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My Hair

June 20, 2010 in Cheese-offs 53 Cheesed

is apparently,  very fake, or VERY VERY NICE. Because. First there was this on Facebook. Some stupid wig shop from Indonesia. “Model menggunakan Fun Bun”. How about my real funny bun bun is better than your fake funny bun bun. Well. Fuck Your Bun’ s Life. They also tagged a million people on this picture, so […]

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Sapporo ♥ Ski ♥ Ainu

I am sad 🙁 I can’t believe it’s been half a year already. Supposed to go back to Sapporo to visit my host family this summer but let’s just say that cost of the trip was economically prohibitive. #1 My first time to a snowy place. And totally freaked out at the first thing i […]

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My top 10 Holiyear™ destinations

June 16, 2010 in Commercial Break 53 Cheesed

A lot of you have asked about nice holiday places to go to. I hardly travel outside asia and the only times i traveled to ang moh countries were because of super value AirAsia fares. T___T. Would really love to explore more outside Asia but i guess right now, there are enough nice places nearby […]

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June 15, 2010 in Indonesia 51 Cheesed

This is our last accommodation in Bali. First there was a villa that overlooks rice terrace, mountain and a magnificent temple in Ubud, then there was a posh resort next to one of the most happening streets of boutiques and cafes in Seminyak, now this is a whole new different world. A private villa consists […]

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Saga is one year younger than me

June 14, 2010 in Commercial Break 58 Cheesed

Sob. I feel old. FML. Yes, that means PROTON and Proton Saga is 25 this year. And they are having a contest to celebrate its 25th birthday. Out of so many contests i have written, nothing is as simple and straightforward and geneorous as this. Nothing. If you don’t join this contest, i don’t know which […]

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Haru ♥ Matsuri

Last post on Nagoya liao. After this no more Sakura liao. #1 This is taken exactly two months ago, i’m not sure i’m still all over Liz Lisa Spring Summer look wtf.  This whole fashion thing is scary. You actually feel embarrassed to post any picture older than two months cuz you will look so […]

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