(dunno what title to put again cuz it’s zablang post. So i chose a song from Capsule. Again.)

Ichigo’s Wedding


Ok i blog about my best friend’s wedding first! I’m still waiting for her to give me some of the chimui photos taken by her wedding photographer so i can share with you all! πŸ™‚


Her during the wedding march.


She totally looks like a doll here. Big β™₯!


My laced dress from BACI. Super love it!




Jojo’s pugs


Met Jojo at DPC! With her 3 pugs. She asked me about Koyuki for Project Alpha that time. And i was super emo cuz Koyuki was still sick. That was also the day i saw the beautiful adult husky.


Sweet Jojo.

HAHAHAHHAHAH. Ok sorry, inside joke.




Chezz Technique


is my new hair sponsor.

They invited me to go for a hair spa session at their new branch in Puchong (opposite IOI Mall).


The special SPA room. It is so clean and so zen Koyuki just fell asleep lol.


Doing hair treatment. Very stim. (Pun wtf!)





At the entrance. I really love the salon, very new and super clean!

But i will visit their branch in Jalan Gasing from now on because it’s nearer for me.


My lovely vintage rose tights and beige color pair of Mary Jane is from Yunique Paradise.

Their shoes are INSANELY GORGEOUS and i am so so so happy they always seem so have size 4 (or even smaller)!









Ganas bitch become vegetarian.






Can you spot who’s in this picture?


That was when she was really really sick. She laosai’ed all over the floor and i had to clean it up T_______T

And she just went and hide under a display box.


Today i broght her to BACI again and she freaking vomited. πŸ™

Had to mop the floor again wtf damn paiseh . Like i have a puking machine liddat. πŸ™

Bad puppy. Mommy dowan bring you shopping already. πŸ™

Ok on a brighter note, I’m so so happy BACI has got a lot of gorgeous new items!


Fancy earrings wtf so cute.


A lot of new bags too!!!!


In pink too T_T


And quite a lot of red items if you are looking for something to wear during CNY.

Shop online too at BACIboutique.com and follow them on Twitter @BACIboutique.

Until nao i also haven’t blogged about Japan what turf. Ok i go edit some pix!