Real Autumn

November 16, 2010 in Korea

not the iCity Cheat One omg so happy!

(Yes i’m taking time off in my hotel blogging instead of enjoying cold Siberian air and Korean night life. I know. You are welcome.)



Real maple not some electrically wired faux leaves -_-



Outfit: Snidel Jacquard Nordic Dress from minimaos.



I can has Lena dress <3


Well Scott was the photographer and the above pix you saw were just my lousy camwhore. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a card reader so i can’t show you his photos yet but let me tell you his camera really kick bloody ass.



Here’s a preview.

Argh nao imma think of what to do in Seoul for the next one million days. T_T

Where did you say i should go again? (Shopping? What shopping? O.o)

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