So for our last day in Tokyo, we were deciding between Ueno Zoo and Ghibli Museum.

I love zoo! But i was so so so glad that i made a visit to Ghibli Studio! The museum is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, it is a suburb area of Tokyo. And who anyone who loves Miyazaki’s work, i strongly recommend the visit! Remember that you have to buy your ticket beforehand (just go to any convenient store and buy at the ticket machine), if not you won’t be able to get into the museum.



And we thought that in the suburb there’s probably nothing much! Boring place! But no, we found little quaint boutique selling all sort of vintage stuff!



I found shopping! lol

(My Cheat One™ short hair was starting to fall apart T_____T)


And not too expensive! They were still selling fukubukuro.


And a shop selling cute baby stuff! I dunno why i went in -_-


And then there was a beautiful lake!


Wtf the koi is bigger than the ducks O.o



And bigger ducks.

I think we paid like 600 yen to go on 30 minutes ride. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


And then after that we walked over to Ghibli Museum. The walk was about 20 minutes from the lake. And you have to go through jungle and stuff! Which is sooo Miyazaki!




GUESS WHAT I SAW!!!!!!!!!!


Sooooo excited to see Totoro!!!!! <3


Outside the museum.


To my surprise the museum is really quite small. But it gives you a very homely feeling. However no photos are allowed inside the museum so there isn’t much i could post here. 🙁

When i was there i thought, everyone should know this place! That’s why i sneakily tried to take some pictures of the place just for you guys!


This is a room that is remodeled after Miyazaki’s work studio. It features all his ACTUAL sketches, drawings, pencils, and even cigarette butts!

What is so different about this museum is that, nothing is locked in a glass display window. It just just like walking into someone house. You could touch the things. You could feel them. You could play them. You even feel tempted to maybe just snatch one of Miyazaki’s half used tiny pencil so you could have a piece of him with you.


This is a picture i stole from the internet. It


The main exhibition hall there’s a short film about… biological evolution. >__<


Neko bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH I WANT!


Another stolen picture.

This is the most amazing exhibit.

It has got all the characters from Tonari no Totoro, arranged in a circle on a spinning table. When everything is still they are just plastic little models.

But the magic starts when the table starts spinning. I don’t even know how to explain it, so i sneakily took a video. This is how it is like:

Amazing right?

Miyazaki put so much thought into everything, and i was just sighing in astonishment at every single piece of art in the museum. I don’t think i have ever liked the word museum so much. It meant “boring” to me until i visited Ghibli Museum.

After that we went to the theatre  to watch a 20 minutes short film about Sumo mice lol.

I DUNNO!!!!!!

Everything about the museum made me wanna cry! In fact, everything about Ghibli! Is like, you can really feel the sincere heart, sweat and blood of the people behind the anime. Miyazaki, and the music. THE MUSIC!!!!!!! Joe Hisaishi!!!!!!! Perfect combo.





And then went outdoor.


Climbling the spiral staircase.



And what is this ah.

Ok now i feel ashamed. I’m not so much a very knowledgeable fan of Ghibli after all T_______T *kena lightnening


In the evening we went to the Straw Hat cafe for a  quick bite. (If they were to follow the fashion trend maybe they should call it the Can Can Hat cafe wtf.)

(Erm ok i should shut up.)



Buta Rosso hahaha!!!


Kaze no Tani beer!!! Ghibli special brew 😀



Susuwatari!!!!! Omg poor thing all got locked inside the charcoal room.


And guess what i found on the internet!




And Kiki’s delivery FML X2.

Why didn’t i order that!!!!!!!!!! O.o




And after that we left the museum. 🙁


Went to a nice japanese restaurant for dindin.


Daikon miso.


And famous chicken wing.





I love Studio Ghibli! I have watched every single animation from Ghibli and my fav is Spirited Away! Ok wait i think is Totoro. Hmm. I dunno. I love everything.

And they have a new animation! Called Kagurashi no Arrietty!

I heard somewhere that Miyazaki was gonna retire after Spirited Away or something. That it’s gonna be the last film he’ll make etc. I felt so so sad! What if there’s no more Ghibli? What if Miyazaki *touch wood* is not here anymore????? I’d cry!!!!! (See what i mean? I’m afraid of people i haven’t even, and will never meet dying!!!!! What’s wrong with me!!!!!)

Anyway, i’m so glad that Ghibli has a new creation yet again after Ponyo! 😀

Can’t wait! ^^

Which is your fav Ghibli anime?