saving money while BBing, just in case you didn’t realize. 🙂

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Check out the Bigfreekingsale for more!

111 responses to “Pink leopard print nails”

  1. NZ says:

    haha, so cutee..

    • Karishma says:

      heyy cheesie..
      well my name’s karishma and im from india 😀
      just to let yu know i follow ur site everyday and i keep checking out ur new posts…i love wad u did with the nails! u rock m/
      not only the nails i love all ur hair cheats too!
      keep posting more of these.. 😈

  2. Aiwei says:

    AWESOME! HAHAHAH!!!!!!!love the nails…. 😈 😀 😆

  3. Wow I like this Style never Seen Before quite a invention in fashion thanks for Posting Yay 4 Cheesie

  4. may says:

    the nails damn awesome. and u re good ringo! haha

  5. xueni says:

    awwwweeeeeesome! 😈 😈
    will you blog more about the wedding? can’t wait. (:

  6. Joann says:

    i always fail drawing, so i just give up. but now, with u tellin ‘no matter how lousy a nail painter you are, from far it will look good anyhow!’ then i think i shall try tis. =)
    but won’t u find it hard to take off ur lenses with long nails? i scare tat i will accidentally break the lens ><

  7. Reiko says:

    Your pink leopard nails looks so pro! 😈

    Haha… First time see you write in Chinese, a bit awkward. Next time talk mandarin to me please. I has lousy england. :dunno:

    • naomi says:

      haha yeah, chinese writing abit awkward, especially the part about the pork chop, i was like whaaat? funny! but this is understandable, since you havent practised writing it for a long time…

      • 离离 says:

        ooh…i thought the chinese writing was really good the neh already, no? i actually am willing to bet just anything on the fact that more than 1/2 of M’sian population couldn’t write as good as her LOL..:oops: ok, kidding on the betting, probably your an expert, mandarin expert, we never know 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      noooooooo it’s perfectly fine!

  8. vonblue says:

    omg u can WRITE chinese!i thought u’re a banana hahaha.super amazed!!

  9. yan says:

    wow your mandarin writing still look very nice! 😀 u IS best! 😛

  10. Alisa says:

    Wah so pro you do your own nails! Usually I see ppl do like using the stamps but omg you so pro!

  11. Ying Bin says:

    Damn pro la u,in DIY ur nails. 😈

  12. JD says:

    Cheesie, you 😈 ! A lot of wedding dinner tonight, luckily no one invited me. Haha, save some angpow.

  13. Xiaopei says:

    WOW! I like the prenup for the groom. 😈 😈 😈

  14. melody says:

    WOW! Congratulations to Ichigo!!!!!
    happy happy happy!!! super duper happy!!!!!! soooo very very niceeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for the nails tuts!!!! you are just superbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!
    yayyyyyy!!! can’t wait for you to ban leng leng!!!! that’s one of the nicest things about weddings!!!!!
    besides seeing the gorgeous bride!!!!!!!

  15. Lyn says:

    beautiful nails! if only i can do the same but i don’t have such steady hands lol ..

  16. サブリナ says:

    aww.. prenup #7 is cute. 😆 “every other girl is pork chop”.

  17. Joel says:

    ur chinese letters quite nice 😀

  18. NZ says:

    haiyo. i cant stop staring at your eyes. so niceee!!!!!! 😀

  19. Hui Wen says:

    LOL. I watched the tutorial and I don’t know why, but I think yours is nicer.

  20. David says:


    You have the greatest looking nails!

    BTW, can you provide a translation of the pre-nups?

    The photo of you & Ichigo is beautiful!

    Best wishes to her!


  21. Glo-w says:

    <3 it 😀 too bad i can't keep long nails. m hopeless with it n when i do apply nail polish, even the slightest imperfection oso i can't tahan (plus i love to eat banana leaf rice with my hand)

    anyway it was such a coincidence with the leopard prints coz i jus orders a skarf online with it AND jus saw a tutorial bout using it for ur eyes!

    feel free 2 check it out^^ :blush:

    could it b a leopard revolution? ^^

    *prayin for him…

  22. Tattyling says:

    I like ur this u bun,again..=p

    the commendment u wrote was really GREAT!!! haha

  23. -yL- says:

    She is very very beautiful on her special day… =)

