Ok finally one Japan post what turf. And i am also very excited to try out the vintage effect Wendy taught me last night lol.

Nice anot.

Ok this photo is irrelevant.

I want to blog about my host family!


They love cats!

So much to the point where my obsession with pink pale in comparison. Pale until become white wtf.


Gifts from people who went homestay with them before, from all over the world. It makes buying present for my host family super easy. Just anything to do with cats.


My host mom has a blog, and you know what is the blog title? “Saya Suka Kucing“!!!!

In Hippo Family they are learning to speak a lot of foreign laguages, and my Okasan can speak quite good Malay!


They have two cats.


Margaret (left) and Mugi (right).


Ma-chan is 10 years old and Mugi-chan is turning 20 years old wtf. She’s like the oldest cat i have ever known. But she looks very beautiful still! From her appearance you will think that she is only 5!

To be completely honest, i really hated cats before i went for the homestay. I love dogs so much i didn’t think i had any amount of tolerance, let alone affection spared for cats.

And i was really like FML when i knew that they are keeping two felines in the house.






I guess exceptions are what human can make.

Ai Wu Ji Wu, they say (love the house and love the crow, literally. I dunno why crow. Don’t ask).

Until today, i still don’t think i even love cats 1% like how i do dogs. But, during the two weeks’ stay in my host family’s house, i have become a little emotionally attached to the cats, in a very very strange way.

Cats are unlike dogs. They don’t listen to you, and they don’t manja you. They will come and brush against you, but i feel that it is because they are simply itchy (literally and maybe metaphorically. Itchy pussy wtf) and treat you like a Anti-Itch-O-Matic. I don’t feel that they are affectionate towards human. And that makes me very tulan.

Ma-chan, the American short fur, is very obedient. But obedient in a very lansi way.


She can let you do anything to her.


Make her a Christmas present even.

I played with her quite often, but she is so hard to please i just gave up sometimes. I was like, wtf i am a human why should i do so much to please a cat FML?

But she is adorable nonetheless. Unlike Mugi.


This is my only picture with Mugi during the 10 days.

Because she is the most grumpy cat ever. She is so old she hardly moves anymore. She just likes to sleep next to the heater all the time.

But i feel for her more.

I actually missed her when i came back. She doesn’t layan me, like, AT ALL. But my parents love her to death. And because she is so old, she has problem eating. She is on medication because her kidneys are really weak. Every other day, my Otosan will bring her into the bathroom and give her an injection. And that really breaks my heart.

So even though she’s really lansi with me i will still go sayang her everyday. I really wish that she would stay healthy and pain-free till the last day.


We have breakfast every morning at the table together. And the cats are allowed to just jump on it and sniff the food. And my Otosan will feed them whatever rocks their boat on that day.

For dinner, we eat out most of the day, but my Okasan cooks once in awhile.


Otousan ordered a box of live scallop to celebrate my arrival!





They taught me how to pry the live scallop open.


Haha opened one after kena kiap’ed many times what turf T___T.


The “skirt” of the scallop.


The rest of it, we made scallop sashimi for dinner.


Okasan knows i like mentaiko so she specially prepared it for me. T___T


This is dinner!

So, to pay back their goodwill and kindness, i decided to cook something for them too.

And after careful deliberation, i decided that the only poison-free, mess-proof, and possibly edible dish i can make  is…


Erm. Chinese Herbal Chicken soup.

Well. I picked up one pack of herbs from the nearest Yok Choi Pou. Then bought a chicken in japan (do you know that, to my utter horror, they don’t sell whole chicken/chicken carcass/chicken bones in the local supermarket? The closest thing i could ever get to cooking chicken soup is, chicken wing FML.So we delayed the soup cooking until we had a chance to go to a wet market to buy a whole chicken), brought a BIG POT, poured water, poured all the Yok Choi inside, turned on gas.


Bou for 4 hours.



I’m such a good daughter. Ish.


My Okasan loves to read.

This is my room and those are all her books O.o.


This is what i did on a typical night. Talked to you all, tweeted, replied comments, blogged.


Occasionally we meet up with other families from Hippo Club.






This is Berry-chan. She is learning how to speak Korean now!


She was my favorite. Soooo adorable.

Ok end.

I just wanted to say i had a very very enjoyable time with my host family and i want to go back and visit them again!




By the way, if you are interested to join the homestay, Titanplanet still has a few slots for you to apply!

This coming April to Nagoya. Just in time to see beautiful sakura.

Go to Titanplanet and apply NAO.

Application closes 8th Febuary so make sure you don’t let this opportunity go by again. I know some of you didn’t manage to go for the Hokkaido one.

If you have any enquiries regarding homestay, you can mail Wilson at wilson@titanplanet.net