This is one of the commercials that makes people go awwww and then T__T and then >.< *determined

Why Thai people so creative one!

Smart leh use reverse psychology wtf. Is like cigarette company sends public messages saying smoking endangers health and then alco company says don’t drink and drive to act like they care la and is very thoughtful la and humane whatever! Then nao telco companies want people to stop using phone wtf.

But really. How long do you think you can be disconnected?

One day during a dinner meeting i was so busy with BBM my boss was like, “dude (ok la he didn’t really say dude i just make that up to make him sound cool wtf),  don’t you feel tired to be on the phone the whole day? Can you like, just try living without your phone for one day, and feel the world? You will find yourself so much more focused” and i was like “dude, (i think i really said dude), the only time i am not on my BB, is when i am asleep, or in the cinema. Sometimes i even tweet in the cinema. So, no deal.”

Seriously wei. When i go lunch with #porkgang, nobody will be talking because EVERYFREAKINGONE is on their BB, probably chatting on BBM with the person sitting next to them on the table wtf. And i almost got run over by trucks and bikes and obese people several times because i was tweeting. -_-

Oh and last Thursday i had a food review at Jarrods&Rawlin, half way driving almost reaching Jalan Dungun, i realized i forgot my phone at home FML max.

I actually considered turning back to get my phone because i thought like how the hell am i supposed to BBM my friend to ask where they are if i don’t have my phone with me??? I forgot i could just walk into the restaurant and just use my eyes to see if they were there. Like, physically there. Dude, mind you,  i was like 2 minutes away from the restaurant when i wanted to turn back. -_-

Nao if you ask me which is more stressful, having to layan your BBM and twitter updates from your 100 followers and emails from multiple email accounts and Facebook updates and Pingchat and Whatsapp and who checked in where at foursquares etc etc, OR, not having a phone for half a day.

I think the answer is obvious.

BIS down for 1 hour people start to freak out and pull hair and hyperventilate already.

And all these social tools are making me socially retarded!!!! Like, BB is really my savior when it comes to a new environment or a bad date. Like i will feel really insecure if i don’t have my phone with me cuz then if stupid people start talking about politics and new tax policy that i don’t know about i can’t just pretend that i have a life-changingly important email to reply wtf.

So. Can i live without my BB?


In fact, i am going to improve my social retardedness by getting a better BB.

Be the first to own the latest BlackBerry Torch 9800!!!

This baby is the first smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard and full 3.2 inch touch screen. HA! SUCK THAT, APPLE! Oh and also a 5 MP camera, 8 GB memory and oh oh oh, this:


Integrated social feeds! Means nao all your social network and feeds are all in one view FYL.

MAN LEI SEI MEI!!! (Lei gam chi zhen hai orh ba lard ah! LOLOL)

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