September 12, 2010 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan

was early autumn weather in Japan. T________T


Red marine cap from minimaos


I have a new name for Maylene. It is called PhotobombQueen.


Marine romper and Samantha Aimi from minimaos.


Went for Yakitori in Shibuya at night! (I looked runk HAHAHAH Cheat One™ i didn’t even sip the bottle!)

We stayed over at Ming’s apartment which is right in the center of Shibuya it was so awesome!!!! Harajuku is just 10 minute’s walk wtf T___T


Shiitake mushroom and Shishitou. I dunno what you called that green thing in English but i think it’s kinda like a cross between capsicum and green pepper and okra wtf. I love it! Most are really mild but some could be quite spicy so it’s kinda like a gamble.


Uzuratamago <3


I love the salad more than the chicken.


Nankotsu. (Chicken soft bone)


Kawa (grilled chicken skin ahhhhhhhhhhhhh soo good)


Unagi skewer this thing shut everyone up we too busy obsessing about how good it was.




I will buy a plane ticket just to eat it again.

Why do they even bother opening Japanese restaurant in Malaysia? WHY?

Why do they even try?



Next day.

Marine hat and Cheat One™ MJ T from minimaos.

HAHA I was trying to look exactly like her 😛


Actually the shades are Cheat One™ Marc Jacobs too from like, Chee Cheong Kai. I love all Cheat One™ stuff. <3


Camwhore while the Nuffnang girls were busying having meeting or whatever.


MJ flip-flop from minimaos.

Then off for lunch!


Ming brought us to this really good pasta place. Then i spent like 15 hours explaining the menu to the girls haha for the first time in my life i feel that i’m useful because i can read Katakana *sob*

“Cheesie Cheesie what does this say?”

“Horenso… is Spinach!”

“This leh?”

“Wait ah… karu-bo-na… OH! Carbonara!”

“Cheesie Cheesie what about this!”

“Err… gu-re-pu… huru..tsu err… wtf is gurepu hurutsu… OH! Grape fruit juice!!”


Bacon & Mushroom Karubonara. ^^


Ming and Tim’s meal. Some Bolognese i supposed!

Why all the guys so safe one when it comes to pasta. Always meat and tomato wtf.


Pinky and i ordered MENTAIKO PASTA T________T

I dunno la. Why do they even bother to have pasta shop in Malaysia. Seriously.

After that went exploring around Shibuya/Harajuku.


Shop’s name is Pigsty. Allow me to express myself in Cantonese. All these Japanese, mat ye meng hmm gam fong ah (what name dun dare to put ah).

There was this brand in Shibuya 109 called Titty’s & Co wtf. I’d really like to see Titty’s & Co’s Gland Opening.


Wondering what this Nordic print nonsense is all about? There.



It’s like carrying my pet rabbit or fox or whatever every country i visit. Minus the air fare.




Sorry but i’m not really in the mood to blog properly because i’m so distracted by the fact that i’m aching to make a very big confession which i may or may not make very soon, depends on how my mood is going and the nature of the subject of confession is going, and it may or may not be a shocking thing to confess. Oh well.

We’ll see.

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  1. Xiaopei says:

    2nd pict still looking nice even tho kena photobomb 🙄

  2. MONNie says:

    So good I want to go Japan always :)) 😀

    Reading your blog makes me hungry !! 👿 your blog is evil 😥

  3. Rojakgal says:

    The pasta looks really good, makes me wanna run down to Pasta Zanmai now. Is the pasta even better than Pasta Zanmai? I am longing to visit Japan again, not sure if it’s affordable now, the last time I went is like 4 years ago and I am able to get really good Japanese food at Sushi King price or even cheaper.

    • cheesie says:

      are you kidding me? Pasta zanmai? 😯 😯 😯

      If Pasta Zanmai open in Japan it will close down within 1 week.

      • cheesie says:

        And Sushi King? don’t even dream about it. Japanese 7-11 sells better food than Sushi King.

