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Omg today i freaking cried over a video that i watched in Nuffnang’s office.

It is a short animation made by Akiraceo, it’s about Miao (himself) and his two hamster Wafu and Pafu (Wafu sounds delicious because i like to order Wafu style pasta all the time).

You will think that cute animals, fluffiness, big eyes and all would make everyone laugh, but no lo, i teared (secretly, if not the Nuffies will think i drama queen wtf) during the last half of the video.


But luckily it has got a rather “happy” ending with Lurve, made me smile a bit at the end. πŸ™‚

One of the reasons why i got so emo is because it reminds me of Koyuki when she was very very sick.

I didn’t want to post it because i couldn’t bear to look at ker kesian face. See one time cry one time.


And they had to separate her from the other dogs because Parvo is fatally infectious, so she had to stay in this quiet alone with nothing to cheer her up.

I tried to bring her clothes with my scent on it so she could feel that i’m around. And her favorite panda slipper to teman her.

She won’t eat because everytime she ate she vommited. I had to use a syringe to force feed her.



Bloody hell. I’m crying as i’m writing this entry (keyboard all wet wtf).

Just looking at her picture breaks my heart. It frustrates me that i am not together with her at this moment, and i feel guilty that i have to leave her.

But because she’s really really important to me. Sometimes i am shocked at myself that how much extra mile i am willing to go just for her sake. I guess for us pets lover, no matter how strong we are, we still melt into an emo puddle of mess when it comes to our beloved pets.

*wipes tears*

I don’t want to sound so emo liao.

But i want to make all of you emo so go and watch this video and get ready for some tissue.

(Note: i teared at 1:30 and almost sobbing at 1:32. Bugger’s hand dropped T_____________T)

*gets more tissue*