Tsubasa inspired nails

February 25, 2010 in Nail Cheat One™

This Cheat One tutorial attempts to cheat the Masuwaka Tsubasa’s (creator of Dolly Wink and have earned dunno how many billion yen by cheating vain little girls who have short eyelashes. Hate her.) nails.


Liddis. 90% similar la.

Obviously her nails are those glue-on Cheat One, but i’m gonna teach you how to draw the real thing.

So you need:

1. CNY red nail polish

2. Matte white nail polish

3. Black nail art pencil. (if you don’t have, just use an eyeliner brush and dip into a black nail polish. Or just use black eyeliner wtf. In Cheeserland’s Cheat One dictionary, there’s nothing you can’t do to cheat whatever you want.)


First you get a lot a lot of Tsubasa’s pictures and put on the table to inspire yourself (it can double up as table protector in case you drip your nail polish).

Then paint your nails with the CNY red polish.


Then dot your nails with white polish. (I’m making it sound like it’s very very easy just so youfeel cheated afterwards.)


It should look liddis. Of course the dots cannot be 100% round. No one will notice one la.


On Tsubasa’s forth finger, there’s a heart shape 3D thingie. Of course those 3D crap is bloody expensive so if i can cheat a heart with nail polish why not. Just apply many many many layers until it finally becomes 3D wtf.

Note: Remember that you have to wait till the CNY red polish to be completely dry, then only you apply the white dots.


Also notice that there’s a black little bow (Dolly Wink’s signature) on the middle finger. So use the black nail art pencil to draw.

Pardon me that i don’t have those procedure pictures (where you see the hand and the brush drawing in the process) because i only have two hands, one of which has to hold the camera, so yea.




Dolly Wink Polka Dot CNY Cheat One nails.

Nao you ask me where  did i get so many of Tsubasa’s little posters?




Dolly Wink has launched in Malaysia and they have sent an entire collection to me (ME, ME ME ME!!!!!) for review.


And it makes me the happiest vain girl in the girl with short lashes (Actually i already got long lashes with my Cheat One extension).


I’m gonna do a Real One Dolly Wink post next.

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and felt/will feel cheated.

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143 responses to “Tsubasa inspired nails”

  1. kiwi says:

    OMG. so lucky! you wanted to buy dolly wink in japan, but didn’t and now they sent it to you for review! 😉

  2. Caryn says:

    hahahah first picture quite scary but nvm
    wah u damn lucky lorrr got so much nice lashes to try on
    envy siallllll 😆

  3. yum says:

    Your eyelashes look damn good in the last photo!
    And Tsubasa’s sucha guy’s name!

    Just wondering, can you speak/read/write fluent Japanese. You seem to be able to! Respeck!

  4. Maguro says:

    WAHHHHH!!! they send u the whole collection so nice so nice so nice MAD JELES LIAO~!!! I bought 2bottom lashes at sasa last month so expensive and then pokkai,hou sam tung ar….T______T

  5. jean` says:

    my nails are so short and i find it so hard to use fake nails 🙁

  6. Waifon says:

    i swatched the eyeliner and it was pretty good cos the colour pay off was great. very smooth and creamy though i foresee that it’s going to be kind of fragile and crumbly cos it felt very soft. if dropped then kanasai, just like MUFE’s aqua eyes.

    BUT, it was something worth trying though the price is a little expensive. I feel a bit cheated if i were to buy an eyeliner from Sasa at that price hahaha :dunno: eh wait, i think this was the eyeliner i saw at sasa WTF.

  7. cat says:

    can i buy them in malaysia??

  8. diana panda says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 how come they sponsor u de?

