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January 31, 2010 in Commercial Break

I very sien today so i taught Koyuki how to speak on command. And she did it!!!!

So omfg happy ok! She’s in super good mood today. She eats non-stop (i feed her like, 24 hours because i want her to become fat bitch), very playful and didn’t bite me at all!!! I’m starting to suspect that her aggression is due to her sickness. When she was sick she was super emo and she didn’t like people touching her at all.

But today she’s just an angel.

Also, Yumii sent me a link to this video. It is a smiling Shiba inu. It is so super fucking cute!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the cutest dog i have ever seen wtf!


Ok i take that back. Cutest dog is this one.

I dunno what i did to deserve such a clever puppy.


Ok la it might look very normal to you. How hard is it for a dog to say “wow”, right? But huskies hardly hardly ever bark one!!! She is silent most of the time. Unless she wanna manja me, then she go “wououououuuuuuu”. lolol.

Next i wanna teach her say “ai wuw wiuu”. lolol

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  1. haha omg her eyes damn cute! and the circles around them, almost look like mask 😆

    good job on teaching her. Huskies learn fast 😈

  2. bling blink camera got sound.

  3. 🙂 Koyuki is cute!
    obedient & smart one. ngek.
    i luv husky’s blue eyes. just like angmohs! xD

  4. awww Koyuki is so cute♥ glad she is so much better now 😀 love her eyes so muchhh! 😈 😈

  5. OMG~ SUPER CUTE CAN! When I bark at my dog (male maltese lol) he barks back at me.

    Yes I barked at him hahaha!

  6. WAH!! the shiba inu so cute lo! My host family’s shiba inu only know how to look like he’s damn pissed with the whole wide world! LOL!!!

    Koyuki………. sibeh CUTE and SMART LO! Careful… next time go kidnap her 😛

  7. She looks sooooo cute when her paw tried to touch the camera! haha.
    I have seen a husky from youtube which can say ‘hao~!’ (good in chinese) when u ask him want to go out or not! 😆
    I always want to get a wooly husky (that’s my dream dog) but i dun have my own place yet. 🙁

  8. do u know Mishka?

  9. whenever i see Koyuki now i will automatically think of the Koyuki u drew! LOL!


  10. the smiling doggy’s ears seems to be quivering each time it smiles :dunno:

    koyuki so cuttttteeee .. her eyes and her nose and her ears !! i’m a sucker for doggie ears

  11. omg, the shiba inu. looks like this ^_^

  12. ニッコリ笑う犬かわいいよね。 😈

  13. aww, koyuki so cute 🙂
    how do you get that faded white border on lots of your pics?
    cause it looks really clean and pretty,
    but i have no clue how to do it 😥

  14. Aww,cute Koyuki very smart! 😈


  16. I’m glad koyuki n u are doing fine^^ keep up the training (i my self m failing this part coz of work >_<" been 3 week i haven't taught him anything new. only sit, down n stay…got to buck up n ganbatte mashio!~)

    rmbr guys, a dog is not a toy that u can buy and switch off when u've had enough of it.
    It's a living breathing being that CONSTANTLY requires ur love n care. I suggest b4 u go on an impulsive buy do ur reasearch…for both u and the dogs sake^^y not doggie sit for ur friends?!~

    Let's all be loving responsible owners!!<3

  17. 😈 😈 😈
    smart dog..

  18. The Shiba inu is so adorable. @.@ can smile until like that one. 😉

    I think Koyuki will go “ai wuw wiuuu” soon enough. XD

  19. eh eh u watch this before? =D

    a bit off la coz it’s cat not doggie!! but Koyuki ♥♥♥! last time my sister’s late puppy can howl like a wolf. =.= but it’s a shih tsu. if you ‘ah woooo!’ first, she will follow you ‘ah woooo!!’ and wags her tail! damn cute one!!!

  20. ok, agree Koyuki is smarter than Cheddie, husky dogs have smart DNA 😆

  21. weiiiiiiiii koyuki sooooooooooo many treatssssssssssssss!!!!!! hahahaha
    i jealous larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wakakakakakaka
    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love love love my bribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    soooooo super duper cuteeeeeeeeee koyuki!!!!!!!!!! love love love!!!!!!

  22. I MISS KOYUKI! bring her to me naowooooo!

  23. i just melted! she is soooo cute! 😀
    her eyes are like edited lol. love her eyes lah. 😈

  24. my kai lui so creverrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
    fark she looks so bloody pretty on video wei! her eyes damn blue *blink blink*

  25. koyuki so cute >.<!!! pawing the camera ;D and her bark is really cuteeeeee tooo~~

  26. koyuki’s face is so adorable and lovable…

    btw have you seen this??

  27. just glad koyuki is fine….

  28. wow did you know that’s the hardest thing for a dog to do! they don’t have direct control of their vocal chords! wow!!!

  29. 元気ですね小雪ーチャン

  30. clever Koyuki.. u’re also very good in teaching her tricks… 😈

  31. Ouh I hope I’ll also get a dog which smiles when I’m around. 😀

  32. awww… That’s so cute :mrgreen: 🙂 🙂

  33. at 0.08 was she trying to nip the camera?

  34. im touched seeing the video 😥 its a happy tear, glad she is active and healthy now! 😀

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