This Cheat One tutorial attempts to cheat the Masuwaka Tsubasa’s (creator of Dolly Wink and have earned dunno how many billion yen by cheating vain little girls who have short eyelashes. Hate her.) nails.


Liddis. 90% similar la.

Obviously her nails are those glue-on Cheat One, but i’m gonna teach you how to draw the real thing.

So you need:

1. CNY red nail polish

2. Matte white nail polish

3. Black nail art pencil. (if you don’t have, just use an eyeliner brush and dip into a black nail polish. Or just use black eyeliner wtf. In Cheeserland’s Cheat One dictionary, there’s nothing you can’t do to cheat whatever you want.)


First you get a lot a lot of Tsubasa’s pictures and put on the table to inspire yourself (it can double up as table protector in case you drip your nail polish).

Then paint your nails with the CNY red polish.


Then dot your nails with white polish. (I’m making it sound like it’s very very easy just so youfeel cheated afterwards.)


It should look liddis. Of course the dots cannot be 100% round. No one will notice one la.


On Tsubasa’s forth finger, there’s a heart shape 3D thingie. Of course those 3D crap is bloody expensive so if i can cheat a heart with nail polish why not. Just apply many many many layers until it finally becomes 3D wtf.

Note: Remember that you have to wait till the CNY red polish to be completely dry, then only you apply the white dots.


Also notice that there’s a black little bow (Dolly Wink’s signature) on the middle finger. So use the black nail art pencil to draw.

Pardon me that i don’t have those procedure pictures (where you see the hand and the brush drawing in the process) because i only have two hands, one of which has to hold the camera, so yea.




Dolly Wink Polka Dot CNY Cheat One nails.

Nao you ask me where  did i get so many of Tsubasa’s little posters?




Dolly Wink has launched in Malaysia and they have sent an entire collection to me (ME, ME ME ME!!!!!) for review.


And it makes me the happiest vain girl in the girl with short lashes (Actually i already got long lashes with my Cheat One extension).


I’m gonna do a Real One Dolly Wink post next.

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and felt/will feel cheated.

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