  9. Ashley says:

    OMG! I can’t wait for ur next post 😉

  10. Jeaneth says:

    I love those nails!!!
    I’m gonna try it right now xP

  11. sarah says:

    lucky bitch! :@ so jealous..hmmph..nvm i shall just do a cheat one dollywink..no need to buy those..lol

  12. Missyna says:

    OMG! I’m so jeolous of you!!!
    You got the whole collection for free..eyeliner,eyelashes,mascara,etc…

  13. Missyna says:

    OMG! I’m so jeolous of you!!!
    You got the whole collection for free..eyeliner,eyelashes,mascara,etc… 😆

  14. Ashley says:

    OMG so jealous. Your do lucky u didn’t buy in japan. I saw the eyelashes in sasa 2 it was so expensive 😳

  15. Cindy says:

    Gorgeous nails doll! Love your little black bow too, so cute. 😈

    I am super excited for your Dollywink review post! I’ve been eyeing some lashes for a while now so this just may force me to go guy some. lol

  16. Amanda says:

    Cheesie, can i know where did you take your JLPT exam? And until which level ah did you take? Is it hard? Oh oh, where did you learn it? Sorry for being so inquisitorial.. heh (:

    • cheesie says:

      there’s only one place for JLPT i think it’s UPM or something, they have it every year end. i learnt from a jp language centerin ss2. i passed level 2 nao. well some people say VERY hard but i feel that it’s not that hard. depends lo. 🙂

  17. raiz says:

    Yer………….jealous la….
    Faster post Cheat One™……

  18. Francesca says:

    Good job ! 😈

  19. janeyie says:

    omg so lucky. give me some lah :p

  20. Q says:


  21. VyRoxy says:

    Omg….everyone is sooooo jealous of you right now!! You must be the luckiest girl…. somehow, I’m slightly different….do you think you can recommend me where you do your eyelash extension? I’m soooo desperate for one.

  22. aud says:


  23. Panda says:

    lol, are you on air? Thought I heard your voice in the radio just now (in some Chinese FM)?
    Pardon if I am wrong ^ ^

  24. melody says:

    oh my!!!!! you are soooo lucky!!!!!!!
    got all the dolly wink for review!!!!!
    happy happy happy!!!!! hahaha
    really nice cheat one nails!!!!!!!
    i dun feel cheated coz its sssoooooooo REAL!!!!!
    more dolly wink cheat one please!!!!!!!!!
    love love love!!!!!

  25. curious says:

    Hey I would like to know more about your Japan trip because I am planning one myself. Mind elaborating more? Or could you add me in MSN if it’s more convenient?

    Thanks in advance(:

  26. FaYe says:

    i love ur nail tutorial post ~ can u please post more nails tutorial and different design which easy to creat and nice ?!=) keep it up !

  27. Reiko says:

    OMFG you’re one lucky bitch to get sponsored for all of her lashes!!!! Jealous max la!!! :blush:

    Her dolly wink lashes all damn expensive. haihzzzz~ 😥

  28. en says:

    i saw it in sasa the other day!!! and they only have the lower lashes and eyeliner -___-;;

  29. Michelle says:

    Sheesh, how can one do manicure like that? I can’t even paint my nails properly

  30. yt says:

    hmm is #9 with you braless? :@

  31. Karuzela says:

    thenails are super cute, but the model`s name is MATSUWAKA Tsubasa, please~

  32. Simon Seow says:

    Oh, I think I didn’t come to your blog for a week already. kekeke. oh, just see u login to MSN. Happy CNY!!

  33. tomatosheryl says:

    so envy u tho~~~~~~~~~~~~ho ho ar~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!what the……… 👿 👿

  34. Lisa J. says:

    T.T I almost die with envy looking at all the goodies you got. The rest of us have to fork out our hard earned cash to buy leh….

  35. JD says:

    Finally your laptop is fix! Yay! But nail extension, I cannot do lor.

