If i collect RM1 every time someone asks about my color lens i might be able to buy myself a flight to Japan wtf. (promo fare la)

Today i have the answer for the thousand ringgit question.

WHERE. do i buy my lens from?

Obviously i don’t buy any lens because they are all sponsored by Vivifashion, and i love all their lenses!


Twins YH-301


Pop C Light Green


Nudy pink


Anime lens AP-A4


And the latest Pop C Light Brown.

And it’s super cheap! Price from RM21 onwards. ^^


Besides lens, they will be selling O.P.I nail polish, loose flatback blings and wedding gowns soon!




Another thing i wanna recommend today is my fav spa: Heavenly Spa

The other day i went and tried out their Warm Sabai Stone Massage, and i’m not exaggerating when i say it really was, really, really good (i never like to use the word “heavenly” to describe anything simply due to the pure fact that i have never been to heaven before so i dunno how heaven feels like, but yea, i was almost tempted to use it here. Almost.)

I’ve only had two massages in my life that made me feel that way. You will think that it’s would be some massage parlor in some random streets in Bali, or Bangkok, but no, those all Cheat One™. The first one was, surprised!!! in Tasmania! The masseuse must have like a doctorate in Body Part Kneading or whatever because i felt like i never wanted it to end. T___T

Then the second one is Sabai Stone massage in Heavenly spa. Superb, honest.


Their stones have different shape designed for different body parts. And it is just very warm and soothing and relaxing it makes you feel whatever earthy and humanly equivalent of “heavenly”

(hands added cuz this picture is revealing and i’m shy wtf)

(Ok wtf i think i just made it worse. Now it is “suggestive” instead of “revealing” fml.)

(I really don’t mean it!)

Anyway.  I could totally forget about massages in Bali. Though I would still go there for uhm… other things. Ahem.