Our pictures taken at Shinjuku & Shibuya today:

Tokyo is sooo hot it’s not even funny! I dunch like it!

Elaynne and Maylene all hugging our Pocari Sweat like cactus in the desert wtf.

Wanted to say “coolest house” in Shinjuku but given the weather condition i’ll stick to “hottest house”.

Marine hat and Topshop playsuit both from minimaos

Maylene addicted to the auto vending machine lol.

With Hachiko!!!!!!!

And this is what we’re doing right now. All workaholic wtf.

Which is why you are reading this nao. Faster say thanks.

No internet no life.>.<

Also Japanese internet damn fast max!!!!!!

What about Malaysia?


And now, good news.


Nao everyone can get on the Internet anywhere, anytime with broadband from as low as RM48/month.

Got anooooot.  Betul ka? Yao mou gao chor?  Majikayo???

Nao, why join Celcom? (Apart from the fact that it is the No.1 mobile broadband)

  • Great speed and consistency with the widest broadband coverage
  • Largest mobile broadband community
  • Dedicated customer service (Best in Asia Pacific)
  • (LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT POINT!!!!) RM500 tax relief with Celcom Broadband

    Walao. How come i dunno one.

    Check out all sorts of packages or plans to cater to your Internet needs.
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    Save up to RM30 when you sign up any of the above Celcom Broadband plans. That’s RM10 per month for the 1st 3 months!

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