Sakura ♥ Nagoya

April 4, 2010 in Japan

SAKURA FULL BLOOM FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super super super lucky that the first day i arrived is the day of sakura full bloom. First thing we did was to go to the park for hanami!

My host family–Azumi, Keiko Nechan (my beautiful mama but she insists i call her sister :P) and Otousan

So so so so beautiful! I love spring!

Update soon!!!

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  1. Ohh nice pictures!

  2. Sakura!!!!!!! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Bring me some sakura flower please! 😛

  3. waiiiiiiii~~ You’re in japan again. lol. And sakura in full bloom somemore! *envious*

  4. nice sakura photo 🙂

  5. Ahhhh! Kireiiiiiiiiiiii!

  6. nice! 😈

  7. Woah it’s really beautiful… You’re very lucky cheesie 😈

  8. aww you brought Duffy along! 🙂

  9. Wa!~ 😯
    kesian you, can see ur freezing. Well only 1 answer, SHOP FOR A NICE JACKET!!!! ^^

  10. beaaaauuutiiifffuuullll!! 😈 😈 😈

  11. What a nice view!! The sakura is so beautiful!!

  12. soooo pretty! 😀

    & what is your necklace saying?
    && your foster dad looks so cheery one. hah.

  13. OMG envy your life! ><

  14. I miss hanami!

  15. I’m so jealous of your’s beaautiful.
    Love your nails (:

  16. u r in nagoya! i stayed in motoyama for 2 months there, walked to nagoya daihaku every morning =D missing there badly after reading yr post! so nostalgic now T______T

    enjoy yr time ya =DDDDDD

  17. the sakuras are lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    izzit really cold? coz ur clothes seem lesser from the rest??? hahaha
    but u dun look like u r freezing lar hehe

  18. omg…this is so breathtaking!!! sakuras bloom!! kirei~~

  19. Kirei!!! Hope you have a lovely time!

  20. Nice, perfect timing.. How did you arrange the japanese host family?

  21. Sakura bloom is so nice, still waiting for AirAsia to fly to Japan. Then only can afford.

    SAKURA BLOOOOM! breathtaking.
    darn. i’m so jealous.

  23. ahhhhh!! cuteeee!!!! i mean the SAKURA!!!! wahaha no la, you super kiut oso especially in the last pic! So fast go hanami ady!!! XD

  24. Take me to Nagoya too Ringo-chan T_T

  25. Ringo,

    Lovely photos! Were those cherry blossoms in the backgroung?

    Your blouse was very pretty!

    Of course you are simply stunning!


  26. Snow, snow, snow is everything I see when I look outside of my window. I like snow, but spring wouldn’t be all to bad;) You look so cute 🙂

  27. I Love sakura 😈 😈 😈

  28. Great. Glad you got to see Sakura in full bloom. Hanami is great fun too. Hope no one got to crazy.

  29. Hey d u get urself a MiuMiu? aww. that’s a nice bag!

  30. WARAOEHH U VERY CHIO!!! look like pink panther!!

  31. Every time i read your japanese post, i super miss japan. *nazakashii*

  32. zomg so nais!
    eh not cold meh skinny bitch?
    wear so lil LOL

    is international roaming working?
    lemme know so i can make sure it is rectified

  33. haha.. ur family is japanese? :))

  34. wow!! so pretty.. i love spring too!!

  35. uh mazing photos!! sakuraa with sake!! dreammy 😉
    i need to earn & savee hard enuz to fly to nippon~~ 😥

    how does the host-family work? uuuu i’d miss my chances when i was stardeying neh :blush:
    seems u had a blast time! sugoi-neh

  36. awww sakura full bloom! you’re so lucky dear.

  37. wow!! so long never see Asada family!!! miss them!

    i also never see mankai before…. 😳

  38. wooow… the sakura looks beautiful!! Love it.. ^^
    I really want to go to Japan too.. 😥

  39. Steven Kiyoda says:

    Too Good To Be Truth! We choose a right date for your arrival in Nagoya for Full Cherry Blossom! Wish you homestay happy and fun!

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