maruyama ♥ zoo

Today i’m supposed to blog about Sapporo Maruyama zoo!

It is just (yea, according to my host, it is just) 45 mins walk away from our apartment so it’s REALLY NEAR.



We went there on the 3rd day. It was a sunny nice day!

That’s Tamiko Okasan in her usual neko coat. Look at the snow-covered divider! The bottom right one looks like a bear no??? 😀


A pooping bear. Erm. Do they do that? (Come on!!! Zoo post!!! Get into the mood already!)

Ok nao it doesn’t look like a bear anymore F the supposedly bear-looking snow-covered divider’s L.


Was holding my (then) newly bought furry camera case happily (related to the theme, going to see snow leopard and all wtf).


And camwhore non-stop


Camwhore WHILE showing off my newly bought (nao 7 months old wtf) furry snow leopard print camera casing wtf.



Passed by Sapporo temple.


Passed by a lot of snow and more snow and much more snow, and we could see the entrance!!!

We happily bought our ticket and went inside. A lot of attractions were closed due to heavy snow (or all animals were just hibernating they dowan come out let us see so they closed it -______-).


So we reached this sign and i wanted to take a picture…

and i realize…

my camera…


nowhere to be found.

I searched my pockets and my bag again and again (and my host mom was checking HER handbag too, which was silly because i was holding the cam and camwhoring the whole time lol. Like TragicCreamCakeCam is transporter wtf), still NOWHERE TO BE FOUND and i panicked.


And maybe they will then make a statue in front of the zoo to commemorate my tragic death wtf. Like Hachiko.

Then people will come visit Maruyama zoo because they heard about the girl who froze herself to death because she lost her camera here.

And maybe i just think too much.

Ahem anyway.

But. Apparently you didn’t hear that i lost my camera, so i most probably didn’t. And the fact that i have all these photo means it’s really likely that i haven’t lost my camera.

Ok, so i didn’t. 😀

We went back to the ticket counter to report lost item and all the staff went into a search frenzy i felt so paiseh!!!!!!!


Then my host mom ran back to the path where we came from trying to search for my camera T_________T.

And then, a saintly looking being from afar—ok, a saintly looking human in uniform from afar walked towards us. And he was holding something really, REALLY shiny in his hands. (The fact that the object was glittering from his hands added to his saintlyness too wtf.)


So, he was the hero who found my TragicCreamCakeCam. (My host mom forced him to take a picture with me one cuz she knew i would blog about it wtf.)

And so, two things i learnt.



1. Be careful when you camwhore in winter. The snow is so fluffy and soft it doesn’t make the tiniest sound when your camera dropped on the ground.

2. Always, always bling your camera. It may save your life. Or at least, your camera’s life.



Ok, i know this entry is about Maruyama Zoo. (It is, isn’t it? At least it is about me almost losing a camera near Maruyama Zoo. Haderhaha.)

But, the fact that i am getting sleepy, makes it more interesting if i have TWO entries about Maruyama Zoo.

What do you think? Snow leopard, snow wolf (Koyuki woohoo) everything all. 😀

69 responses to “maruyama ♥ zoo”

  1. Xiaopei says:

    Everything is so white!

  2. crystal says:

    Nuuss , i prefer reading ur blog than watch david beckham !! 😆 😆

  3. Pamela says:

    Not watching World Cup but I am reading your blog 🙂
    The snow is so beautiful 🙂

  4. P@nda says:

    my host family house is just…. 5 mins walking distance~ lol

  5. lydia says:

    woo.. good idea for blinking camera.. i should try one day….

  6. Miracle says:

    😈 luckily u dint lost ur cam.if i lost my cam sure i 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  7. melody says:

    u r sooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my goodness!!!!!!
    so japan was 7 months agoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahaha
    doesn’t seem that long only lehhhhhhhhhhh
    i like many many postssssssss!!!!!!
    looks like david beckham not so important??? i was actually going to sleep!!!! hahahaha

  8. Tammyaterry says:

    Hi, love to read your blog 😆
    Love Japan too 😈

    Btw i’m a malaysian but working at Spore currently 😀

  9. Vicky says:

    Lol, reading ur blog is the best entertainment after all 🙂 Luckily the police’s eye sharp, can spot ur shiny camera case 😀

  10. Lydia says:

    hi Rin(go)

    This has nothing to do with the bog.

    I just want to know your recommendations for a digital camera.

    I am planning to go overseas next year and I want to get a camera to document my trip there.

    What camera do you use and would you recommend it or another model?


  11. vialentino says:

    oh boy…it is so cold there…can see the snow ….

  12. Haus Of Kaka says:

    Wee….the snow is so pretty…loved it! 😀

  13. othmn says:

    Don’t tweet threats you can’t carry out, you ugly bitch.

    You’re no god and can never be. Just another vain whore.

  14. Hikari* says:

    I dropped my camera in the airport limousine on my way to our hotel in Tokyo. Was damn excited wanting to take a picture of my lunchbox-sized hotel bathroom only to find It nowhere. Maybe I was too emo so I decided to call the airport service without knowing what to say in Japanese but they are really good!!! Got my camera the next day!

    Only to forget to charge it to hakone 🙁

    and when I did charge it, only to have it break down at Tokyo Disneyland 🙁 🙁

  15. David says:


    Great set of photos. You look lovely and your jacket is very cute.

    Good fortune that your camera was recovered. For future winter photography you might consider putting you camera on a neck strap, harder to lose that way and your camera is quickly available for shots.

    The winter scenes are making me long for cooler weather now that the hot humid days of summer are here. Of coures this far north summer will give way to fall soon enough!


  16. Jodie says:

    Alamak I love your camera case aaaah!
    Actually I have an E-PL1 too but it is caseless TT o TT Why is it so hard to find case for this type of camera one~
    Last time I blinged my laptop attract dirt and dust so yeah. 😐
    bad experience, so oh well.

  17. Francesca says:

    lol phew
    lucky !!! save by the bling ! ^^ n the uniform guy
    japanese is also one of the honest people i kno

  18. Jay says:

    Hey did you go to Otaru when you’re in Sapporo? Beautiful place!
    I really loved Sapporo its like big enough to have everything but small enough to be able to walk everywhere? I dont know just loved it when I went there for Snow Festival. OMG tell me you went Snow boarding in Sapporo – BEST EVERRRR -15 and fresh powdered snow. It doesnt hurt even if you fall.


  19. KY says:

    and I thought I’d see animals…

  20. yumii says:

    Maruyama zoo got no animals one!!! XD lucky tragic cam ahahah 😈

  21. Mime says:

    Your blog sibeh boring nowadays. YAWN.

    Won’t be coming back liao.

  22. myhorng says:

    If you don’t like what you read, y care reading and complain? just like u know fart smells awful yet you still suck it hard enough and said its smelly. Stupid betul.

  23. suanie says:

    carry out the tweet threats, ringo 😀

  24. WP says:

    Wow, that was lucky! Glad you got your camera back!

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