  36. yumii says:

    omg omg omg omg!! you so luckyyyyyy!!!! i can’t paint my nails lo coz i’m a nervous type who bites her fingernails whenever she’s nervous. and i’m 24/7 nervous one, so my nails have never been long before. T__T need to kick the biting habit out ady. so old still bite bite. sobs.

    gahhh moar cheddie pix!!! xD

  37. Sarah says:

    Looks so easy man! but i’m sure when i attempt it later sure going to be cheat one very hard to do with my clumsy fingers….lollol…:P but still awesome looking on ya! 😉

  38. cass says:

    cheddie look so small size here ^^

  39. cereza says:

    lucky u i want Dolly Wink..
    u can also use toothpick to make the white dot btw.. lol…

  40. Ting Ting says:

    You’re so lucky! Can’t wait to read about the review and to know where to get them! =)

  41. carmen says:

    i painted the left hand fingers… how about the right hand now? :blush:

  42. Pinkyyy says:

    What about the other hand?:D

  43. Time, L. says:

    wow, you are lucky. dolly wink eyelashes are ex. 🙁

  44. robert weinberg says:

    your nails are gross and quite ugly. you are quite lala.

  45. Sel says:

    Where can i get those lashes in malaysia? So sweeetttttttt

  46. zachary says:

    oh well.. if u wanna do some vid tutorial wif ur both hands, u can always use a tiny tripod for ur cam what.. unless u oredi bling-ed the tripod hole as well lar~
    ei, can share the links of the radio show u were on? didnt manage 2 hear that leh.. wanna hear ur rojak mandarin.. 👿

  47. jacinta says:

    eeekkk cant wait for ur next post!! btw emmm jus a favor, would you be able to make a post on how to put on those fake eyelashes???? pls pls pls? /beg

  48. kal says:

    omg! finally, your blog is up again! I was getting worried i wouldn’t get any more cheeses!

  49. Dave says:

    Oh !…cheesie your long beautiful natural fingernails are always lovely, mesmerizing, hypnotic and spellbinding ! Pay no attention to robert weinberg.

  50. lilmsthong says:

    sorry… erm…
    “happiest vain girl in the girl”?

  51. carmen4everr says:

    hey hey
    so darn envy ya!!!
    btw, where can get all those dolly wink lashes in Malaysia?!
    i do like it a lot!!!!
    stay cheeeeessseeeeeeee

  52. CAroline says:

    Loved ur nails so much i went out to buy red nail polish and white nail art pen from Etude! Your non-adverts already make me spend money. I better blindfold myself when ur adverts for dolly wink come out

  53. vvens says:

    im so jealous! i love those lashes! T______________________T

  54. Mitch says:

    Woo! Their liquid eyeliner is awesome! Ur so lucky to get the whole set! 😀

  55. Jessie says:

    yr nails are soo long and pretty!! they are yr real nails right? i envy u with those fake eyelashes!! u look good on them;)

  56. Eva says:

    please make a vid on nail care :]
    i love your blog a lot,
    and I have a blog myself but I wanna change the name of it,
    but I am completely brain dead atm and have no clue what to rename is xD
    can you pretty please help? :]

  57. Leeng says:

    Just saw your tweet about no mood to blog cause of no advertorials! Well don’t no mood lah.. my company are lookin 4 bloggers to blog bout our upcoming contest… I’m pushing you in to be one of the bloggers! let’s just say the company i work for ends with the name Eleven 😉 I hope you blog about our contest cause i lurve readin yr blog 🙂

  58. Agnes says:

    For free?! Yiii syok oh!!!!

    I wanted to get them also but the ones sell in Sasa at my place out of stock T_T

  59. Strawberri says:

    I laughed when you were like, “Just apply many many many layers until it finally becomes 3D wtf.” You’re so cute haha.

  60. Phui Loo says:

    hi, i’ve tried this tutorial and provided a link back credits to your blog. i hope you don’t mind:)

  61. Alexandra says:

    Cheesie, I love your nails! I’m gonna grow out mine and do all your cheats! ^_^

  62. Elle says:

    Awesome, pls do more nail cheat. Here’s my version 🙂


  63. akimi says:

    😯 WHY EUU SO LUCKY ONE !!! GOT FREE DOLLYWINKS ! totemo kawaii !!!

  64. felindaleaf says:

    You can have perfectly round dots! Just use a bobby pin 😀

  65. meal plan says:

    meal plan…

    […]cheeserland.com » Blog Archive » Tsubasa inspired nails[…]…

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