Ok my blog is turning into an album but really too many awesome pictures and i want to share everythinggggggggggg!

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From Cradle Mountain we drove to Freycinet—on of my fav places in Tasmania.

And we stayed in this most gorgeous lodge–-Freycinet Lodge (our accommodation was just getting better and better!!!!)


Overlooking the seaside. Super romantic.


From the waterfront restaurant.


In the morning it looks like this. The orange rocks! Doesn’t it remind you of something?



Ok maybe i ate too much salmon since the first day in Australia.


Ok i really didnt plan the picture sequence. There you go, Salmon.

(Sorry this is actually Ocean trout. Looks exactly the same but taste completely different. Salmon FTW anytime!!!)


Keju ordered his mostestest favoritest meal in the entire stay in Australia—Rock Lobster (or what they humbly called the crayfish.) It was really, really, REALLY good, according to him.


Stole some of his scallops too. Was really REALLY good, according to me.


And warm chocolate cake that was really, REALLY GOOD.

And it was a really, REALLY good meal.


Next day.


Woke up early, pan leng leng to……

to do a 2.5 hours climb to Wineglass Bay FML. T___T


And it rained T_____T

Our guide Di insisted that i wear her raincoat, and i think i really don’t look too bad in it. I think Teletubbies will love me.



I am actually quite upset i didn’t take any pic with Di, because i really really like her. She’s so full of energy at 62, and told me that she did this Wineglass Bay climb at least 200 times (WTF????) and insisted carrying all my (and even Keju’s) stuff in her backpack.

She’s really the perfect guide you can ever have.


Apparent this is Kenny Sia’s cousin. It is called Banksia.


So creative, they made a chair out of the rocks!!! And i love how colorful the rocks look!


Resting (a break every 5 second or so. I don’t like climbing T____T)


Then someone must mock my pose in the most horrible way FML.


Half way there! We reached Coles Bay Lookout.  But  didn’t bother taking pic cuz apparently the Wineglass look out is so much better!



According to him it is the Hitler’s pose or something.


My turn to mock but failed lol.



It’s all worth it.


The Wineglass Bay.


Ok the funny thing is this. We saw no wineglass! Cheat One™!!!!

Me and Keju spent a long time debating about the abstract concept of the potential wineglassness.


He said you hold the wine glass this way.

I beg to differ.


i said this way.


Can anyone help us on this mystery?



On the way down to the car park, we spotted a wallawallawallaby.

The fella just stood there, stoned, staring at us, prolly wondering wtf is Liz Lisa spring look.


So guai!!!

Then Keju crept up to it and wanna pet it too. (Summore he skipping the wallaby way just so the wallaby thinks he’s a cousin F the Wallaby’s L)


Stretching his hand…..


And the Wallaby gave a WTF face.

HAHAHAHHAHAH F Keju’s L!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch 😛


The drive from Freycinet to Hobart was the best ever.


The changes of scenery is magical. It’s like flipping a fairy tale story book.


Page by page it is different, and beautiful.


Little cottage.


Salamanca market. Keju was trying to convince me that i can fit in that thing.


Omfg cute knife holder


Picked a little cafe to have lunch.



Hot choc…


Tomato soup…


Blueberry lamb burger…

are all my orders. T___T

Sorry i was greedy. I couldn’t resist. T___T


Keju had his usual Salmon Bagel.

Did i tell you about my favorite thing in Tasmania yet?

I bet i haven’t.







I dunno what they did to themselves to make themselves so yummy. But i don’t mind turning into a Tasmanian mermaid just so i could chase after them and eat them everyday.


Drove up to the hill and had a gorrrrrrrgeous overview of  Hobart city.


I wanna live here can????



Went to Lark Distillery for tasting.


Erm… it was prolly too early to have this much whiskey.



In the evening we checked into the five star boutique hotel, Henry Jones. What did i say about our accommodation getting better by day!






Another perfect day!

If you aren’t bored yet, i still have, maybe 9371638 pictures yet to blog. But if you are already tempted to go to Tasmania, you can do more research at Discovertasmania.com.au. ^^