Okay maybe this is a bit late but, check out Project Alpha presented by Adidas Action 3!

If you have watched last season, you would have known what it is like. In season two, not only Cheesie will be in it,

but Baby K too!

She looks so small in this picture! Actually it was real hard to get her to pose for the profile pictures, because she acted really strange that day.

Turned out, that day was the day i found out that she was sick. She had diarrhea and vomitted after she got home. And then she was diagnose with Parvo. When she was hospitalized, i kept having this fear that what if…

What if she couldn’t make it, the video i took with her in the studio for Project Alpha that day will be the last video i will ever see of her.

And the thought of it terrified me. How am i able to watch my own Project Alpha episodes?

But, i am glad everything turned out well. 🙂

All in all, i had so much fun while shooting for Project Alpha! It helps that most of the feature bloggers are my real life friends too.

Here is some behind the scene/sneak preview of my outing to Tambun with Jojo, Shaolin Tiger, KY and Kimberlycun. We drove all the way to ipoh to have our dimsum breakfast.


That is my BB Curve before bitten by monkey wtf.


The restaurant was so full we had to dap toi!

And the family on the table was like O.o when everyone started taking out their big camera and snapping pictures non stop.


I realized that the dimsum in Ipoh is very tiny! But that’s good cuz that means i can have more variety! KL dimsum should do the same!!!!!


Arrived Tambun!

I love that place lo! I didn’t know it existed until Project Alpha!


First outfit of the day.


Arriving with no make up with Jojo.


Picture taken by KY. He said i look like a proper lansi celeb here lolol.


“Say something”.

“Something”. wtf.


My matching luggage made everyone wtf. They don’t understand why i need all those junk for a one-night stay.


Stylist doing my hair and make-up, just the way i like it. I would totally do the exact look for myself. Loved them!!!


Jojo with minimal make up looks gorgeous!



With Kim then kena photbombed by Kwailou.


Proper one.


Jojo again.


My awesome make up sponsored by Rimmel!


Teaching Jojo how to camwhore haha


Second outfit. This is Kwailou’s bird-eye-view of me wtf.







We went to see exotic animals.


KY came from behind and put a bloody python on my shoulder.

The next thing everyone knew was just a deafening AHHHHHHHHHHHHHRGHHIWQYQ*U!&*!@*!^@)#!#(~@~@)~


They very mean. They pwned me just for the camera. T_________T


This Jojo was really daring.


Prolly the fakest expression i have ever made.


This KY also siao one.


Hello iguana you look gorgeous. Would you like to be my handbag?


Went to see racoon too!


Touch up


Different look hehe


This kid is so cute!


One of them nommed my already holey tights FML.


Continue shooting.


Different outfit.




See racoon.


After that we went to see a bloody monkey and here’s my new BB.


(This is the time when P1 comes to use. Get mobile, go online anywhere.)


KY photobomb wtf.


Real birds and fake birds wtf.


Erm i think the goose like my shoe. I will give him in exchange for his liver wtf.


Ponies 😀 😀 😀

But ponies smell -_- They should use Adidas Action 3.




We got to see the tiger sooooooo up close!


Went for big dinner at night!



This is totally irrelavant but,

How do you know your lash extension is really awesome?


When you can hold a straw with it.






Do you know that you also have a chance to be featured as a guest blogger in Project Alpha Season 3?

Just submit your audition video! Check this out!

Anyway. Project Alpha wouldn’t have materialized without these people.

Watch some of the eps!

(For my own eps i’m only putting this cuz the rest were shot early 2009 when i looked chubby and horrible lol)

Tambun with #Porkgang <3

THIS IS ALEX I HATE ALEX BLOODY HELL I WANNA KILL ALEX NAOOOOO. (because he bit my blackberry curve T_________T.)

The snake episode. -_-. I hate KySpeaks.


Snake (KY is born in year of snake)

And the latest episode, tigerrrrrrr. (ShaolinTiger, obviously.)



Erm…. Me leh?  Why we never go see Mikki Maos. 🙁

Oh. i forgot. *i* was the Mini Maos.