Happy Gyptic

October 26, 2010 in Useless fashion

Liz Lisa Collection Cheat One™ by Cheesie & Fourfeetnine

Anyway, Happy Gyptic is Liz Lisa’s A/W2010 theme, and i was feeling stupid cuz i thought gyptic is a new fashion term i dunno about (well apparently it is!), and googled didn’t come up with a definition fml (i actually tried -_-) and after much self-debate i finally know what it means.

GYPTIC =Gypsy + Nordic.

Which is the look for autumn and winter. Makes sense. And it is so typically Japanese to merge two english words into a 4-syllabus Japanese word. Like Rimokon (remote control) and Purikura (print club) Me-ru Ado (email address) Seku Hara (sex harrassment wtf) and Forufito (Fourfeetnine) and Chizala (Cheeserland) or Foruchizu (Four Cheese). Just kidding.

Anyway i should STFU nao.

Gib u pictures.

Anyway at first it was just Four Cheese camwhore session manatau our friend Lainey damn 7 kepoh she say wanna come to my place so she end up becoming our photographer HAHA FHL. Anyway the pictures turned out super nais who would have thought right wtf.

Style: Liz Lisa


Liz Lisa knitted hat and Liz Liz Autumn Rose in brown (Cheesie) and white (Aud)


Duffy and Shelliemay 40cm from minimaos.


Style: Popteen



Earmuffs from minimaos.


Outfit all from minimaos. Pink moko moko socks from Liz Lisa.



I ♥ THIS PICTURE MAX! But the pink coat color is Cheat One™.

Style: Otona Kawaii (means cute adult wtf)


Snidel Nordic Scarf from minimaos.

Style: Ranzuki

We’re 10 years younger wtf -_-


TeenieWeenie top from minimaos.




Care Bear sponsored by Lainey haha! Mwah.



Style: Tralala






♥ this pic max too so dreamy and shiawase wtf.


And i printed a big ass picture to put in mai future haos.

No la Cheat One™.

You no need eat lunch d cuz you already full of our cuteness wtf *buay paiseh

65 responses to “Happy Gyptic”

  1. fiionx says:

    ehehhe, so cute and japanese-y!

    OH BTW. the first two pics, where aud get her white fur hat thingie ?
    Is it at minimaos? 🙂


  2. Beabelicious says:

    SOo pretty & cute! u 2 look so japanese! <3

  3. melody says:

    how come i dunno oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    although i dunno any but u all are sooooooooo like the models u showed us!!!!!

  4. Joey says:

    omg u can publish a japanese fashion magazine liao, it’s like the combination of vivi and popteen ~!!!

  5. yumii says:

    😈 😈 😈 I demand more koraburo from you and audrey!!!! 😉

  6. Xiao Hui says:

    audrey looks very japanese and effortlessly kawaii can??!!! looks a bit like ayumi. cho cute max! if see her in real like imma pet pet pet her head. i will leave ur blog and only visit hers from now on. O_o Ha ha ha.. kidding abt leaving ur blog. ^^ you look good too.who took the pics?

  7. aud says:

    ahhhhhhh *still admiring

  8. Sharon says:

    sugoi!!~ umai!!! 😈

  9. vOon says:

    shoooooo pweeettyyyy n cuuuteeee~~ !!

  10. Porkie says:

    pic #9…aud looks a lot like goto maki!! can fit into morning musume/hello project liao!!
    love u in pic #12…cute max!!!

  11. Angie says:

    SO NAIS *CRIES* and I see my nordic scarf there *waves* Aud said the tail damn nice !! thank youuuuu :D:D:D

  12. xes says:

    I couldnt differentiate who is who in some pictures. Look the same one -___-

  13. S says:

    So adorable! I love your matching outfits haha

  14. Jay says:

    楽しそう!いいね ♥

    Which is your fav pic / fav style?? xxxx

  15. Alexandra says:

    Kyaaa! Might almost die from pretty/cute overload here!

  16. Glo-w says:

    kawaii!~ can send as audition for Jap mag <3<3<3 😈

  17. shanjae says:

    Full of cuteness indeed! How nice it is to have a good friend with similar fashion taste to camwhore with. 😉 Thanks for all the fashion inspirations!

  18. trinie says:

    your new hair style is nice!

  19. TianChad says:

    As usual Cheesie looks pretty with the outfit, and Audrey looks super cute in this photostream~!

  20. xian says:

    vain pics i love to see <3333!!!

  21. Super pretty la both of you! How come lainey bb didn’t join in the fun! O.O

  22. aud says:

    michelle, lainey got!!! got pics of her with big bow on her head but dunno if she let us post!

  23. Yuyu says:

    Seriously Aud is DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN chio. Like even without Photoshop T_T I think she’s the only girl blogger without Photoshop! And you didn’t ps her face right? WTF damn authentic chioness T_T

    I love your wig cheesie. I like the last style the best. Very nice! (Y)

  24. christine says:

    im considering getting duffy n shelliemay..should i should i?:/

  25. mimi says:

    nice pleasing pics! #5 nice long legs and pink mokomoko socks is adorable!

  26. Siham says:

    I love it!! You two are so adorable!

  27. Ying Bin says:

    Both of u are so cute! 😈

  28. asstha says:

    hahaha… already saw some exerpts from Lainey’s tweet, u shud put d one she uploaded on aud kepohing… i tot dat pic was super duper kiut.

  29. xan says:

    aiiii you both are soo cute OMG
    it rly could be for a sCawaii photoshoot !!


  30. Francesca says:

    love it – especially the dreamy one ! 🙂

  31. JJ says:

    haha, the magazine in picture 6 also showing the same post!

  32. KY says:

    cute overload zomg

    from 40 cm duffy 😛

  33. U guys look like adik-beradik. so cute!

  34. gel says:

    very nice photos! 😈

  35. Vic says:

    Hi cheesie, your picture looks so nice,
    it look so yellowish and vintage, how did u made it ??
    I mean, did u set up any effect when u take the photo ???
    I so in love with the yellowish effect of the photos…so vintage…love love…

  36. Ben McC says:

    Nice pics! Looks like you had a lot of fun. 😈

  37. weisin says:

    OMG, you are so talented in editing! Of course, you and Audrey are super pretty, very Vivism =)

  38. Mew says:

    Audrey kinda looks like Hamasaki Ayumi huh. I am sure if she piles on the same makeup and do her hair in the same way, the resemblance will be uncanny.

    Anyway random note: I just noticed you, Audrey and Wendy all have a mole under the eye on the same side. If all 3 of you do a shoot, that would be pretty funny/cute.

  39. Coco says:



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