(i was so tempted to name the blog title Hair Cheat One™ wtf)

Anyway! Wig post that a lot of you have been requesting!

(Yes it is a wig)

So before i go on about how wig is like the next best thing after real hair (sometimes it’s even better than real hair cuz real hair is like frizzy and damaged etc), there’s this video about girls in Japan who wear wigs i think everyone should watch.

(The video disallows embedding so you have to click and watch.)

The TV people got the girls in Tokyo streets to take off their wigs in public and it is crazy!!!!!!!!!! I was O.o during the whole video clip thinking wow, i don’t need real hair anymore, i can just live on wigs lol.

Here’s why i think wigs are the best thing ever:

1. Hair extension is a bitch. true it looks natural and all, but after 3 months, you will beg your stylist/mom/boyfriend to take them all out while crying in pain.

2. Super time-saver. Just ask yourself how long it takes for you to make a full big fluffy curly hairdo.

3. For people who don’t wanna color their hair.

4. For people who wants different hair length.

5. For people who cannot master all the Cheesie’s Cheat One™ hair tutorials.

So, wig is no longer for gala dinners/photoshoots/cosplay anymore.



I’m gonna review some of the wigs i got from Headcoverz in Telawi Bangsar. And i must tell you that the quality is so good that i feel ashamed of my own hair fml.

1. The Blonde Wig


Or the Xiaxue wig wtf. I don’t think i will ever bleach my hair until this blonde so a wig is perfect.


Top from BACI.


Of course you need very strong make up to pull off this look.

2. The Popteen Wig

Dress from Thepoplook.com


Everyone has light brown and pretty curls!


This wig is almost like my own hair color so it looks super natural!  Nobody could tell that it isn’t my own hair (except my fringe suddenly grew a lot).


And it took me 2 minutes to put it on instead of sitting with a curling tong for 45 minutes, unFML!

3. Back to Black


Well i say once you ditch black, you will never go back. It is true but i’m just trying this on for variety.

(Fml i had a hard time adjusting my make up to suit black hair)


Dress from Thepoplook.com


I super love the feel of this wig (actually, every wig that i review today). Even though it is big curls, it is so easy to comb through and it doesn’t tangle easily. You will really be surprise at how light it is though the curls look really heavy.

4. The Miliyah Wig


This is one of my favorite. Why? Because Miliyah is awesome and everyone wants her hair. And it is one of the hardest hair to style. It is almost impossible!


Top and bottom from BACI.


5. The Jolin Wig


I will recommend this wig to unadventurous people who have shitty black hair. (I mean, it’s really pathetic if your hair is already shit before you dye/perm it.) Super silky and smooth.


(Notice how natural the top/parting is, you don’t even need any hair accessories to cover it up)


But a can can hat can never harm 😀

6. The Gaga Wig


For people who wants crazy hair. Obvious enough. Romihi from EGG just dyed her hair pink i think FHL.


I think i look like Sasa cosmetic shop here wtf.


Totally comfortable for party wear because it’s short and it’s very airy.

I am so glad that i discovered all these wigs from Headcoverz !

They sell all sort of wigs, hats and hair accessories.

The pricing is about RM159-RM189 for the wigs. It is slightly more expensive than some wigs you see on blog shops but the quality also much much better! Definitely one of the best  i have tried. And the best thing is you can head down to Bangsar yourself and the friendly staff would be happy to help you try on any wigs you want.

They also sell clip-ons and fringes, which i have yet to try!


Add: 36-1, Jalan Telwi 2, 59100 Bangsar (behind Public Bank, above KK Mart)

Contact: 03-22013188

Facebook & Website

Nao we all can haz Cheat One™ hair 😀