I love everything snowy and white in Japan!

The vast whiteness.


White owl


Snow wolf


Shiroikoibito (White Lover)

But that’s only winter. However there’s one thing that is snowy and white all year long.

I have been to Japan many times, but i have only seen Mount Fuji once.


and it was from a plane. -_-

You know why Mt Fuji is so special? Unlike other mountains, the top of mount Fuji remains white all year long, no matter the season.


Snowy white all four seasons!

It is like the mountain is always grinning with big, white teeth all the time. Maybe we should start calling it Mountain Grin.


Look at the snowy white tip!


I didn’t even had a chance to have a picture with Fuji San. Only my Duffy gets to have one T__T

There are about 968,000 results when you search for “Mt Fuji” in google.

Of all different time, angle, seasons and colors.

But for those of you who have only admired it from a picture, or from very very far away, do you want a chance to see Mt Fuji up close?



Darlie is having the White Mission contest for their latest All Shiny White enriched with mineral salt!

Just play a game where you help the crew to mine mineral salts from the deep deep ocean, and get as many points as possible!

This is a happy game you know why? Cuz before you play, you have to upload a picture of yourself, and they give you a default BIG SMILE!


Friendly and helpful Mineral Salt Extractor, yo!

And start your White Mission!

It looks like a rather simple game, but you have to beware of the birds in the sky and sharks in the sea in order to help lift the mineral salt!

There are a few levels so far i died at level 2 always. T___T

And at the end of the game, you can check your ranking (i’m #85 T___T) and even compare scores with your friends! Know your rivals and keep up with the game yo!


To get extra points, you can also upload receipts of your All Shiny White purchase!

And the top scorers win…..


A trip to Mt Fuji for two for the grand prize!!!!!

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