We had a house party in Mami’s place one day.

She has a dog that looks like a human. His name is Sankyu lolol.


Apparently he is something something mix something then become liddis liao. Ok i am not helping at all am i. -_-

(I said this before, i have a problem.  My ability to form a coherent sentence would be temporary suspended when i’m thinking about something. It may not make any sense, but it’s true. I can’t speak when i’m thinking. I have to speak AFTER i thought.

For example, i would say things like, “hey, do you know the what what is gonna what what what?”

Then my friend would be like, “what?” and you can see a giant -_- in the tone.

“Neh, the what what what lo.”

Serious, i really say that. In real life.)


See what i mean about the weather being siao. One day i had to take off all jackets, then the next day have to wrap myself up like kebab fml.


ZOMG Mushroom slippers!!!!

Or Paddle pop! Whatever!


Cute anot!!!!!!!! 😀


Mami’s house is like an… art gallery.


Whoever gets to homestay with her is the luckiest person in the whole Nagoya. Her cooking sends you straight to heaven unFYL.


Guess what my Onechan is trying to do?






Omg my Onechan is freaking awesome i <3 her.


Something to this effect i think lolol.


Somebody’s mom made us origami panda <3


This boy is omfg cute. How can his cheeks be so red one!!!!!!


WTF i put 10 layers of blusher also kenot liddat WHY ONE!!!!!!!!


I braved myself to eat natto. Apparently, they say for people who don’t eat natto, this concoction is more acceptable apparently:

Natto + raw egg + sour plum, MIXMIXMIXMIXMIX.

What do you think!!!!!!!


We had another mission that day, which was to try out Japanese calligraphy.


This is our teacher. She just wrote “Arashi”.


My turn.



The first thing Kate wrote was “Japan is cold”. FHL HAHAHHAHAHA.


This is what i drafted 😀

The Capsule thingie is the mascot of Chubu Airport.


Then use the hanko thingie


To make a stamp on the postcard. The end product looks like can sell in art shop ok don’t play play!!!!


See! (Draft is the big one, for you to practice, and the small one is the real postcard. I added sakura tree lol nais anot)

(The sad thing is, i paid 70 yen to post it back to my house in Malaysia on the 9th of April and i have’t received it till today FML. I’m pretty sure Pos Malaysia fucked up again. F all Malaysian’s L.)


Yea, i walked 25 minutes from our house to the post office and another 25 minutes back and all i get is 70 yen less and ABSOBLOODYLUTELY NOTHING. And maybe a lesson to not ever post anything back to Malaysia again.

Oh btw this is not the post office. This is the mochi shop near the post office. Since we have walked 25 minutes, might as well.


Tie our dogs outside the shop.


Then go in and buy ZOMG ICHIGO DAIFUKU.


I love Ichigo Daifuku.


This is Onechan’s. She can has heart shape. <3


This is mine. Apparently i’m a simple minded person.

By the way. I had Ichigo Daifuku on my elbows too.


It happened the day i stupidly climbed up to the stupid pink Fuji mountain and stupidly hurt myself.


Ichigo Daifuku.