My Hair

June 20, 2010 in Cheese-offs

is apparently,  very fake, or VERY VERY NICE.


First there was this on Facebook. Some stupid wig shop from Indonesia.

“Model menggunakan Fun Bun”.

How about my real funny bun bun is better than your fake funny bun bun.

Well. Fuck Your Bun’ s Life.

They also tagged a million people on this picture, so I hope it had been a fun experience if you had been one of my eyelashes, my earlobe, or my scalp.





And then today, @prinsezz_d showed me this picture on twitter.

WA they re did the background design summore F my designer @itsablushberry’s L.

Ainas Salon in Melaka, how about spend your own bloody money and get your own bloody model?




While i’m at it, ad time.

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53 responses to “My Hair”

  1. jean` says:

    copyright legal proceedings much?

  2. Cindy Khor says:

    aiyo..that’s so terrible. how can they do that?? are you going to take any legal action against them??

    but still, that means you are super popular that everyone wants to use your name. ^__^

  3. Call Cheng Leong for recommendations, then SUE!

  4. Simon Seow says:

    Send the salon a lawyer letter and demand for payment. Pfftt..

  5. Michy says:

    Lol WTF? Ask them pay you!! Or friggin’ sue them!

  6. araleling says:

    wah!! they actually use your photos to do advertising. Ask for royalty!!

  7. Alice says:

    WALAO! 😯 where got liddis one! they should ask your permission before they use your pictures! very siao leh!

  8. Adrina says:

    Yea, you should definitely sue them for using your image without your permission!
    I don’t know about the FB one but for the newspaper ad, can definitely sue!

  9. AngMoGirl says:

    Maybe the wig shop hope you rant about them, but also give link 😉

  10. JD says:

    I think it’s time to copyright some of your stuff. Lots of people just like to take other’s work and treat it as own. I think that’s Malaysia….

  11. Jess says:

    thats crazy. i guess what you need do is proceed with legal action.

  12. Chezza says:

    Well… the name of the salon says it all…

    Ainas (Anus).

  13. Hanie says:

    Copyright your stuff now. They can’t just simply use other’s picture for advertisement!

  14. Sarah says:

    wah…these shops so rude. never pay copyright fee! hahaha..:P Go to the shop and demand they give you free services..but then again if they won’t even pay for their own model i think their services also not very good..on second thoughts better not….. 😐

  15. xueni says:

    omg; FYL. dangzzz;
    but look on the bright side! you have really nice hair! 😀

    olright, come to think of it, F the-people-that-help-you-with-your-make-up-and-hair-do’s life too; they are not even from tt… weird salon.

  16. yumii says:

    omg. =___=;; serious meh, so desperate until cannot hire own model and rip other people’s picture of the net. You really should call them up loh and take action. OR at least Blushberry take action coz she designed one!!! :@

  17. Mellissa says:

    Wah waddafuck, can’t you like sue for that?!?!?! Omg!

  18. cathj says:

    you deserve for a royalty honey… you work hard on that photos.. 😉

  19. Pinkue says:

    OMG that’s so uncool to steal your pictures!
    But have to admit you are the best model they can get(if they could pay you also). 😀 You’re so gorgeous.

  20. Lovethyou says:

    Omfgwtfbbq! Drop by the salon and give everyone there a CHEESE SLAP, CHEESE BUTTKICK, CHEESE PUNCH! COMBO WITH KOYUKI! : 👿 😀

  21. Porkie says:

    Malaysia n Indonesia BOLEH!!! 😳

  22. xan says:

    I hope u donT have those pics in FB, cuz If you have, you allowed them to put your pics in any advertisment they want to. But I guess u donT?.. but on the other side.. this stupid saloon isnT in cooperation with FB.??!! wtf.

  23. fiionx says:

    SUE THEM ! >:D !

  24. Jelica says:

    You should seriously SUE the salon… And as for the FB one you can report them or juz simply write a SUPER LOUD msg on their wall

  25. Charmaine says:

    Wow. FYL! (A) At least alot of people want to use you know. Take legal action babehh! ;D

  26. Anna says:

    Sue them! -_-

  27. Jo Ann says:

    Hi!I just found out that the salon is so cheapskate…Gosh!

  28. polka says:

    yerrrrrrrrr, super geli 1!! sure inside the shop very buruk 1, and after go into the salon come out sure look like shit 1… going to tell everyone tobeware of that ainas salon liaw!!
    and that FB 1, yer, sell fake hair cheap ppl with real hair~ haha

  29. missironic says:

    Where in Malacca? Gotta go back and see… really teruk! Aishoo!!

  30. maGz says:

    this is definitely a Cheat One™ advertising…

  31. budlee says:

    are you going to sue them for copyright infringements?

  32. RwN says:

    you should totally sue them and get rich lol

  33. camilla says:

    omg you should sue them 👿 the wig part is epic.

  34. Francesca says:

    lol not laughing at u
    it’s just very funny “these” people are using your photos and it’s totally the opposite of what they trying to sell. can’t you do anything ? … the salon in melaka *le sigh* but the fb album … that is “how dare you” … would you say on their wall and let your “thought” to them

  35. biopolymath says:

    If there’s a way, sue that billboard maker also! If they have known they’re going to put Cheesie, they shouldn’t have proceed and ask. Let’s go and boycott the salon.

  36. Ivy says:

    can’t help it. HAVE to comment. it’s just so funny, but i think i know how you feel. especially the FB thing. you should ask for double pay since they also intend to sell Cheddie’s fur. 😳 and oh… F Haze’s life. cheapskate salon. :@

  37. Pinko says:

    ask them to pay you or sue them! hello, this is copyrighted ! how can they use people’s stuff without asking? SUE THEM 99 !

  38. wgdanielle says:

    You can sue the person who did those stuffs right? :mrgreen:

  39. WP says:

    Haha…what should I say…congrats? 😛

  40. dawn says:

    Hey that’s infringement! Use of YOUR pictures without your consent. Seriously, you should sue them.

  41. Fiona says:

    Hey Cheesie, I saw that banner in Muar too! lol

  42. Cayenne says:

    it’s really cool coz people steal ‘you’ for their ads. but can you like sue their ass of or something? lolx

  43. Cayenne says:

    it’s really cool coz people steal ‘you’ for their ads. but can you like sue or something? lolx

  44. I think you should take some legal action on that. It’s too over~~

  45. Erica says:

    Oh, I saw that particular ‘Ainas Saloon picture’ in Malacca before but I didn’t know it was you back then. 😛 Btw, it’s a beautiful picture of you, Rin~ ^^

  46. Violet says:

    That’s terrible! It happened to me too, a nail salon in America stole photos of my nail art and used them on their website saying they had done them >_< Luckily it was facebook so I reported them and left bad feedback everywhere but I keep finding others every week 🙁 So terrible!

  47. Kim Ong says:

    Too popular already babe!! Can get money out of them and sue their pants off! 😛

  48. K' Stefani says:

    If they wanna use you as their model, they will have to pay.
    How dare they use people’s picture without permission.

  49. kamishiro says:

    Sue Them !

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