(I was tempted to put 109.)

Ok i must say that i totally failed to master the art of Purikura (photo sticker booth, or neo print, but actually purikura is short for purinto kurabu—print club.)

First of all there are like 15 million purikura booths to choose from and you have no cheesing idea what the differences are. Most of the models printed on the big booth curtains look typically liddis:


Like, super pro studio quality photo and 1000 layers of eyelids and lipgloss that looks like it’s gonna drip down like ice cream under hot weather wtf.

Cheat One ™!

So this is my very very humble 101 Guide, as a non-Japanese, on Purikura picture tips when you visit the arcade.

1. Choose a booth whose model you want to look remotely like (or so you wish). But normally you don’t really get to choose  (especially in places like Shibuya) because all of them are FULL. So you just pick the one that has the least people waiting outside and move your fat butt right in front of the curtain to claim territory (and completely block the arcade entrance if you must).

2. When innocent Japanese high school girls outside the booth stare at you with their heavy mascara-ed puppy eyes, just pretend you were there since a zillion years ago, and exude that long-practiced foreigner dunch-you-mess-with-me aura and move CLOSER to the booth until they back off, which would typically result in them apologizing timidly and sincerely. Then you are allowed to feel guilty for being an asshole (optional).

3. Wait for the bunch of girls inside your selected booth to come out. (optional. you may rush in when they are on their way out. Erm, rush hour, hello?)

4. Put four 100 yen coin into the slot, feel a bit of heart ache, and then you may start to PANIC.

5. Pretend that you know what the fuck the screen is telling you to do in Katakana, and just tap whichever button you pretend that you selected, and then PANIC MORE because now you only have 15 seconds to choose from 7249424 types of different themes and background. You may as well don’t bother because normally the brain of Purikura will end up choosing for you (and prolly calling you a loser during the process).

6. Err, wait for the mouth of Purikura to count down 3,2,1, then pose and look like a complete idiot.

7. Repeat step 6 for maybe 5 more times.


8. Feel free to have a really hard time choosing 4 of the least unattractively idiotic looking photos out of 10 or whatever within 10 seconds, only to realize that you have run out of time and once again the Brain of Purikura has decided you deserve the worst 4 out of 10.

9. Done. Go out of the photo booth and enter the editing booth to decorate your pictures. Makes yourself look ridiculous. Sabotage your friend. (optional)


10. and… DONE.



HAHAHAHA This machine is the latest Dekame (big eye) machine and it automatically enlarge your eyes like 700% and gives you super kao eyeliner. Look at Ming and Tim HAHAHAHAHHAHA


Oh ya.

For Step 9, there’s also an alternative of going out of the photo booth and proceed to want to enter the editing booth only to find out that there are still people inside editing, then you wait a gazillion minutes to finally have them come out and you go in, grab the pen and ready to doodle, only to further find out that it is SOMEBODY ELSE’S FACE on the screen and you go all wtf?!??!?! and realize that 3 confused Japanese chicks are standing outside your editing booth whose face matches the ones on the screen and you go all wtf??!? omg sorry wtf?!?! and then you go to the counter to ask wtf is happening only to finally find out that you should have entered the BLUE editing booth, not PINK.

True story. Happened to Xiaxue and i.



11. Since we paid so much for the pictures and we only got to choose 4 ugliest out of 6, we may as well make full use of it. Here’s what i like to do when i do Purikura: have one person decorate the pictures, and i’ll snap the pictures from the screen. Save trouble scanning later or whatever since it will become so small after being divided into 32 pieces or whatever, which’d probably end up under your sofa and never see the day light again or whatever.


We can has all 6 nao! 😀

Orite. Here are some photos i quite like!!!!! 😀




It says “what kinda snack should we nom today?”

(I want JAGABEE!!!)



It says “too blissful” lol wtf. Simply put only!!!!!



EYES BIG ANOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok end.

Hope you learnt some absolutely useless Purikura tips today. Kthxbai.