Say wow!

January 31, 2010 in Commercial Break

I very sien today so i taught Koyuki how to speak on command. And she did it!!!!

So omfg happy ok! She’s in super good mood today. She eats non-stop (i feed her like, 24 hours because i want her to become fat bitch), very playful and didn’t bite me at all!!! I’m starting to suspect that her aggression is due to her sickness. When she was sick she was super emo and she didn’t like people touching her at all.

But today she’s just an angel.

Also, Yumii sent me a link to this video. It is a smiling Shiba inu. It is so super fucking cute!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the cutest dog i have ever seen wtf!


Ok i take that back. Cutest dog is this one.

I dunno what i did to deserve such a clever puppy.


Ok la it might look very normal to you. How hard is it for a dog to say “wow”, right? But huskies hardly hardly ever bark one!!! She is silent most of the time. Unless she wanna manja me, then she go “wououououuuuuuu”. lolol.

Next i wanna teach her say “ai wuw wiuu”. lolol