Bandana Ribbon

Was obsessed with Deka Ribbon (Big Bow)hair piece for the longest time but couldn’t find much in Japan, let alone KL.

But recently i found out that you can actually DIY your own Deka Ribbon wtf!!!!!!!! Why didn’t i know earlier!!!!!!!!!


Anyway here’s a little tutorial on How to make a bandana ribbon. There are two ways.

Bandana is really the summer look this year. And the best thing? You can get one at Daiso for RM5 wtf.

Here’s how to do a normal bandana ribbon:


I hope you understand la it’s really simple! The hard part is how to pull and puff it up nicely in the end.

And if you like an even bigger ribbon, you can do this:


(It’s a doggy motif one. Kawaii!)


Note the size difference!




Ringo Romper from I’m serious. That’s the name of the romper.


This pic somehow reminds me of Wakatsuki Chinatsu!




I know a lot of magazines did feature how to make the bandana ribbon but none of them show you how to wear it on your head wtf.

Hence, a video tutorial (wasn’t very well angled 🙁 ) of how the process and there’s a short feature of Baby K in the end. 😛

Have fun!


87 responses to “Bandana Ribbon”

  1. isabellmiao says:

    awww!!! niceee! i’m going to try this outtt!!!

  2. KY says:

    sendiri take pics at home oso can appear so happy, must be cheat one!

  3. d1n0z@ says:

    I think you’re the only person I know that wears this bandana ribbon. Look cool on ya!

  4. Vox says:

    Whee! Niceee!! I saw all the new Ranzuki, Vivi, Scawaii mags also has girl’s with big bow on their head. And Can Can hats too! And laces! 😀

  5. melody says:

    This is geniusssssssssss!!!!!! Hahaha
    Happy happy happyyyyyy!!!!
    Looking super gorgeous as alwayssssss!!!!!
    Can’t watch the vid but can’t wait to watch it coz u said got baby k!!! Hahaha
    Thanks tonzzz!!!! Excitedddddddnessssssssss!!!! Hahahaha

  6. Dawnie says:

    Hey Cheesie!:) The bow is absolutely beautiful! Btw may i know where did you get your lip colour from? Apparently the ones i’ve tried to look out for aren’t as pale and nice. :/

  7. cherrrly says:

    when koyuki licks your face, does your makeup come off? :mrgreen:
    cause when my dog licks mine, there will always be this sticky feeling on my face i cannot tahan. 😳

  8. Glo-w says:

    LOVE IT! any sizes oso can right?^^ will try soon. But i think my Sky will nom it-_-” notice ur watermarking more of ur pics now ^^

  9. komomo says:

    awesome!! now i want to go buy a cute bandanna (love the print on the red one) and put this tutorial to work! ^_^

  10. Esther says:

    You look like pure japanese in this post and in the video too!!!!
    Must go be vivi model liao.

  11. yv says:

    nice one ringo! 😀

  12. Angie says:

    damn useful !!!!!!!! 😯 😯

  13. hater says:

    if you keep getting cuter and cuter, i am going to hate you more and more! 😆
    seriously, can you get any cuter?

  14. Bel says:

    Real hair or wig?

  15. Kim says:

    I can’t clip it on! How did u clip it?

  16. Celine says:

    I don’t know how to clip it too! 😳

  17. Vanessa says:

    wao! can you do tutorial on the type of bandana/scarf ribbon suzuki nana sports?
    😛 i always get my hair messy while trying to do that, failing horribly. nice blog! you do look like some japanese model. go model side by side w wakatsuki lah! @scawaii there =D

  18. linjie says:

    Really nice ribbon bow. Pretty easy to make too. Your hair colour is fabulous..makes u look like a doll

  19. Rebecca says:

    Lovely! I’m gonna try this! ^__^ your jumpsuit is btw so damn cute!

    Seen this already?
    Someone stole you 🙁

  20. Maguro says:

    I wore one in black+lace few days ago to the town….same D.I.Y one but everyone is looking at me like xiao za bo T__________T

  21. xueni says:

    omg; cuteness!
    can pin on bag/clothes too! 😀
    shall get a bandana soon!

    hmm.. for now, let just try it with a tissue paper! hah! wtf

  22. Nicole says:

    So nice!! This is so cool cheesie!! hehe!! Trying out and post it my blog too~~ yahoo!!thanks for the lesson!!

  23. Maria says:

    This is so cute! I’m definitely going to try it out soon 😀

  24. yumii says:

    wait… how did you put it on your head? 😯

  25. xiaobibu says:

    awww this post is really helps me lots!! 😀

  26. zoe says:

    U’re so pretty chessie 😈

  27. wen pink says:

    aww u look so happy and cute when Baby K was kissing you~~

  28. JoDism says:

    #5, #6 & #7 is love.
    gonna try it out real soon. =)

  29. tzia says:

    ringo, you look a pretty doll!!!! *lovessss
    your tutorial is as useful as usual. 😈 😈 😈

  30. miamy says:

    love it! thanks for sharing, yr awesome~ 😈

  31. Me says:

    Not being a hater yeah, i viewed ur previous posts, ur eyes have really gone from big to seriously B I G !!!!
    Can you give some tips? T__T
    or did you use photoshop?