        • Rebecca Goh says:

          HAHA I so gotta agree to that! Sushi King is like the worst Japanese restaurant I’ve been. 4 years back and now. It’s still the worst.

          • Rojakgal says:

            I beg to differ. Sushi King is not the worst, Sakae Sushi is 😛 In my opinion, Sushi King has improved tremendously over the last couple of months and they have fresh salmon. Also, I think their clam soup and tamago sushi is really not bad.. 🙂 Of course, we cannot compare Sushi King to Japan’s standard.

          • yumii says:

            Sushi King and Sakae Sushi are both the worst fake Japanese cuisine restaurant in the whole of Malaysia. We are not comparing them to the real ones, they are just plain sucky even for those who never tried REAL japanese cuisine in Japan itself.

    • yumii says:

      Shocking 😯 This is the first time i ever heard anyone says you can get GOOD Japanese food from SUSHI KING. omaigah…. =O

      • jfook says:

        sushi king should disappear in Malaysia like decades ago! How can it be successful in M’sia and open more and more outlets??

        • yumii says:

          anything that is run by ruthless rich cheenaman in our country is shite! Sakae Sushi is shit too, look where they open at? Pavilion for goodness sake! Sushi King is just another fake Japanese food franchise run by some rich people who has nothing to do with their money!

          Sushi King served me Zaru Soba (cold soba) in a plastic plate. WTF! I feel like throwing that place of soggy soba to their chef’s face! That was my second and LAST time I ever gonna walk into that stupid place again!

        • jillian says:

          very easy to answer. a lot of people (including me) duno wat’s REAL japanese food. we don’t think it’s that BAD .. like totally unedible. 🙂

  4. Rojakgal says:

    Err…u must have colour those red nails yourself and rushing thru it perhaps? cuz it’s very obvious. 😛

    • cheesie says:

      i was hoping nobody noticed T___________T
      painted them an hour before leaving to KLIA

      • mayumi says:

        errr and did you also make the inner corner of your eyes deeper and sharper using eyeliner in some other photos? not good cheatone anymore if people can see through it… plus it also reminds me of aliens eyes… 😯

  5. alyssa says:

    heya! i’m so excited! going to Tokyo on the 23rd of this month! hopefully the weather cools by then!! :))

  6. jolene says:

    i’m seriously hungry and want some japanese food…

  7. Reader says:

    Seriously, we all know food in Japan is good but don’t have to say things like ‘ why do we even try to open a japanese restaurant ‘. It is opened for people who are not privileged enough to travel abroad to try food from a different culture. We all know that Malaysia isn’t the best place to be but please.. try to be a Malaysian once in a while.

    • cheesie says:

      i do, really, once awhile (probably nothing more than that), just like what you said. when i think that we have really bloody awesome pork noodle and super cheap zhap fan, and i love them.

      and, to be honest, i think whoever aspire to open a restaurant in the first place, should at least try their own food and pass their conscience. it is open for people who are not privileged to travel yes, but it should respect people who pay money and serve at least AVERAGE food. Most Japanese restaurants here are more expensive than Japense restaurants in Japan.

      Bad food just makes me angry, im sorry.

  8. Amy says:


  9. Michelle says:

    They sell mentaiko in the korean grocery store that I always visit. And that mentaiko is from korea… i wonder if it is the same like the ones from japan.

    • cheesie says:

      but when i went to korea i didnt see it at all. i shall explore this nov when i go to korea 😀

    • eehui says:

      i saw them in the asian grocery that sells japanese/korean food too, i’ve only tried the frozen unagi, natto and takoyaki so far, haven’t have the courage to try the frozen mentaiko haha. i did try to make my own mentaiko pasta (inspired by cheesie of coz) from the vacuum packed mentaiko pasta sauce and it’s really awesome!

  10. melody says:

    how come this trip seemed like super duper short onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i love the photobombqueen!!!!!!!! hahahaa

    ai yoo now i’m distracted by your last para!!!!
    and dunno what/how to comment further!!!!!

  11. Jas says:

    The pasta and yakitori place looks delish. Could you please tell me where it is so I can add it to my ever growing list of places to eat in Japan? Thank you!

