was early autumn weather in Japan. T________T


Red marine cap from minimaos


I have a new name for Maylene. It is called PhotobombQueen.


Marine romper and Samantha Aimi from minimaos.


Went for Yakitori in Shibuya at night! (I looked runk HAHAHAH Cheat One™ i didn’t even sip the bottle!)

We stayed over at Ming’s apartment which is right in the center of Shibuya it was so awesome!!!! Harajuku is just 10 minute’s walk wtf T___T


Shiitake mushroom and Shishitou. I dunno what you called that green thing in English but i think it’s kinda like a cross between capsicum and green pepper and okra wtf. I love it! Most are really mild but some could be quite spicy so it’s kinda like a gamble.


Uzuratamago <3


I love the salad more than the chicken.


Nankotsu. (Chicken soft bone)


Kawa (grilled chicken skin ahhhhhhhhhhhhh soo good)


Unagi skewer this thing shut everyone up we too busy obsessing about how good it was.




I will buy a plane ticket just to eat it again.

Why do they even bother opening Japanese restaurant in Malaysia? WHY?

Why do they even try?



Next day.

Marine hat and Cheat One™ MJ T from minimaos.

HAHA I was trying to look exactly like her 😛


Actually the shades are Cheat One™ Marc Jacobs too from like, Chee Cheong Kai. I love all Cheat One™ stuff. <3


Camwhore while the Nuffnang girls were busying having meeting or whatever.


MJ flip-flop from minimaos.

Then off for lunch!


Ming brought us to this really good pasta place. Then i spent like 15 hours explaining the menu to the girls haha for the first time in my life i feel that i’m useful because i can read Katakana *sob*

“Cheesie Cheesie what does this say?”

“Horenso… is Spinach!”

“This leh?”

“Wait ah… karu-bo-na… OH! Carbonara!”

“Cheesie Cheesie what about this!”

“Err… gu-re-pu… huru..tsu err… wtf is gurepu hurutsu… OH! Grape fruit juice!!”


Bacon & Mushroom Karubonara. ^^


Ming and Tim’s meal. Some Bolognese i supposed!

Why all the guys so safe one when it comes to pasta. Always meat and tomato wtf.


Pinky and i ordered MENTAIKO PASTA T________T

I dunno la. Why do they even bother to have pasta shop in Malaysia. Seriously.

After that went exploring around Shibuya/Harajuku.


Shop’s name is Pigsty. Allow me to express myself in Cantonese. All these Japanese, mat ye meng hmm gam fong ah (what name dun dare to put ah).

There was this brand in Shibuya 109 called Titty’s & Co wtf. I’d really like to see Titty’s & Co’s Gland Opening.


Wondering what this Nordic print nonsense is all about? There.



It’s like carrying my pet rabbit or fox or whatever every country i visit. Minus the air fare.




Sorry but i’m not really in the mood to blog properly because i’m so distracted by the fact that i’m aching to make a very big confession which i may or may not make very soon, depends on how my mood is going and the nature of the subject of confession is going, and it may or may not be a shocking thing to confess. Oh well.

We’ll see.