Vivi Cover Cheat One™

October 28, 2010 in Photoshop Tutorial Cheat One™

Since got people say we should audition for mag cover in the previous entry, may as well buay paiseh to the max.




I swear to Cheesus Crust i was gonna do a template so everyoen can download here and be a Vivi cover moderu also and i worked on it until 3am in the morning and all happy and went to sleep and wanted to blog the next morning and?



F All Vivi Cover Cheat One™ Model Wannabe’s L.



35 people cheesed “Vivi Cover Cheat One™”

  1. Kakui desu!~ (^_^)/ Looks great, hopefully some magazine company sees this n wanna hire u guys<3

  2. noes make another vivi template for your readers pleaseee? :) it looks super super cute!!

  3. Maybe you two should really start another e-mag or something!

  4. Love the 2nd cover!! :twisted:
    Both you look great! :grin:
    Vivi should really consider the both of you!! hehehe

  5. wow! it looked so real. especially the first one!
    Is this template based on the November issue of Vivi?

  6. so nice….
    it looks so real… :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  7. Wow both of u look gorgeous !!! :twisted: :twisted: And looks like real model in Vivi !! maybe this can be your part time job alrdy :D

  8. you’re amazing! nice work!

  9. why no pdf? now i cannot be on vivi!

  10. so much fun. and realistic too. i second michy. you should start and online mag. got full fashion spread inside with tips on how to get looks. can charge 690 yen per issue, i will pay one*. ^^ even if i dun read japanese, i will imagine what it says. ha ha!

    *in virtual money :evil:

  11. Wow, these totally look like real magazine covers!! Nice work! You two are gorgeous models~ ;-)

  12. You two so pretty! Makes me jealous.

  13. SO PRETTY AND VIVI-LIKE :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  14. i love the 2nd picture so so much! naiss!!

  15. Why audrey’s contacts always shift place and saw the white part geh? O_O

  16. I love the second cover!

  17. Looks real! No worries, it’s the thought that counts. =D

  18. Hehe 2nd one is actually awesome.

  19. :twisted: U BOTH LOOK SO SO PRETTY AND CUTE~~~~~ LOVE IT~~~

  20. u two are pretty!!! :twisted: :twisted:

  21. Wahh really looks like a cover of vivi mag!!

  22. cuteeeeee! & very pro :)

  23. your vivi templates are mad chio! where did u get it from?

  24. You two could totally be on the cover of ViVi. :twisted:

  25. Hwaa~ Very nice!~ Especially the 2nd cover! Very スウィート and 秋っぽいでしゅ~~

  26. Awww Cheesie!

    I love how you care so much about your readers! :cry: :twisted:


  28. Cute!

    Which camera do you use?

  29. Hey!
    I wear colour lens as well and I’m wondering how you wear them with long nails? o__o ‘Cause my nails and getting longer already. Will be awesome if you could actually make a video tutorial on it. <3

  30. omg !! looks so real !! can anybody know how to make a template ? :(

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