  12. yumii says:

    cheesieee!! what about shopping there?!!! Update update!! can’t wait to see what you buy~ hahahaha it’s sad really, you cannot get any authentic Japanese food here. my brother’s drummer, a japanese boy, brought him once to a restaurant and the way he described to me, i think it might be the same one Tk and you like to go to (according to KYspeaks.com haha)

    but i did try some good Yakitori at Sango Restaurant once. It’s pretty nice~ ^^

  13. mom says:

    hey, no confession pls, not now, the news terrified me, i’m working through trauma… 😛

  14. himestyle says:

    looks like a lot of fun! are you still in tokyo?? we should meet up for a trip to 109! >.<

  15. Yuna says:

    You’re so pretty and fashionable~

  16. Rebecca Goh says:

    What confession?! haha *kepo*

  17. ViNcc1^^ says:

    Cheesie I love ur cheat one style 😆 😆 U’re an awesome blogger. Loves u! 😈

  18. Joey says:

    Update more pls~~~!!!

    * ‘wth, r u serious’ when someone said sushi king has some great jap food, sushi zanmai is acceptable, but sushi king?!?!?! * =.=

  19. Jodie says:

    the luggage is sexy 😈
    i would hug it in the plane instead of putting it on top or checking it in if i had it LOL

  20. Yuna says:

    Why don’t you come here then?

  21. dori lukey says:

    i’m super uber jealous now. i wish i can visit japan too!

    Dropped by from LukeYisHandsome.com

  22. Gracelicious says:

    Hi cheesie, damn gorgeous…
    I super like the marine hat and ur flip flops…
    U go girl !

  23. Raymond says:

    Err… u spent 15hrs to explain the menu??? Love ur pics though 🙂

  24. Jay says:

    Ah you make me miss Japan too much! Love their katakana hahah once my friend asked me what does this say and im like ‘cheezuu sutikkuu’ umm Cheese Stick

    Lol she just burst out laughing.


  25. Jay says:

    PS …. YOU’RE PREGGERS! maybe?? lol jokes (unless if its real of course)


  26. Apple says:

    Hi there,I really like your post 😉

    Just for curiosity, what is the name of the pasta shop and is it located in Shibuya?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks 🙂

  27. sk says:

    Gorgeous white luggage! but it’s wrong in many ways, 1. luggage won’t feel cold, why need coat 2. non-animal-friendly, be it real or fake fur 3. white bags and travelling don’t mix, unless you have private jet… i can imagine what it would look like after a trip 😆

    • cheesie says:

      u are absolutely right.

    • hp says:

      yup.. i support animals friendly stuff too… fake fur or real fur doesn’t matter. we don need fur to be in fashion industries as it bring a lot of suffering to animals. there are plenty of material which can keep us warm. 😛
      support fur free guys and gals… 😉

  28. KY says:

    i think the drinking is cheat one!

  29. pk says:

    i want Kawa … grilled chicken skin yum yum!!! 😛

  30. mummybaby says:

    Hi cheesie, I realky love the sunglass u wore in this entry, marc jacobs ones..! May i know where can i buy them? or, are u seeling urs dear?

  31. ally says:

    hahah.. i like cheesie’s reply here;)

  32. ally says:

    lol..very obvious ky tripped over his own words..

  33. chocalita says:

    oOOO! japan againnn ! 😀 i think it’s awesome how you get to travel so much ;]

  34. WP says:

    All the food look so good! Though at first I thought that the mentaiko pasta was steak tartare (you’ve heard of steak tartare right?) I was wondering what it was doing on top of pasta…

    Oh, and that furry suitcase is nice. Does it keep your clothes warm so that you don’t start shivering when you put them on in winter? 😛

  35. Siham says:

    OMG! How are you so slim? Please tell me your secret! i’m like 93 lbs 🙁
    Btw love the hat 🙂

  36. Flanegan says:

    Whats the restoran name? I want to try…. 😯

  37. The food looks so delicious!!!

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