Convince me i don’t need a new Wardrobe.

February 24, 2010 in Useless fashion


“Baju Mountain Baju Sea”.

And this is not all.




By the way, i stole a new pet back home.

It’s a pandamonium in my house.

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  1. LOL WOW!

    That guys expression is so hilarious…

  2. pandamonium is my friend! 😀

  3. HAHA!! ky looks funny. and koyu-da looks adorable. <3

  4. WOAH! tons of clothes you have! Can open a boutique! hahahaha 😛
    BY the way the picture behind you is so funny : a friend of yours bitting his mobile cover. 😀

    is that your bf of a just a friend? he looks familiar.haha lols

  5. I wish I have a clothes’ collection like yours T_T And yes you need a new wardrobe XD
    Koyuki looks so much better! =D

  6. omg clothes galore!!! ahh what is that panda??? is dat a hat? 😆 old wardrobe letak mana? 😉

  7. you’ll need a new vet instead.
    i think your current vet won’t know how to deal with your “new” koyuki.

  8. 😯 where’s koyuki?! haha 😆

    looking at the amount of clothes on the sofa, KY could hv buried you underneath and we wont be able to see u at all.. haha

  9. What’s a pandamonium? Hehe

    Haha koyuki no place to accidentally jump on!!!

  10. aww, that panda-like pet is soooooooooooo omg cute!!!!!!!! 😈 😈 hmm, pandamonium? 💡 💡

  11. Oh nice. Maybe you can give me all of those clothes in the first picture and THEN you’ll need new sets of clothes 😀 Ohai Cheesie!

  12. Ahhh! That’s a LOT of clothes! Heehee, and I like your new panda pet!

  13. even your short post is very interesting. me likey! 😈

  14. OHAI too~ Haha. Koyuki very cuteeeeeeee, or rather, the pandamonium v cuteeeeeee. XD

  15. nv ren de yi chu yong yuan dou shao yi jian yi fu~~donate some for me lar,i wan Liz Lisa one lol >.<
    oh ya btw u wana sell your red bootie? o.O"

  16. Koyuki so big ger oredi! 😀

  17. You need a a second and third wardrobe ^o^

  18. wahhh can open bundle shop ady! xD

  19. OMG! i was cheated!!
    no wonder i thought why this animal look so weird lol

  20. Cheat One™ ….

    Pandamonium? not pandayuki meh?
    Go gain some weight…if not one day pandayuki aka pandamonium aka koyuki sure heavier than u… :dunno:

  21. wtf @_@ i thought i was bad. lol. need to show my bf adi. he has this theory that girls are damn damn neat and something is wrong with me. wtf

  22. Why KY biting the …. err… phone? lol

  23. 😈 i dont think you need a new closet it’s big enough 😆 haha pandamonium is so adorable.

  24. You 39kg ar? 😳
    So thinnnnn. Eat more lah.
    The heaps of clothes will be lessen when you mix & match. So it’s not really a lot 😈

  25. The pandamonium is cute in a very weird way. But cute leh!! And first thing I notice from the pic was KY’s expression.

    btw, the sight of the clothes your couch is horrifying.

    give me some! then no longer is it horrifying. 😆

  27. koyuki is growing SO fast!! omg!! i love it.

  28. aww I love your sense of fashion!
    wish my wardrobe was as filled as yours ♥

  29. lols…for a moment there I thought your new pet was KY ^^ lols..wonder how that would end up >_<"

  30. i saw those clothes on the sofa and i nearly dropped off ma chair!
    u need a bazaar instead of a wardrobe! :p

  31. ahahahahahahahahaha~ You got Panda Koyuki!!!
    Really cheers me up when I saw you ‘lap’ the panda head on Koyuki. LOL! Super hilarious!!! XD 😆

  32. sell sell sell muahahahhaa 😆

  33. Ringo,

    I dunno whether anyone should convince you that you do not need a new wardrobe.

    Then again, how often do you wear anything more than once or twice?

    I cannot remeber seeing you in the same outfit at this blog.

    BTW we sort of depend your world having at least a little pandamonium in your life!
    Cute on at that.


  34. I LOOOVE that panda head, it’s so cute!!! I want one too!!

  35. hahahha why ky so funny looking at the back one?

  36. o..koyuki become cute.. 😆

  37. Panda haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! I wan!! give give give!!! pay you!! 😀

  38. haha panda hat on koyuki cute!!! 😆 good one! if u put it on cheesie, i think cannot see her d..

  39. Maybe do some charity selling off your clothes~?

  40. Cheddie would never let you put that thing on her, hahaha Koyuki a bit dumb hahahaha 😆

  41. I thought it was a totally new pet… 🙁

    And then i realised it was koyuki!
    she’s grown bigger now!!

  42. I usually use firefox and can only see the first picture so didn’t have a clue what all the comments were about. So I went to IE then I realise there are other pictures…

  43. thought KY is your new pet 😛

    the mountain sea of clothes….. is all your clothes or what?!?!?!

  44. lololol, u deserve a huge huge wardrobe my dear, so tat all clothes can fit and Koyuki and jump on the sofa again ;p

  45. I think you need a store room more than a wardrobe (rofl)

  46. hahaha -> no place accidently jump on!

  47. sorry if i sounded whn i read a pet at home,i thot it was the guy at the background..

  48. Btw, where did you learn your Japanese? I’ve always wanted to learn but don’t know where! 💡

  49. Kesian koyuki!!

  50. ONE HUNDRED & FOUR people commented on a couple of pics of a dog wearing a panda mask?!?!?? You’re joking, right? It’s actually just one guy making 104 comments, right?!?!? RIGHT?

    And… isn’t that bloke in the 2nd picture the one that goes all over the place looking for good food and blogs about it?

  51. No wonder you need to get a new wardrobe 😀

  52. y nobody mention about the photographer took the pandamonium with baju mountain baju sea 1?

    but really hillarioius looking at those pic. LOL

  53. OMG ! Your clothes !!! Arrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh 😈

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