June 15, 2010 in Indonesia

This is our last accommodation in Bali.

First there was a villa that overlooks rice terrace, mountain and a magnificent temple in Ubud, then there was a posh resort next to one of the most happening streets of boutiques and cafes in Seminyak, now this is a whole new different world.

A private villa consists of 3 separated pavilions, a huge ass T shape swimming pool within a spacious courtyard garden, all to yourself.


Like discovering the Wonderland.


Lounge pavilion. Watch tv, play games, switch on the music.




Main living pavilion and a staircase to the two bedrooms upstairs.



One of the rooms upstairs.



Master bedroom


Super huge bathroom


Outdoor bath


The lawn


View from the entrance.


Artsy pictures




Playing with laser lights at night. <3

Now what’s the advantage of staying in a private villa like this compared to other hotels?

1. You get to do everything you like, no one’s gonna bother about you. Dive into the pool, do BBQ party, bring your pets (if you fly them over la wtf), switch on super loud music etc.

2. Butler service. Get them to cook for you, do your laundry, fetch your slippers maybe, at a rate so much cheaper than what you normally pay in a hotel.

3. It can house up to 10 people or even more. Invite your friends over and throw a party! Or a wedding. Pull an Amber Chia. Whatever. The price might look a bit steep at first but if you split it among 10  friends then it suddenly sounds so much more affordable.

4. It’s your own world. You don’t have to layan or interact with anyone else if you don’t like to (except maybe your butler).

More info at Jajalulina.

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51 responses to “Jajalulina”

  1. KY says:

    villa’s too nice it’s ridiculous!

  2. yumii says:

    #1 BEST!!! 😈 😈 😈 i think i wanna soak in the pool for the whole daaaay~ btw, WHY GOT LASER LIGHT ONE! #6 the mats looks like two patches of grass.

  3. Huai Bin says:

    Fuck it’s awesome! I would love staying in a villa like that…not wait I would love LIVING in that villa for the rest of my life!

  4. emi says:

    very nice, your own private pool~
    you don’t have to worry about perverts looking at you ><

  5. tylla says:

    urgghh…now I’m super aching to go there edy.

    Thanx for the post Ringo! I love the privacy aspect of it since getting to spend some quiet and quality time is really important to me. ^^,

  6. Porkie says:

    Super nais!! So lucky you got to stay in 3 seperate and different accomadations. One can only wish to have done the same. More than likely can only every stay at one.

    Your right about this one, perfect for private party for group of friends or sumin.

    Oh and looks like I missed the action in the blog over the past few days, oh well such is the virtues of working 6 days straight lol

  7. ShaolinTiger says:

    Is this TripAdvisor nao 0_o

  8. lydia says:

    wa..nice place!! 😈

  9. Natalie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous cheesie! Man i’d love to spend a week (or month) lounging around in that pool and the master bedroom!! 😀

  10. Sharon says:

    awww…… so nice!!! =)

  11. Labbylove says:

    Sweet! 🙂

  12. momo says:

    hehe…. how much you spend altogether….it make me quite interested….i feel like going with friends also. 😛

  13. Jay says:

    sugoyyy ne! Thats amazing and so beautiful!! I want to jump in that pool now! xoxo




  14. Junee says:

    Holy shit!

    I’m wondering if my soul is value enough to manage a stay at such a place when I’m selling it to the devil T___T

  15. Simon Seow says:

    OMG. It will cost a bomb to stay here. Wait till I became a millionaire then I’ll book here :p

  16. lilbunny says:

    woohoo~ i feel like goin there for my honeymoon :blush: rendam all day at the pool. 😀

  17. Ben McC says:

    You are killing me with the awesome places you stay! But I can use mixi. 😛

  18. Winnie says:

    Were all your stays sponsored?

  19. biopolymath says:

    Let’s go and hire the architect that built one in M’sia lah!

  20. lih wern says:

    wow, if split with friends, seriously damn worth it. Awesome place !!!

  21. LJ says:

    So luxurious! Can enjoy being a rich person. hehehe

  22. et says:

    u go wf kenny? he is ur…… ???:razz:

  23. Oh my god! The place is really nice.

  24. Sue Lin says:

    Great shot by the pool, interesting concept, might wanna trying immitating though i cant do it as good as u do =)

  25. asstha says:

    cho naise… but kenot afford… :dunno: 😥

  26. datokkombaq says:

    good……nice place for holiday i think so

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