  32. kimberlycun says:

    cheat one. real ppl cannot do this one!!!!

  33. Niki says:


    You can try stuffing some facial cotton when u fold them…that way the ribbon will puff up.

    Try it!

  34. sophie says:

    i like your contacts! where did you got them from?

  35. Rachel says:

    hi, where did you dye your hair?

  36. T says:

    i got the red one from singapore for my dog,we can share nao. 😆

  37. lydia says:

    wa… that a good idea. i never think of that before….thank for the tutorial, next time i should try it…

  38. MissVonDutch says:

    oh my god<3 I want your hair, I need your hair… loooooove the colour 😛

  39. fiionx says:

    you might dont like my reply for this post 💡 💡

    pic 5 look like Kumiko from Popteen 😯 😯 ->

  40. chui says:

    ur pic were over edited until the lens change to blue colour, lol.

  41. Annie says:

    I ran around the house but can’t seem to find my bandana! 😥

  42. Vicky says:

    Yay! now even short hair can has big big ribbon ^^

  43. WP says:

    Wow, thanks! I can totally use this! Though maybe not for my hair 😛

  44. Tina says:

    Did you have a fan blowing on yourself near the end? lol cute 😛

  45. Lilblue says:

    😯 Your hair is Cheat One or wig? o_o nice post btw! 😀

  46. biopolymath says:

    The ribbon really does make one looks cute and active!

  47. crystal says:

    omg thank youu !! T__T I’ve seen a lot in vivi , but can’t find any appropriate bow in m’sia ):
    AWW THANK YOU CHEESIE !! :D:D im gonna try this soon !!!

  48. Ben McC says:

    Nice. Did you put honey on your face for Koyuki? 😆

  49. ase says:

    omg, i tot u r korean!

  50. Charmaine says:

    Hey Cheesie! First timer here. Totally love your blog! Hope you’ll drop back at mine 🙂 & Thanks for the tutorial, yo!

  51. yuna says:

    Dear Cheesie, I love your blog.
    I knew your blog from one of my pretty friend.
    Because she want me change to japanese style..
    She work hard & kind.
    Thank you very much..
    your fan. 😉

  52. Anna says:

    Awesome! I can make it but I don’t know how to wear it either. LOL.
    I know you love fashion and I like your fashion. What shops’re your favourite? 🙂

  53. Simon Seow says:

    I load the video just to watch Koyuki. So cute.

  54. huii says:

    NICE!! i was inspired by ur post and DIY one myself too!

  55. 두부 says:

    😈 this is sooooO cute!!!! gona try it now ..hehe 😛

  56. gracie says:


  57. mell says:

    OMG can make one ribbon for me pls? :p

  58. kae says:

    are you wearing a wig in this post or is it real hair? haha after your wig post i realise it’s super hard to tell!!! all so real and nice!!

  59. Grimmy says:

    Picture #5, ADORABLE! Cheesie, I am a big fan, and you are definitely one of my gyaru inspirations.

    I am a participating member in a gyaru livejournal community (everyday_gyaru). Recently someone posted pictures on the community from this blog.
    { }

    I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this, and not just someone posing as you, though I have a pretty strong suspicion that its a poser

  60. Diana Panda says:

    Cheesie, i want to ask u, where did you buy the red ankle boot ? iosowant!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  61. MTKY says:

    cheeser…where do u buy the bandana…?me dunno where 2 find such beautiful bandana…juz saw b 4 the normal colour bandana..

  62. ms_broccoli says:

    i’m a university student, who will tie a big big ribbon on her head and heading to class tomorrow..
    hehe!! 😛

  63. Lauren says:

    I had to try this right away, it’s midnight though and my fiancee is sleeping so I couldn’t ruffle through my wardrobe lol! I decided to make a mini one out of some scrap fabric that I’ve got! I loved it so much that I sewed it into place! Thank you for the cute tutorial! I’ll have to make a massive one next!

  64. Emily says:

    I had to try this right away, it’s midnight though and my fiancee is sleeping so I couldn’t ruffle through my wardrobe lol! I decided to make a mini one out of some scrap fabric that I’ve got! I loved it so much that I sewed it into place! Thank you for the cute tutorial! I’ll have to make a massive one next!

  65. Yukiko says:

    I had to try this, this cute! Thank u so much 😡

  66. Kelly says:

    🙂 Hi there..

    Can I find out from you, the color of this wig? Is it Ash Brown? I wonder if Kimarie can do this color…


  67. EbOnny says:

    what a cool thing! I diD this and it was soo Fun 😀 & I took pictures they were great! 😛 thanks for this

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  71. Wendell Keef says:

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  72. […] find a tutorial and came across this bandanna bow tutorial (Here is the link I have used as well, , If you are […]

  73. Kyrstie says:

    Hi there! Just thought I’d let you know that I made this bow and reviewed it on my blog. I also linked it back to your original post. 🙂 Thanks!

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