i can’t remember the last time i wore a watch. Honest.

First time someone ever bought me a watch was 10 years ago on Valentine’s day. I sayang the watch so much  i could count the times i actually wore it. There was this time we went out to the mamak at night. Then there was a few times i wore it to school and just kept fondling with it through out literature classes. There was the time i kept staring at it and the time moved so slow and the phone never rang. Then there was the heart break. Then it is kept in the drawer. Forever.

It is 10 years now i wonder if it started to rust.

So, i don’t wear watches. I don’t like them. I don’t think you can find a picture of me wearing a watch in this blog for the last 3 years.


But maybe i will make an exception. For a special watch. With blings.

To me watch is just not a watch. It is fashion. I am difficult like this but when i wear a watch, it has to match.


So i blinged my eyelashes. lol




Sorry but i just can’t stop looking at the 3 blings!




(Yea i took this picture at 3:43PM)

To Solvil et Titus, Time is love.

Watch a video about time and love.

If you are talking about timeless love, the love that withstands all obstacles and through the test of time, there’s only one person in this world i can think of. All dates and boyfriends and friends and everything all Cheat One™.

For all my selfishness and meanness and misbehavior and willfulness, i’m loved until today, right this moment.

You have dedicated the past 26 years to no one but me (and Maybe a little bit for Cheddie). Whatever i do, you never question. You are beyond  patient. When i mess up, you just be around and i will learn it my way. When i succeed, you just silently share my joy.  The most important thing is for me to be happy, then you are happy. I know that. And i want to make you happy (and by doing that i have to make myself happy! 😀 )

If time is anything, for the past 2 decades, it is love.

This is my dedication to you.

Aiya i forgot your eyes are not very good. Here you go, bigger one:

PS: The wasabi is for… errr… just in case this is not touching enough.




You can always click HERE to watch my dedication to my mom. Very cute one it shows the timeline of my drawing!!! XD

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