Last post on Nagoya liao. After this no more Sakura liao.


This is taken exactly two months ago, i’m not sure i’m still all over Liz Lisa Spring Summer look wtf.  This whole fashion thing is scary. You actually feel embarrassed to post any picture older than two months cuz you will look so out -_____-.


Omg Kotabooooooooooooooo


Konsome soup Onechan made for us.


Breakfast table.


This is what happen at the breakfast table.

Onechan will play Nintendo DS with Youta. Otousan will be reading news paper. Mashiro would be eyeing the piece of cake/glass of milk/anything nommable.


And Asada Ringo would be camwhoring -______-


On DS too.


Then play with Kotabo.



I omfg love love LOVE this picture. Look at Kotabo’s FAT CHEEK! LOLOL


Then pull my Onechan to camwhore with me wtf.


And she actually duly complied wtf.



It was a good hair day! The only thing i did to it was not washing it the day before wtf.  And it actually gave that… err… messy waves. I guess the simplest way to get that “just out of bed” look is just… simply get out of bed and do nothing :X


Youta and Kotabo.


Onechan wanted a sisterly photo lolol.


We went to a Sakura Tonneru (Sakura Tunnel)!

I think it was the last few days of full bloom. Absolutely romantic <333


Wanna tapao back and make sakura tea or something.


Cute little pink lanterns.


Pretend like mei ren yu hua liddat cheh.

Erm, to be honest, sakura doesn’t smell. At all. Zero smell.

So all the sakura cake or ice cream candy or whatever, all Cheat One™! Somebody told me that the taste actually comes from the leaves, and the color from the petals. You didn’t know leh!!!!


Family portrait PHAIL. -_-


Perfect one 🙂

(Sister Azumi didn’t follow cuz she was too lazy to get out of bed -_-)


Nah, last few sakura pix. Sigh, beautiful while it lasted.



Me snapping close up pix of sakura.



Finding a way to not trip over my own dress. It’s obviously waaaaaay too long T______T.


There was a  Haru Matsuri (Spring Festival) in town!!! This is the first time i ever saw a Japanese festival (err, in Japan. Bon Odori in Shah Alam doesn’t count).


WA i cannot imagine how hard work it is!!!

They are using man power to full a freaking mobile temple all over the town, and every 10 step or so they will have to pull the vehicle 90 degree so that it faces the shop


And then all of them will go into the shop and dance/sing song.


Then they repeat it EVERY SINGLE SHOP along the streets, OVER THE WHOLE TOWN.

Wtf, i see also i feel tired for them. Lucky the weather was nice. Imagine in summer!


But i like Matsuri! Everyone has cool hair!



Spotted some teenage girls who look like they just walk out from those Japanese teen mags like Nadeisco and Nicola. Why they so fashionable one!!!!! T____T When i was 14 i didn’t even know what is a mascara, FML.


I like their shoes. Even kids got good fashion.


And babies.



Manage to catch a pic with the parade car


Spring special snack! Ha nao you know. Remember, sakura no smell one, ok.


After watching the parade we went to 100 Yen sushi for lunch.

100yen sushi is the best thing ever invented after… i dunno, 100 yen shop.

Bloody hell. Take what i say.


Sea bloody Urchin sushi (not one but two. TWO! Dua, er, ni, 2!!!!) for RM3.6o WTF???????????

I know got restaurant that sell ONE for like RM18 or something. F Malaysian’s L.


I think this is Hamachi.


Some jelly thing.


100 yen ikura sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you know what i say about food in Japan being totally affordable? Think how much you have to pay for that in Sushi Tei or whatever????


This is special for my #Porkgang. <3

It’s some roast pork belly sushi. ARGHHHHHH I LOVEEEE 100yen SUSHI SHOPPPPPPPPPP

F♥ck Sushi King.