After 8 months all the snow harderned and melted sakura bloomed and dropped and leaves grew and almost falling, finally i edited my kimono pictures.

Tamiko mama and host dad drove me to the grandparent’s house in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido (about anhour away from Sapporo) because they have some of the best kept gems of Japanese costumes AND THEY WERE GOING TO DRESS ME UP!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D.


This is grandpa. He’s helping me wear this really elaborated ancient costume i forgot what’s the name but apparently nobody has it anymore, only some people from the temple are still keeping it (!!!).

I look like some Journey to the West character wtf.


Then i look like some Japaneseย equivalentย of Mulan makes me almost Kingly.


Then i feel like Doraemon always lose in Scissors Paper Rock wtf.


HAHA even posing got certain style one ok right hand how high left hand hold what shoulder drop how many degree wtf.


This is grandma she then helped me wear this lagi more elaborated kimono.

This is one of the more colorful sets she has she said it’s suitable for me cuz the rest are for married women or Obasan (!!!) wtf.


After some 20 minutes i was in my first ever proper kimono.

If you want you can re-watch the video i posted some time ago.


Family photo by Mr Self Timer


Tamiko mama is in her neko jacket again!!!!


Phail haha but i love this pic!

And then i was like OMGWTFBBQ i must take picture outside in the snow everything all!!!!!!

And it was snowing VERY HEAVILY.


They gave me a coat to wear


But was sooooooooooo excited i totally didn’t feel the cold at all and my host parents were like shivering

“Are we done yet are we done yet are we done yet” FTL.


And i was like camwhoring nonstop



It was such a surreal moment!


Short video.

Host dad was like “samui yo!” (it’s cold!) And i was like wtf wtf wtf YUKI!!!!!!!!!!! lol