Sob. I feel old. FML.

Yes, that means PROTON and Proton Saga is 25 this year. And they are having a contest to celebrate its 25th birthday.

Out of so many contests i have written, nothing is as simple and straightforward and geneorous as this.


If you don’t join this contest, i don’t know which nerves on your brain are stuck together (chee-seen).

I am not even going to waste my energy and write a long ass post  so that you can save some time reading and go snap some pictures liddis RIGHT NAO.

“i love my new mobile home”


“Good morning!!!”

1. Creatively snap a photo of you with any PROTON SAGA (obviously this is not the best example to illustrate creativity, but i mean good, i don’t want to reduce your winning chance by so much, yea.).

2. Upload it to

3. Give it a caption.


Of course, then all you have to do is wait for people (and bribe your friends) to vote for you!! Remember, you can win prizes up to RM2,500 by just voting for your favorite entries too!!!


(i have already used caps, and caps AND bold. I will need something stronger for this.)


(yea, pink is strong, i reckon.)

They are not only giving out a RM25,000. They are giving out TWO RM25,000. Ok let me get this straight.

Prizes are these:

Grand Prize: RM25,000 X2

1st Prize: RM8,000X2

2nd prize: RM5,000 X2

Consolation prize: RM1,000 X10

Clear anot?

Even the poster is so simple.

Submit your entry from today till 18 June. You still have plenty of time!

Anyway, you can take picture with ANY of the Saga models. Of any age. I don’t own a Saga. So I just ran down to the car park and slept next to one. lol. Sob i hope my neighbors don’t read my blog O.o

You could even flip back your family’s old photo albums and see if there was any picture of Saga taken. Because alternatively, you can also submit your entry by snail mail. So don’t waste those nostalgic moments that could win you RM25k.

For more information, just go to