  24. Vian says:

    omg, I tot u r banana..!!
    u know how to write chinese.. IMPRESS.. lol~

  25. Ben McC says:

    Cool nails. I’m a “dude” but I can appreciate the hard work that goes into looking as cute as you do. 😈

  26. kelyn says:

    love your nails! gonna try out in blue black leopard print style~ =)
    But, it is so hard to do it on my right hand’s nails… T.T

  27. Hyunaa says:

    Your nails look really cute like this! I love pink leopard print 🙂
    How did you manage to keep your nails so long? I always try to grow them out like yours but I end up breaking them or they become really brittle.
    Anyways, really adorable! 😀

  28. Harry says:

    how is Koyuki today?

  29. Amy Huang says:

    I love it! So ‘Wonder girls’ like ^^


  30. Violet says:

    Heehee I can’t believe you actually used my tutorial! They turned out so nicely <3 Congrats to Ichigo too!

  31. Charlene says:

    Hey.. since ure very good in this ‘pan leng leng’ stuff. U can be a wedding make-up artist! Is dat wad they’re called? Haha. N u can do nails too 😉

  32. Leney says:

    damn nice ur nails =D

  33. KY says:

    did you just make her husband call you a pork chop?

  34. yumii says:

    wahh!! your chinese writing so neat and clear! wtf, not like i can read oso! xD when are we gonna see your japanese writing?? =D and congratulation to ichigo!!! i still remember the post where you posted the christmas theme photo here!

  35. Simon Seow says:

    You’re good. Congrats Ichigo. She looks so beautiful

  36. fresh says:

    your chinese handwriting is so cute! like comic writing! hahaha
    and yalor why’d you make her husband call you a pork chop T_T

  37. fiionx says:

    wa. damn cheat one xD. me likey :D.

  38. Fried Fishie says:

    Where you get your blings!!! T_T

  39. smeech says:

    Ichigo is so pretty! 😀

  40. kelly says:

    Brilliant idea !
    I thought it will be difficult to do leopard nails
    but It seems easy
    We just need 3 colours …..
    Thanks for sharing this

  41. sweesan says:

    is Koyuki better oredi ? I hope she’s recovering!! 😉

  42. jammie says:

    hey can you do a tutorial on how you do your eyelids? i noticed in one of xiaxue’s photos that you do not have double eyelids do you tape it or use glue? if so, how do you make it stay with your nice makeup?

  43. zephyr says:

    OMG…SUPER SUPER SUPER DUPER <3 YOUR LEAPOARD NAIL PRINT!!!!!!!!! You are soooooo awesome 😈

    I wanna try it tooooooooooo!!!! Thanks for sharing 😉

  44. angeline ng says:

    nice nails you have! superb! 😉
    I didn’t expect your nail to be that simple!
    gonna try too!
    thanks 😀

    ps:i didn’t know you need to write “ruless/syarat-syarat” for wedding 😛 LOLS
    nice chinese handwriting 😈

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  46. Jo says:

    Gua suda lama tidak membaca dan menulis dalam bahasa cina

    p/s: I agreed with no. 6 haha!

  47. gg says:

    omg i thought this was amazing so i did the leopard print nail thing yesterday. and today i saw a girl on the train with the exact same design! i’m from singapore btw… haha ur so popular!!! :DDD

  48. Eva says:

    make a nail care tutorial!!! 🙂

    my nails are really thin and crappy :blush:
    and yours always look PERFECT!

    ps = you and ichigo both look really cute!

  49. Ivie says:

    Wow your nails are so long@ Nice tutorial! I’m gonna try it

  50. Py says:

    Oh I like your style! I’ll try it too. Greetings from Germany 🙂

  51. Lene says:

    Cheesie just one quick question… Where did you buy your Essie nail polishes or stuff in KL?

  52. kawaiirubie says:

    holy moly you got long nails. :mrgreen:

  53. Dave says:

    I just adore your loooong lovely leopard nails my cheesy Goddess ! Your forever beautiful, sexy, seductive, alluring and exciting ! Oh…. your clean buffed nails look exquisite also my LNB and along with your lovely blue hypnotic eyes men don’t stand a chance around you ;).

  54. wishing says:

    what is the thing you use to stick the crystal to your nails?

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  56. NympheaRose says:

    Which glue do you use to stick the rhinestones? Thanks!!!


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